Board of Elections Status As Of May 27, 2017 Thank You Governor Roy Cooper For Continuing To File Lawsuits

Cooper has already sued lawmakers over other measures they passed in the December special session, including merging the State Board of Elections and the State Ethics Commission, requiring Senate confirmation of his cabinet secretaries and sharply reducing the number of political appointments he could make in state agencies.

A three-judge panel ruled in his favor on the elections-ethics and political appointments issues but said the cabinet confirmations process doesn’t violate the state constitution. After lawmakers tweaked the elections-ethics combination to meet the judges’ concerns and passed it over his veto, he filed a second lawsuit over the matter.

Source: WRAL

NC State Board Of Elections & The NC General Assembly

On this week the NC Board of Elections met in Wilmington NC. The North Carolina Board of Elections consisted of a 5 member board and the local boards consisted of 3 board members until former Governor Pat McCrory tenure was up and he and his Republicans changed some stuff. When there is a Democratic Governor in office then there used to be 2 Democrats and 1 Republican. So when McCrory left the office he changed the makeup. A damn shame!

The latest on the local Board of Elections make up for local counties is 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans. Governor Roy Cooper plans to veto. The courts had rejected the 4 member board but your Republican majority General Assembly is now banking on Senate Bill 68.


Attend The Edgecombe County Board of Elections Meeting On Tuesday August 16


On August 16, at 5 p.m., the Edgecombe County Board of Elections will meet to adopt a 17-day Early Voting plan for the November 2016 General Election. Prompted by the new voting ruling expanding Early Voting by seven additional days, this meeting will determine your final options to vote early and whether the plan will mean longer lines and more confusion on Election Day. The board will decide:

  • whether to provide good satellite voting locations that serve underrepresented voters throughout the 17-day Early Voting period, including young voters and voters of color; and
  • whether to adopt strong evening and weekend hours over the 17-day Early Voting period, including afternoon hours for at least one Sunday.

This is your last chance to take action for Early Voting – there are two ways to do it:


Now’s the time to contact your Edgecombe County Board of Elections members and ask them to create Early Voting plans that include polling hours and locations that work for all members of your community during the 17-day Early Voting period.


Attend the Edgecombe County Board of Elections meeting on Tuesday, August 16, at 5 p.m. where you can make your voice heard in person in favor of a robust 17-day plan for Early Voting. The board meets at 201 St Andrew St., Rm 434, Tarboro 27886. Click here to let us know you’ll be there *and* don’t forget to call and verify the meeting location, date and time before you attend at 252-641-7852.

We just scored a major victory for voting rights in North Carolina. Keep the momentum going – the time to act for Early Voting is now.

Thank you,
Marques Thompson
Democracy North Carolina

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Q&A: Changes to NC election laws–WRAL @ NC Capitol

The Political Agitator – I learned during the Primary Election that if you don’t drop out of a race before the filing period closes that your name will appear on the ballot however you can announce you will not campaign for the seat. Read the bill for yourself to see the new changes since the Republicans took office. There are other changes other than Voter Id and etc. I used to attend the local board of elections meetings over the years and I have got to start back attending them.

Raleigh, N.C. — The rules for voting in North Carolina are about to change.

House Bill 589, which has passed the General Assembly has been signed by Gov. Pat McCrory, will require voters to show photo identification when they go to the polls starting in 2016. It also makes dozens of other changes to how the state conducts elections, which will start taking effect this fall and continue through 2014 and beyond.

The complex 49-page bill also changes the rules for those spending money on elections, the kind of ballots North Carolina voters will use and the rules for early voting. It also requires lawmakers to study a number of other changes that could be put in place. The bulk of the changes found in the bill are related to eight areas: (Source: Read more)

Complaint seeks election official’s removal – Wilson Times

Does a seat on the local board of elections curtail a person’s ability to zealously pursue his or her political passions?

That’s an issue as a formal complaint was sent to the North Carolina State Board of Elections Thursday seeking the removal of a member of the Wilson County Board of Elections.
Asa Gregory, former chairman of the Wilson County Democratic Party, wrote a letter to the state saying that he was concerned about the activities of Joel Killion, who is the secretary of the local board.

Killion, a Republican, is also a Wilson Tea Party member. (More)