Princeville NC – "Princeville Needs Emergency Assistance in Removing Hurricane Matthew’s Toxic Debris From Major Highways"

Princeville, NC____ Pleading for Emergency Debris/Trash Assistance in removing aftermath results from Hurricane Matthew. As Commissioner of the Town of Princeville Ward-1 I Milton Bullock on behalf of the appearance of the (2) major HWY#258 and Hwy #64 & 33 that runs through the heart of Princeville. I humbly plead for that much needed help to at least help us clean up these main thoroughfares. We know the passer-byers are tired of looking at the mess as well as the locals trying to move back in! I’m asking humbly; for all abled bodied young men and women, churches, club organizations and businesses, elected officials local and regional with small hauling trucks to join in and help. We’re also asking the Edgecombe County Manager’s and its BOD to waiver the fee (at the City Land field) so that we could clean up starting at the CSX RR Tracks Crossing and work eastward and southward clearing the debris along side the highways and by ways. It’s well understood that this tragedy overwhelmed the heavy trucks in their hauling commitments and has limited use to aide the various communities, but here in Princeville, the main highways are more of an eyesore than a reminder.

We’re asking if Sheriff Knight and Edgecombe County Sheriff Department could permit us in this emergency recovery phase; the use of the some of the Trustee/Inmates to come help us pick up the debris. I’d be more than happy to coordinate the process for this particular area. It probably wouldn’t take no more than a full day of removing the debris. For anybody willing and able to lend us a helping hand; contact [Commissioners Bullock] who can be reached at 252.823.3740 or 252.813.1758. Please; help us during our recovery as the weather is about to change into winter and rain and snow will only make it more difficult to remove the wet decaying toxic debris.


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