Board warned about ‘Liking’ candidates – Wilson Times

The use of Social media has caused new concerns, conversations and definitions for State Boards of Elections across the country, including North Carolina.

There are new rules emerging for those who serve on local boards of elections when it comes to their social media activity and Wilson County is one of the first in North Carolina getting a taste of what the state board’s expectations are with the use of social media and elections board members.

A letter went out to the newly appointed Republican board member. Douglas Inscoe, on the new limitations placed on him and every other board member when it comes to social media.

The letter, dated July 29, came from Don Wright, general counsel to the State Board of Elections to Inscoe before he was sworn into office.

Wilson County officials received the warning first because of the past controversy involving a Tea Party member who served on the board and subsequent complaints of political activity made by two Democratic activists. That member resigned before a second hearing could take place on the state level. (Source: Read more)

Complaint seeks election official’s removal – Wilson Times

Does a seat on the local board of elections curtail a person’s ability to zealously pursue his or her political passions?

That’s an issue as a formal complaint was sent to the North Carolina State Board of Elections Thursday seeking the removal of a member of the Wilson County Board of Elections.
Asa Gregory, former chairman of the Wilson County Democratic Party, wrote a letter to the state saying that he was concerned about the activities of Joel Killion, who is the secretary of the local board.

Killion, a Republican, is also a Wilson Tea Party member. (More)