Tarboro NC – Open Letter About Michael’s Angels Girls Club Dedication To Receiving And Distributing Donations For The Victims Of Hurricane Matthew

Hello everyone,

The victims of Hurricane Matthew are no longer in the public eye, but are now faced with the difficult task of trying to put their lives back together.

Matthew was the worst hurricane our State has seen in decades. Some of our poorest communities were under water for weeks. Families lost everything they owned, and some left with only the clothes on their back. Many remain displaced and are still in hotels. I cannot imagine losing every possession acquired over a lifetime and having to start over with nothing but the clothes on my back. This has to be especially hard going into cold weather and with Christmas upon us.


I tried to donate items to help hurricane victims with re-establishing a home, but had difficulty finding someone who was collecting and distributing goods to rebuild a household (initial requests were for cash/food donations only).

After much searching, I found a wonderful organization in Tarboro, North Carolina – Michael’s Angels Girls Club – dedicated to receiving and distributing donations for the victims of Hurricane Matthew. Shanell Daniels (who heads up Michael’s Angels) advised me that people have come all the way from Washington DC, Virginia, Florida, and Georgia to bring items for the hurricane victims. They have a large building to store all the donations, and people from Princeville, Tarboro, and Rocky Mount can go there and take whatever they need.

I felt there might be others who wanted to help the hurricane victims, but had difficulty finding a place to take their donations. Therefore, to make it easy for everyone in the ODAR family who wishes to help the victims of Hurricane Matthew, I’ve set up some boxes in the breakroom.

(More about Michael’s Angels Girls Club and their work on behalf of Hurricane Matthew victims can be found on their Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/Michaels-Angels-Girls-Club-1292793480749570/?hc_location=ufi, and ABC11 news article, October 19, 2016,   http://abc11.com/1563520/.   (SSA restricted – may need to view on personal device.)


My Christmas present to the hurricane victims will be renting a truck and transporting our donated goods to Michaels Angels in Tarboro, North Carolina.

Attached is a flyer with a list of suggestions, but any household items will be greatly appreciated.

Please do not feel bad about giving your used (but, in good condition) household items. When you have nothing, anything is appreciated. The only rule I follow is, ‘if I would not want to receive it, I do not give it to someone else’.

Also – if you’ve asked Santa for new appliances or furniture this Christmas, and need to get rid of the old, you might consider passing it on to someone who lost their home in the hurricane….I am already on the hook to pick up a washing machine. For those needing tax donation receipts from Michaels Angels, they will be in the breakroom. (If you use a tax donation receipt, please send a copy via text to Shannell Daniels, Michaels Angels Girls Club, at (252) 567-6344).

I personally feel that I am abundantly blessed to have my job and such a good work family, and it is the least I can do to share what I have with those who have such great need.

Thank you Raleigh ODAR family, for always remembering and showing kindness to those less fortunate; not just at Christmas, but all year long.

Tammie T. McConnell
Senior Attorney Advisor
NTEU Region IV Vice President and Multi-Regional Steward
Raleigh Decision Writing Unit

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