Words Matter

Words Matter

If folk only hear negative things about you and you nor others around you are saying anything positive about you, then all folk will know is the negative. You can be quiet if you want to and think that what they are saying don’t matter.

But like the old saying sticks and stones my break my bones but words don’t hurt. Okay keep on being ignant because words have gotten folk locked up even for life over lives, words have kept folk from accomplishing some things and words have gotten folk killed.

But what tickles the hell out of me is when some folk say what folk say or think about them don’t matter but just watch what happens when it hit home. They are the 1st to speak up and want you to support them.

Words can be loving and words can be a killer.

Some things sound good but you need to think about some things before you like it. Don’t like it for who I am but like it for what the words are about. It ain’t about me.

The negative could be about me today but it could be you tomorrow.

Now CDII That!