Fighting Crime Posted This On Tuesday 1st Saying This Was A Demotion But After Being Called Out She Did Another Post After The City Manager Release The Facts

It is sad that Fighting Crime put out half-trues often. This story was just negative at it’s finest. Hell this post should have been a positive. But this is what happens when folk have a problem with Black Leadership. Some folk attempt to discredit Black Leadership but end up making an ass out of themselves. But then want to play victim. Damn shame!
Curmilus Butch Dancy II

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This is not Breaking News but a Breaking Lie.

This is not a demotion.

Stay tuned for the real story.

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Fighting Crime News and Who’s Wanted

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Wishing Daniels luck in his new role and Beschler luck in his new endeavors.

City moves top staffers to new jobs – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Yesterday Fighting Crime did a Breaking News saying Chris Beschler was demolted. But after being called out she had to correct the post to reflect the facts. The other part to this is Sandy Roberson need to recognize and understand who runs the city. If he don’t get the message from this article then he never will. He will sit in the Closed Session (Personnel Matters and others) and will not be able to vote unless it is to break a tie. Now Transition That Part!

There has been a major change in part of the high-level administration at Rocky Mount City Hall.

Assistant City Manager Chris Beschler, who had been doubling as interim energy resources director, now is the permanent energy resources director.

Additionally, Parks and Recreation Director Elton Daniels has been named to Beschler’s now-former assistant city manager position.

The change was announced on Wednesday in a prepared statement by the city’s Communications and Marketing Department.

Daniels had been serving as parks and recreation director about 10 months prior to being elevated.

Daniels will join Assistant City Manager Natasha Hampton in the executive part of City Hall, but he is going to double as interim director of parks and recreation until a replacement is hired.

Beschler had been an assistant city manager since May 2018 and interim director of energy resources since July. Rocky Mount has a municipally owned electric and natural gas distribution system.

In the prepared statement on Wednesday, Beschler said, “I am delighted to make this transition and utilize the skills that have made many organizations successful and continue the groundwork that I have started here.” (Read more)

Mayor-elect wants council meetings broadcast – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Sandy Roberson in response to your following comment, “I mean, we are allowing a local blogger to film it and put it out there online at some point,” Roberson said, a reference to activist and videographer Curmilus Dancy II. “I mean, that happens on a fairly regular basis. Oh hell no 2 things wrong with this picture. The first is where in the hell did the we come from? The second thing is nobody is allowing me to video because videoing the meeting is governed by a NC State Statue. Please make factual comments.

Mayor-elect Sandy Roberson said one of his top priorities as Rocky Mount’s chief executive is going to be to have the municipal government broadcast live the meetings of the City Council as well as meetings of the city boards and commissions.

So when this become a top priority because I don’t recall this being in your platform? But maybe I missed it. But anyway this is something that Bronson Williams has approached the city council about over the years.

“I do think it’s important,” Roberson told the Telegram. “I would like to move forward on that as quickly as possible.”

Roberson is not the only voice calling for the meetings at City Hall to be aired in real time.

Ward 5 Councilman-elect Lige Daughtridge told the Telegram he also wants to move on it as soon as possible.

I expect no other response from Lige but he has been attending the meetings and know that they have been recorded by WHIG-TV and myself along with Theresa Alston Stokes recording live regularly. Also Clint Williams has been recording live. But although Bronson and now you 2 are talking about broadcasting the meetings live, what good will that do? Hell those watching can’t interact with the council live so what’s the fuss? And then the racist comments from folk when they watch the videos and then act as if the videos are a lie by attempting to create their own narrative. For me it is embarrassing and ignant as hell to see the comments from Ignant Racist Special Cs and Ignant Safe Black Folk.

The transparency b.s. Lige talks about get the hell out of here. The official documentation of the meetings are going to be the actual minutes that are recorded by the Clerk if I am correct and I stand to be corrected.

Roberson said he would like to first familiarize himself a bit about the details of policies in existence relative to the subject matter to see what the municipal government would have to do.

Damn one would think before one speak to such an issue they would have familiarize themselves with such before speaking to it in the media. But goes to show that it does not matter because some feel it is okay to just throw out stuff.

What I am waiting on is for the new council members to get sworn in so I can see how they operate as a council member. To operate on the council on their personal agendas only not keeping in line with the actual agenda items will make no sense. So folk for right now let the new members be great with their so-called agenda but time will tell if they will be about the business of the council or their business.

Read the entire article, Mayor-elect wants council meetings broadcast.