FedEx considering Wilson County for distribution center – The Tennessean

Global shipping giant FedEx Corp. is considering opening a large-scale operation in Wilson County that could bring a substantial number of jobs to Middle Tennessee, multiple sources say.

Mt. Juliet Commissioner Jim Bradshaw said Memphis-based FedEx is looking along Interstate 40 near Beckwith Road.

Several other sources have confirmed in recent weeks that the delivery giant is considering Wilson County, along with other sites in the U.S.

Jack Lowery is the majority owner of about 63 acres along I-40 near Beckwith Road that was recently rezoned by Mt. Juliet for industrial use.

Lowery has confirmed negotiations for the property he co-owns with representatives of a large company looking at several places to locate, but did not confirm the company’s identity because of a confidentiality agreement. (Source: Read more)

Resident files election complaint – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator response: Zette McArn (Wilson Co.) just because you have an issue with me, I do not go after folks when they are doing things that makes sense. So your ignant comments you need to make sure you are responding to me and not someone who are using my name (The Political Agitator). I can speak for myself. Since you blocked me from your page I can’t communicate with you. However the comment on this page probably came from Barbara Hallman Dantanio (Wilson Co.) because she has a problem with me calling her ignant ass out recently. I don’t hold good deeds against ignant ass folks because this issue with someone being denied the right to vote ain’t about me. “I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!” I have a permanent interest in folks being allowed the right to vote. So Run & Tell That!

With tears in eyes, Tyone Savage filed a complaint Thursday at the Wilson County Board of Elections alleging she was denied her right to vote during the May primary.

And the North Carolina ACLU’s legal director said Wilson Board of Elections officials have an ethical obligation to investigate all complaints where voters state there are obstacles to casting a ballot.

Rena’ Morris, Wilson elections director, had previously said she would not begin an investigation until the actual voter complained. Tosha Bell, Wilson County Board of Elections employee, called Morris — who was out of the office — to get guidance on how to accept a complaint.

There is no complaint form, so Bell gave Savage a blank piece of paper and asked her to write her information down about what occurred. (Source: Read more)

Robert James Wilson County I Thought Our Conversation About The NC House 24 Race Was Good And Civil But Obviously Not

Robertl James I thought we were having a civil conversation about the NC House 24 seat on the Wilsonian Voice but obviously Zette McArn had a problem with my responses to you. I didn’t see where you felt I had disrespected you. But she has blocked me from her Facebook pages.

If I remember correctly I responded to your comment about 3 issues with Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield. You said you were concerned that she has not done anything about a drainage problem and I said I would think that was a local government issue. You said you didn’t see her to local meetings but you seen Attorney Mark Bibbs at all of them. I said but if the local government need her they could pick up the phone and call her if it is a state issue. You said where was she on the Sanderson Farms, chicken plant, and I said how could she had done because “they” didn’t want it. Hell didn’t Wilson file a lawsuit? Correct me if I am wrong.

I am just asking because because my ignant ass ain’t always right but I damn sure strive to be when it comes to dealing with things that affect other folks lives. I always try to base my opinions on facts something that so many folks do not take in consideration. It is not alld about just a personal opinion because a personal opinion not based on facts equals bullmanure.

Brother I ain’t mad with you because I can’t vote for Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield however I am concerned about who will win this seat. I recognize and understand I can’t vote for her but I know that whomever win will represent me and all the people of NC.

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Open Letter to Attorney Mark Bibbs What In The Hell Are You Talking About?

I just read The Daily Drum Newspaper out of Pitt County and I found your campaign article “Attorney Bibbs Fires Back” to be somewhat ignant and comical. I can’t believe you had the audacity to say such bullmanure.

You begin talking about your opponent, incumbent Jean Farmer-Butterfield being ranked 115 out of 120 members of the NC House. So Bibbs who did the ranking? Hell when the Democrats were in the majority the Republicans were ranked low and now since the Republicans are in office well. But damn compare her ranking to the work she has done and report that.

You say, “Jean is not married to G.K. Butterfield any longer and has not been for atleast two decades and that she is using her last name to try and slide back in on G.K.’s coattails.” Damn my friend I was there back in 2002 when Jean Farmer-Butterfield was elected the first time. I could not vote for her then nor can I vote for her now. However hell yeah I am concerned about who is elected to the NC House District 24 and all seats on the state level because I recognize and understand that they will represent me although I can not vote for them. Damn you disrespected my Congressman because you didn’t refer to him as a Congressman. I was redistricted out of his district so I can not vote for him either but he will always be my Congressman. But damn you said “G.K. is, and always will be your friend.” Really?

Some people in Rocky Mount asked me to attend a campaign meeting in 2002 and I am glad I did. I worked on her campaign and at no time did I ever hear anyone say that Jean was using the name Butterfield to get elected. I also attending some meetings in Wilson County. Since 2002 I have never heard anyone say such ignant mess. Damn that is the best you can do.

Damn you talk about you will tell the truth if you are elected. Well why would I want you to represent me when you are lying about Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield using the Butterfield name to get re-elected? Are you saying that is what she has done for 6 terms?

You didn’t mention your residency issue in the article however when I heard about some were talking about it, I said that is not an issue to dwell on because establishing a residence is not worth challenging unless it was something that he really can be challenged on. Well sir, I would say you have a real challenge on your hands with the city of Wilson. From what I read, it damn sure does not look good on your behalf but I am on the outside looking in and just going by what I read in the paper.

Sir again I ask the question, is it really worth it? SMDH!

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Bibbs seeks state probe of failed inspection – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator response: Damn just when I thought it could not get any gooder, my ignant . . . was wrong. Maybe I am missing something. Damn maybe I have to be an attorney to understand. Then again I quit drinking 27 years ago so maybe I need to take a drink. But anyhow this just ain’t making sense to me so therefore again I ask, is it really worth all of this? Please somebody other than those mentioned in this article, help my ignant . . . understand why.

State candidate Mark Bibbs has asked for a state probe into the recently failed inspection of his downtown property the same week a U.S. District Court judge signed an order requiring Bibbs to file a motion before his case will be considered in federal court.

Bibbs, a candidate for House District 24, filed suit against the city on April 7 in Superior Court after his residence and office, at 105 Douglas St., failed a city fire and building inspection.

Bibbs alleges that the inspection was politically motivated in an attempt to harm his bid for the House District 24 seat. Bibbs moved to Douglas Street, which is within District 24, in 2013. He will face Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield in the Democratic primary on May 6.

In his lawsuit, Bibbs alleged his rights under the U.S. Constitution were violated, which led city attorneys to file a notice of removal that pushes the case to federal court.

Court documents, originally filed in Wilson County, were sent to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina on Friday. (Source: Read more)

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Sheriff Calvin Woodard seeks re-election – Wilson Times

Response: The DCN was proud to cover much of the Sheriff’s race and on election night when he defeated long time former Sheriff Wayne Gay. From what I have seen and heard overall Sheriff Woodard has done a great job since his time in office.

Wilson County Sheriff Calvin Woodard has announced he will seek re-election. His work is not finished, he said.

Woodard said his motivation isn’t sparked by a personal dream for the position. He sees it as a way he can best serve Wilson County, he said.

One of the reasons he wants to continue as sheriff has to do with a child about his son’s age, he said.

It was over four years ago when then-SBI agent Woodard was coming home from Pitt County with his family in the car. He saw a young child standing on a corner of a small town acting suspicious. (Source)

Craven County NC – Swine flu closes school in Craven

An 18-wheeler with state trooper escorts rolled into Wilson County Monday afternoon with the county’s share of the strategic national stockpile to fight the H1N1 flu, also known as swine flu.
The county received protective equipment such as masks, gowns and gloves, as well as anti-viral medications Tamiflu and Relenza.

For security purposes, health officials won’t say who received the supplies or where they are being kept, but the supplies are in the county and secured. (Wilson Times)