When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 3 – New York Times

The Political Agitator response: But I wonder is it so much that they don’t get it. I think either they are in denial or just don’t give a damn. Ain’t no such thing that grown damn folks don’t know right from from especially the educated and religious folks. I ain’t buying into they don’t get it.

SOME white Americans may be surprised to hear Archbishop Desmond Tutu describe Bryan Stevenson, an African-American lawyer fighting for racial justice, as “America’s young Nelson Mandela.”

Huh? Why do we need a Mandela over here? We’ve made so much progress on race over 50 years! And who is this guy Stevenson, anyway?

Yet Archbishop Tutu is right. Even after remarkable gains in civil rights, including the election of a black president, the United States remains a profoundly unequal society — and nowhere is justice more elusive than in our justice system.

When I was born in 1959, the hospital in which I arrived had separate floors for black babies and white babies, and it was then illegal for blacks and whites to marry in many states. So progress has been enormous, and America today is nothing like the apartheid South Africa that imprisoned Mandela. But there’s also a risk that that progress distracts us from the profound and persistent inequality that remains. (Source: Read more)

Pinetops woman arrested on heroin charges – Daily Southerner

Response: I normally do not post articles like this however I think I am going to begin to post stuff like this in the future as it relates to Edgecombe County. Black criminals are in the paper all the time however some don’t think that stuff like this is happening in the white community or should I say whites committing crimes. Look at what this person has to offer versus what you normally read about what the blacks in this business has to offer.

TARBORO — Law enforcement made another heroin arrest Wednesday when they nabbed a Pinetops woman heading back into the county from Scotland Neck.

According to a press release, after receiving information, the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit along with a Tarboro Narcotics officer, sat patiently and waited for 35-year-old Porsha Lee Lassiter to enter Edgecombe County. As she did, they stopped the vehicle she was traveling in. (More)