Early voting draws heavy turnout – Rocky Mount Telegram

Early voting has ended for the Rocky Mount mayoral election and numerous municipal elections in the Twin Counties.

Based on poll figures during this latest early voting cycle, Election Day on Tuesday looks poised to be a busy day. As of 5 p.m. Friday, 6,436 residents in the Twin Counties had cast votes. In the last early election cycle before the Rocky Mount elections, 5,498 residents cast votes.

While the votes cannot yet be divided between votes for Rocky Mount mayor and votes for other municipal offices, the number of people who voted in Rocky Mount during early voting may indicate the percentage of votes cast for mayor as opposed to other municipal offices. (Read more)

Fighting Crime Is Not Just About Fighting Crime They Post Mess To Get Folk Talking But Allow Lies And Ignant Conversation

You see this is the kind of WSBS I keep talking about. This page post mess to get folk talking but allow lies and ignant conversation and then do not say anything. I am so glad that some folk will post the truth such as The mayor is not the one that runs the city that is the city manager.

This is the same person that post about solving a crime but then does an interview with a hoodie on talking about they don’t want to be in the spotlight. GTHOH!

But all folk have to do is to go on the page and Google the name of the page and see what comes up. SMDH!

Oh I would have posted this on Kat’s page but she has it so I can’t comment because that is what Special Cs do try to silent folk who call their asses out.

Continue on but one day folk going to wake the hell up and see that this page is not about Fighting Crime but more about Politics.

Now Run & Tell That The Political Agitator Said That!

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Fighting Crime News and Who’s Wanted

Yesterday at 5:44 AM ·


Rocky Mount has a budget of about 220 MILLION dollars. Which candidate would you trust with that kind of money?

Not for debate here… keep your comments CLEAN and RESPECTFUL!

Fighting Crime Says Race Don’t Matter, Really! Hell No We Ain’t All In This Together And This Page Validates It!

The Political Agitator’s response:What a lie. This page post mess that ain’t related to Fighting Crime and when it does it post what could be fake polls as it relates to Rocky Mount City Council Elections, posts that are half-trues allowing folk to make comments that are not true and Kat allows it and that create negative misleading conversation. It is sad that this page is like a double edge sword calling itself one thing but also promoting mess. Kat says it ain’t about race but I dare anyone to just stroll down the page and see what is being posted on the page and who are the targets. Tell me did this get posted on the pageNash farmer pulls away from labor disputebut maybe I missed it. This is just one of many things that are not posted. I would have posted this on the page but I am blocked from making comments. What I don’t understand is why this and other pages can post what they want but then when I and others post things they play victim and say we are coming after them and I have even seen where Kat and a Black female went to court for cyber stalking. Hell I been waiting for her to say I am cyber stalking her. I refuse to be silent when folk come after me and/or leaders whom I support so when you go after them you may as well call my name also.
Fighting Crime News and Who’s Wanted

October 29 at 9:11 PM ·

It’s unfortunate that there are a handful of people that would consider a journey such as mine which is to fight crime, help law enforcement and keep the citizens informed, as a group to divide people. We are all in this together. No matter your race, gender, or political affiliation.

What matters is making Rocky Mount and surrounding a safe place to live, work and visit. I want to encourage others not to bring race into the issues in Rocky Mount and surrounding communities all that does is create more issues. We all have the same goal, to have a safe and prosperous community. It’s important to work together to achieve that goal.

I don’t care what race our council members, mayor, city manager, sheriff, chief of police, county manager, county commissioners or any other governing official is. What matters is that we ALL matter to them, that they are here to make our communities a safe and prosperous place to be.

So please, stop the hatred, stop promoting a divide, instead promote unity and togetherness. I know we all can come together and make our communities the best they can be.

Together we can do great things. We just have to get together.

Nash farmer pulls away from labor dispute – The Wilson Times

By Lindell J. Kay

lkay@wilsontimes.com | 252-265-8117

ROCKY MOUNT — A Nash County farmer is distancing himself from a labor contractor accused of human rights abuses by a small group of Mexican migrant workers.

Joel Boseman grows sweet potatoes, watermelons and other produce in Rocky Mount’s Battleboro community. He employs around 90 migrant workers.

“I have nothing to hide,” Boseman said. “I pay my people good.”

The Farm Labor Organizing Committee is petitioning farm owners in eastern North Carolina including Boseman to recognize a workers’ union and negotiate to end supposed wage theft and intimidation some workers claim to have suffered.

Farm labor contractor Salvador Barajas is accused of stealing workers’ wages and putting their health at risk through dilapidated housing and by forcing them to purchase unsanitary and inhumane meals at illegal prices, according to information provided by Marlena Proper Deida Ramos Graves, the union’s director of communications. (Read more)