In Response to Commissioner Warns About Social Media Rumors In The Rocky Mount Telegram

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The Opinion Curmilus Butch Dancy II

This tickles the hell out of me because I have seen Robbie Davis comment on Social Media sites. It is tickles the hell out of me because these same folk who want to talk about Social Media is full of lies but they have not said that about the bull… that has been going on with the city of Rocky Mount and Nash/Rocky Mount Edgecombe County School saga as sit relates to their part in the mess.

It is a Nash against Rocky Mount/Edgecombe County mess that has been going on but now all social media is the problem. Really?

What I remember about the situation with the school issue and Robbie Davis is when the 1st Black Superintendent Anthony Jackson and he were going at it about Jackson questioning the school roofing issue.

I am glad to learn after all of this time that now it was a design problem and not a roofing problem but that Robbie did fix it at no charge. Wow! Jackson has been gone how long now. So design or roofing problem it was fixed so therefore it was a problem. Who fix things that ain’t a problem of theirs at a high cost? Oh but it is all good though.

Well as time pass we will continue to find learn about things that was not made known and/or clear when it happened.

Damn Robbie said, “We are looking only at the facts. We are not interested in what social media says,” Davis said. “We rely on our local media quite a bit to share with us what they see because they try to objective and report both sides of the issue — but social media does not.”

Really Robbie? So are you saying we should take what is printed in The Rocky Mount Telegram as fact? Are you saying we should take your TV station WHIG-TV as fact when they are promoting WSBS and other almost daily?

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Local Social Media Pages Especially Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Are Promoting Division In Rocky Mount

It is sad that local social media pages especially Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens are promoting division in Rocky Mount but trying to blame certain Black Folk.

Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens founders are posting mess to create division and allowing others to post mess as well.

It is one thing to talk about issues but to just lie and allow lies to be told is not about uniting folk. It is factual that they don’t want to talk about the truth. It is factual that they can look at the videos of the meetings and still attempt to twist the truth. For folk who have not sen the videos or didn’t attend the meetings, some will take these folk lies as truths. But if the founders were about truth they would not create the lies and would not allow others to post lies on the page.

It is sad that Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens founders block folk who challenge them with posting the truth. This let you know that they don’t want the truth to be made known.

I have been targeted for sometime on Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens with lies. My videos of the Rocky Mount City Council meetings do not lie.

It is sad that because I will say what I mean and mean what I say the folk on Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens page and other sites be try to discredit me.

It is sad that just because I support certain folk, some folk have a problem with me. I support folk who are doing things for the greater good of all folk.

My track record shows that I have been advocating for all races of folk since the late 80’s when I joined Black Workers For Justice, later joining the Edgecombe County Democratic Party and the Rocky Mount NAACP in 1992. I have also been active in other community groups over the years.

I challenge folk to look at my track record and look at what those who have an issue with me are doing.

Folk you better check out folk to see who are the real problem. I am not the enemy.

Our View: Social media no substitute for journalism – Rocky Mount Telegram

Ab so damn lute ly!

I research information and make contact before posting information.

I check multiple sources many times before posting.

I call out pages that post half trues.

I look at where the social media sites show where they got their info. from showing a link.

When it is crime or other, I share the link from where I got the info however if I post something trust me I have done my homework.

When Fighting Crime and other social media sites post crime related info. I check the Law Enforcement Social Media sites to see if they have posted, if not I don’t share it. I will sometimes contact Law Enforcement to see it it is true. They will tell me yes or no and that they are going to do a Press Release. I wait for that so I can validate my post.

So many times folk want to be the first to report something but end up looking ignant because the reporting may be false or they have half trues.

Folk tell me they wait on my post and some time folk call me. If I have not heard about it, I research it and report back.

Reporting the right info. makes all the difference. If I should error, I will quickly make the necessary corrections.

I have called out some folk such as Fighting Crime and they had to go back and make corrections. Fighting Crime take it personal but hell I am just making sure the right info. is shared.

One good thing about The DCN News Blog is I video all the meetings I attend and make them available on YouTube. I post my spin but give folk the opportunity to watch the video and prove me wrong or they can watch my videos and give their spin. My videos don’t lie.

Folk hold folk like myself who post info. on Social Media accountable when we report the news.

Thank you!


Our View: Social media no substitute for journalism – Rocky Mount Telegram

Have the internet and social media replaced the need for local newspapers?

The answer is no.

The internet has opened up access to a whole world of information and is a valuable tool for communication of information, ideas and opinions. It is hard to imagine going back to a world where answers have to come primarily from the printed word.

Social media allows us all to connect with one another in ways that were unimaginable a generation ago. We can share pictures, information and opinions at amazing speeds, and that information — whether true or false — is out there, almost immediately, for all to see. (Read more)

Do You Know Who You Are Working With?

Back in the day here in Edgecombe County we talked about having our own black news source. Well I used to do a newsletter on a word processer or whatever it was called and passed them out. Then later in the years I got a laptop and I was able to email the newsletter. Later I was introduced to blogging and that was great. Then came social media such as facebook and wow that was greater.

Social media can be good or it can be bad according what one make of it. I try to use it to get good information out to folk and sometimes I have to expose ignance in order to do so. Nope I ain’t mad with anyone and get along with everyone that wants to get along with me. I know how some folk are and some folk don’t know the other side of some folk. I address folk all the time but some folk sit back and say nothing then yes I will expose them on Social Media. I will not be silent when folk are doing things and acting on my behalf and others behalf who are scared as hell to address them in meetings. Don’t get mad with me because I ain’t scared like you.

If you hold positions that are about making decisions on behalf of myself and others and you know mess ain’t right, then you are not part of the solution but part of the problem. But then when folk like myself and a few others that speak out say something, then it make us appear as the problem. Oh hell no!

I love it when grown folk talk about we can agree to disagree but don’t talk about it on social media. First of all we have not agreed to disagree on anything. When I know you ain’t right and other folk know you ain’t right but say nothing where it need to be said, then that is a major problem. But then get behind closed doors and talk about he/she is a problem but scared to address them, then don’t get mad with me because I ain’t scared. What you do then is show me that you are dangerous because I watch how I work with folk who play both sides. I don’t roll like that.

Folk ya’ll better be careful who you work with because them same folk can be hazardous to your health. So glad I know who I am working with and what they are about.

Folk I didn’t just start doing this yesterday, it began in the late 80’s.

So ask yourself, do you think that if folk were not scared to address folk when they need to be that some things may not make it to social media? Do you not think that in order for the truth to be made known that social media is the place to do it? I know it works for me. I have stated time and time again I will hold you accountable and that you hold me accountable too. But don’t try to hold me accountable because I speak out on trues.

Are you scared I am going to call you out next or just what is your motive?

I approve of this message and no 2nd needed!

Chapel Hill man say daughter’s controversial photo taken ‘out of context’ – WRAL TV 5

The Political Agitator response: First of all I believe in Freedom of Speech but I be damn if anyone can tell me what should be offensive to me. I can think for myself and do not allow others to speak for me unless I give them permission. I will not argue with anyone about how I feel so I ain’t even going there wasteing my time. But I will let you know why I feel like I feel and it is up to you how you receive it.

Chapel Hill, N.C. — The father of a student at East Chapel Hill High School said Wednesday that his daughter did not mean to offend anyone in late April when she posted a photo to social media of two Confederate flags with the caption “South will rise.”

A contentious scene unfolded outside the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools offices Wednesday morning when Ronald Creatore arrived to defend his daughter and ask questions of concerned students, parents and community members who were holding a news conference to call for punishment in the incident. Creatore said the meaning of his daughter’s post was taken out of context. (Source: Read more)

Bad behavior on social media can cost recruits – Yahoo Sports

At St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Mobile, Alabama, the high school that produced Crimson Tide quarterbacks AJ McCarron and Jake Coker, there’s a new preseason ritual for football players: the social media talk.

It’s about more than minding their manners. Coach Steve Mask warns players not to post about injuries, which can scare away recruiters. Committing on Twitter to a school is also discouraged – one recent former player tweeted commitments to four different schools without informing any coaches.

”He came across as being not reliable,” Mask said. ”He gets a little joy out of the attention, but it’s not worth it.” (Source: Read more)

NAACP Speaks Out Against Klan-Like Portrayals on Social Media


Immediate Release

December 15, 2014

Contact: Rev. Andre’ D. Knight, President, (252) 544-2949

NAACP Speaks Out Against Klan-Like Portrayals on Social Media

Rocky Mount, NC – Last week, CNN published pictures and an article about a group of high school girls from the Twin Counties who released a picture of themselves with cone-shaped hats and making signs of guns with their fingers. These teenagers are allegedly students at Nash Central High School in the Nash/Rocky Mount School System. According to local reports, the pictures released were done so by the girls on their Instagram page on the same day that the Ferguson Grand Jury refused to indict former law enforcement officer Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown. Copies of the page have gone viral throughout Rocky Mount and the nation and there are rumors of these young ladies being provided with police escorts during school hours because of the turmoil that their actions have provoked at school.

Rocky Mount Branch President, Andre’ Knight, stated “we are in the midst of a nation reeling from unjust verdicts given in the slaying of black men in Missouri and New York and literally tens of thousands of people across the nation taking to the streets to peacefully protest the tolerance of racism in America. The young ladies’ actions on their social media page have incited a storm of controversy here in the Rocky Mount area. They should be held accountable for their actions and the Nash/Rocky Mount School System should speak to our region about their intolerance for the support of hatred in school or out of school by any group, student, employee or elected official affiliated with the public school system.”

To date, there has been no public apology released from the students, their parents nor a statement from the Nash/Rocky Mount School Board or its Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Jackson. Knight further added, “it is a sad commentary that our elected officials and School Superintendent do not hesitate to make public statements and take action very quickly about gang-related incidents, conversation, clothing or messaging but will not even speak publicly about a very clear affiliation that these young ladies have made with the most violent and hate mongering organization in America, the Ku Klux Klan. White hats and hand signs indicating guns and shooting is not funny and should not be dismissed as a light matter. Even if the students were spoken to in private, some statement of remorse should be made to the public and some distancing between their actions and our public school leadership should occur.”





Hell Yeah I Said It! Social Media Folks So What Do You Really Stand For?

You folks who get on Social Media that are always talking about you stand for this and you stand for that what in the hell do you really stand for?

You talk that religious talk and you go to a candlelight vigil and/or a march but you ain’t saying anything.

We have a free resource in social media and we all ought to be utilizing it to make a difference in our communities and abroad. I don’t play these games on social media and it pisses me the hell off when I get a game request.

I look at your social media posts you make and I look at what you respond to and damn you ain’t saying anything. You don’t make posts or comment on posts that some call controversial but for me ain’t a damn thing controversial when it comes to speaking Truth to Power. This makes you a Safe Negro because you are an Afraid Negro. So, “If You Are Scared Say It and Get the Hell Out Of The Way!” You see you are a dangerous Negro and you will get somebody that stand for something hurt or killed. I be damn if I can walk with you. Matter of a fact I don’t want to be around you and if you notice you haven’t seen me.

Now don’t get it twisted because I ain’t talking about everybody but those on social media that I can identify, I am only talking about them. You see I know you and you know me and if I don’t know you, I check you out. I tell folks to check me out as well. I don’t walk with folks if I don’t already know them so when I don’t, I check them out.

I continue to post that if anyone have a problem with me then they can delete me or ignore me. I am tired of folks perpetrating. I am not going to delete or ignore you when you are misleading folks on social media.

“You don’t understand!” Bernie Mac

The moment you understand what is going on around you and the role you play, the better off you will be!

Board warned about ‘Liking’ candidates – Wilson Times

The use of Social media has caused new concerns, conversations and definitions for State Boards of Elections across the country, including North Carolina.

There are new rules emerging for those who serve on local boards of elections when it comes to their social media activity and Wilson County is one of the first in North Carolina getting a taste of what the state board’s expectations are with the use of social media and elections board members.

A letter went out to the newly appointed Republican board member. Douglas Inscoe, on the new limitations placed on him and every other board member when it comes to social media.

The letter, dated July 29, came from Don Wright, general counsel to the State Board of Elections to Inscoe before he was sworn into office.

Wilson County officials received the warning first because of the past controversy involving a Tea Party member who served on the board and subsequent complaints of political activity made by two Democratic activists. That member resigned before a second hearing could take place on the state level. (Source: Read more)

Yik Yak, other anonymous social media apps pose problems for schools – Charlotte Observer

Cyberbullies across the country are using Yik Yak and other anonymous apps, which has triggered concerns for schools about how students use social media.

Yik Yak, an app which allows users to write 200-character posts that can be read by people within 1.5 miles, is part of the social media cyberbullying phenomena, which has changed how teenagers experience bullying.

A generation ago, most bullied students could escape at home or with peers.

However, unlike words scribbled on a bathroom stall or notes slipped in someone’s locker, social media posts can go viral, follow students home and reach a larger audience. And as schools struggle to keep pace with teens who simply download the newest app, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is getting creative with how to curb cyberbullying. (Source: Read more)

TPD sponsoring teen, social media forum – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — In the wake of the recent internet scandal, the Tarboro Police Department is sponsoring a public forum 6 p.m. March 27 at the town hall to discuss teenagers posting bullying comments and sexually explicit photos of classmates and friends on social media websites.

Tarboro Police Chief Damon Williams was shocked when he learned that some students from all three Edgecombe County high schools were involved in the tactics. The Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office and the SBI are also investigating cases. (Source: Read more)