Rocky Mount NC – What’s Going On With WHIG TV?

I videoed the Pinetops Christmas Parade on Saturday December 3 and it was interesting that WHIG–TV was not there. I mentioned it to someone today that attended the Rocky Mount Parade and they said they didn’t see them at the Rocky Mount Parade.

Sources say that the station is scheduled to be sold at the Nashville County Courthouse this week. Since stuff like this is public information I guess I will have to check with the Nashville Courthouse on tomorrow to see if it is any truth to that.

Have anyone heard anything about something going down with WHIG-TV?

Open Letter To Mayor Bobbie Jones And Princeville Town Commissioners 

​You met last Thursday and the folk know the 3 options. 

There do not need to be a meeting of the wards, 1 meeting with everyone in the same room is sufficient. 

There need to be a meeting this Thursday for folk in Princeville to sign up for what they want to do. Since the county can’t override Princeville, then they are irrelevant. 

PRINCEVILLE TOWN COMMISSIONERS need to call a meeting and 1st 30 minutes be for questions about 3 options, then they write on the card the option they want or if they don’t want to choose either then so be it.

The Commissioners then need to group the options chosen and then vote on how to move forward.

Princeville Commissioners need to vote on what they are going to do so that the folk in Princeville can focus on what they need to do.