See What I Had To Say On The Your Morning With Yolanda Show Saturday March 31, 2018 With Co-host Ni’am Akbar

Thank you Ni’am Akbar for having me as a guest on the show.

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Na’im Akbar Hosted The Your Morning With Yolanda Show And JMarcel Reborn Was His Special Guest

Saturday morning 9:00 – 9:30
Na’im Akbar and JMarcel Reborn on Your Morning with Yolanda (Yolanda Thigpen) Show talking about the 100 Men Strong group that was founded by JMarcel Reborn. The show is on AM 760 and FM 105.7 til 9:30.

My feelings about the state of boys and men and has been since the 90’s when the conversation first began about at-risk males is it is about all males. I said back then all males were at-risk.

Mentoring for young boys. Well what we need to do is to stop labeling young boys who do not have 2 parents in the home and saying they are at-risk because of this and that especially their behavior. Well all young boys are at-risk because some in 2 parent homes go astray. Actually it ain’t just young boys it is all males the young and the old. Boys and men all need some positive God fearing men that they can go to when they are going through.

We must hear from the boys & men and not just tell them. We can’t help each other if we don’t let each of us tell our own story. You see you don’t know my story until I tell you.