So Special Cs Over At WHIG-TV Feel Reuben Blackwell Should Not Have Responded To Warren Daughtridge LoveRockyMount Founder, Really!

Tell me them Special Cs over at WHIG-TV this morning said Reuben Blackwell should not have responded to Warren Daughtridge LoveRockyMount founder. Really!

So they think they can say what they want and Black Folk suppose to accept it. Oh hell no!

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WHIG-TV: Wayne Holloman & Linda Tharrington Co-host The Morning Show Thursday June 6

So what did I say on this day to trigger that Ignant Racist Special C to call in and call me a Louis Farrahkan Follower, A Bigot and other? Help me understand who the RACIST really is. I said my name but this Special C didn’t. This is what they do hide and lie, lie, lie.

WHIG-TV Creates An Hostile Environment
But When Challenged They Play Victim
The Show Need To Be Named
“The Rocky Mount City Hall Show” and they will talk about other things

Dude Called In On WHIG-TV After I Called In
These Racist Cs Right Here
Because I Called Out Wayne Holloman & Lisa Tharrington
About Not Doing Their Homework But Try To Talk About Social Media
I Said This Station Is No Different From Social Media
They Just Throw Out Mess

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Don’t Know Why When I Watched The Re-Run Later That Night It Was Only Audio


Audio: WHIG-TV The Morning Show Need To Be Named “The Rocky Mount City Hall Show” And They Will Talk About Other Things

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WHIG-TV Creates An Hostile Environment
But When Challenged They Play Victim
The Show Need To Be Named
“The Rocky Mount City Hall Show” and they will talk about other things


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Dude Called In On WHIG-TV After I Called In
These Racist Cs Right Here
Because I Called Out Wayne Holloman & Lisa Tharrington
About Not Doing Their Homework But Try To Talk About Social Media
I Said This Station Is No Different From Social Media
They Just Throw Out Mess


Gwen Wilkins On WHIG-TV Talking About Being A Candidate For Upcoming Election

Damn Gwen Wilkins on WHIG-TV @ talking about Rocky Mount need more transportation. I have seen Rocky Mount Transit coming to Pinetops for years.

Wow! She is talking negative about Rev. Richard Joyner. Really!

Rev. Joyner has been doing a great job.

I had an issue with how Rev. Joyner was appointed.

Damn fool said she would stop Committee of the Whole Meetings because folk need to be able to be there. Really they can now.

What have the council got to do with daycare prices?

Talking about what the audit said, there were no one terminated. But they said there we some folk who said some were fired and the report said they were not.

This woman is says she have an issue with the way the Chief was appointed really? Do you know the whole story?

She has an issue with the security. Really? I bet they have security where she works and folk can’t walk off the street into her office. How well some folk forget.

Damn she said it was not a threat to Andre Knight because she know him. Really? The person that feel threatened is the only person to be able to say if they feel threatened.

Vote for her she can get a point across, she is articulate, she will research. Really?

I know Gwen and she is not the one.

I approve of this message because I know her because she was my 1st Congressional District Chair and worked with her. I also seen her in action on the state level and was not impressed.

I don’t need any Likes or is Dis Likes to validate anything I say.

Prove me wrong.

WHIG-TV Sandra Smith Just Trashy

WHIG-TV @ is trashy unlike what the black female said this morning when she called in. She said people ain’t trashy.

What make folk trashy is a prime example of what take place on WHIG-TV when they continuously report half-trues day after day and do not do their homework.

How in the hell can you report the news and give your opinions as facts when you don’t do your homework? This is called lying and the truth ain’t in you.

Reuben Blackwell comments about a trashy TV Morning Show was right on point.

Racism is promoted not only during the morning show but other shows as well. But when they are called out they play victim.

WHIG-TV Trashy Fake News Station Half-Trues Daily Sandra Smith Liar

Calling now gonna see how this unfolds. Not picking up but the show is freezing up on my tv, however the phone is ringing so I know ain’t noone on the line.

Okay I hung up so redialing.

They taking about the right thing because Sandra is a snake.

Whig-TV @ is fake news. Sandra lies about taking everybody calls when it is documented on our phones that we have called and you did not pick up.

When I called in 2 days ago she looked at the phone and didn’t pick up and shut the show down early.

Sandra tickles me when folk call in that she agrees with no matter how ignant they sound.

I agree the station is just trashy because she does the same thing day after day reporting fake news.

Wayne Holloman is the only one I can stomach because I believe he is sincere.

Sure be glad when WNCR TV Bronson Williams begin his morning show.

Sandra reading what I just posted. Look at her! Funny to me!

But folk get mad when I call out Racist Special Cs. Prove me wrong! This is White Privilege at it’s best.


Thursday May 30, 2019

Lindell John Kay Rocky Mount Telegram Reporter Guest On WHIG-TV Morning Show In January, But He Don’t Live In Rocky Mount


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This is so damn hilarious! I would love to see these 2 go back and do a follow up to all they talked about on this day because the Independent Audit showed otherwise.

What I find is so hilarious is my guy LJK talking as if he lives in Rocky Mount. He lives in Spring Hope and been working in Rocky Mount since 2014.

Well the Special Cs have a problem with me talking about Rocky Mount because I don’t live there. I have been working in Rocky Mount for the past 32 years and almost 6 months. I was a member of Black Workers for Justice in the late 80’s. I have been a member of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee since the late 80’s. I have been an officer of the Rocky Mount NAACP since 1992 and currently is the 2nd Vice President. I was Vice Chair of N.E.E.D. Inc. in Rocky Mount in the early 90’s. I have attended more community meetings in Rocky Mount than folk that live there. I have many, many family members, friends and associates that live in Rocky Mount.

I attended the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commissions over the years dating back to the early 90’s.

I attended the Rocky Mount City Council meetings dating back to the 90’s as well. I have seen all of the council members now come on board because I was attending the meetings before they were elected.

Councilman Andre Knight, myself and some others had a group called Eastern North Carolina Committee on the Affairs of Black People and we were housed on Falls Road. We helped folk during the 99 Flood.

We were the ones who found out about the ElectriCities as we began to research why the utilities were so high. It was at Truth Tabernacle when we had a meeting about the Utitilies and this is where it was brought out about the ElectriCities deal.

But again I can’t wait to see these 2 go back and respond to this hilarious show. I’ll wait. Oh maybe they need to wait until the State Auditor’s report.

WHIG-TV John Cheek Is A Damn Racist At It’s Best

I called in and told him and Wayne Hollomon they were doing a disservice when they get on the TV and talk about what is going on when they have no clue because they don’t attend meetings.

John said I accused the of doing something that I do that I make comments in my editorials and other that are not true. I tried to call back to get him to give me one example but you know they would not pick up the phone.

You see this is what power does. Wayne and John control the mic and can have the last say and that is what they get on TV and talk about how the Rocky Mount City Council respond to folk and on today what happened at the school board meeting last night because a new board member was told to learn about what is going on before trying to address the board. If that board member had questions he should have asked the questions among the board members before the meeting. But you see doing it the way the board member did makes it appear that the board member was trying to show somebody he was speaking for them. Well that could be done if done correctly and it do not have to be done publicly 1st. But that is what happens when you have a new member that need to learn the process.

I love watching them look at the phone when I tried to call back. I called and hung up but they let a woman call in and then I tried again and they wouldn’t pick up.

Oh now taking another call from Andre. Andre and the lady got John on his mess about throwing daggers when he ran against James Gaillard.

That Racist WHIG-TV Blocked Me From Commenting But Look At How They Left Up Comments In Response To Me

Look at Keith Harris and Lindell Kay on the WHIG-TV Facebook page.


I commented on the following post on WHIG-TV. I posted, “Not only is the Telegram promoting any opposition against the council, WHIG-TV bring on them.”

Lindell Kay been on the show a couple of times recently.

These Special C’s get Special Privileges. Struck a damn nerve.

Another Special C’s website where they can talk about me but they block me from commenting. I am good!


John Manning came after me and I was wearing his ass out so WHIG-TV has blocked me from making comments. John tried to call me out and when I told him to copy and paste something I said or in a video, he couldn’t do it. I told him all they do is just lie, lie, lie. You see goes to show you that WHIG-TV caters to these Special C’s but they are Special C’s also. You see I will challenge these Special C’s everyday because I am a Professional Agitator. I know how to agitate them to make them bring out the worst in them that has been locked up and they needed something to trigger them to get it out. But they the only ones mad because I ain’t mad with nobody. I am enjoying making them show just how ignant they are.

John Manning

John Manning Curmilus Butch Dancy II is jealous he wasn’t invited.




John Manning

John Manning Curmilus Butch Dancy II Daily dose of comedy from you.


John Manning

John Manning Curmilus Butch Dancy II Oh it’s my pleasure. You’re so full of yourself. You surely look at things objectively. Not!


John Manning

John Manning As it relates to the City of Rocky Mount and “Don’t Blame Me”. How bout you don’t blame me for stuff that happened in 1898.


John Manning

John Manning All I am saying is why harness a me vs them mentality? Yes I agree there is racial discrimination that occurs still. But don’t hold that against others or assume that is what it is about in relation to the City of Rocky Mount fiasco currently going on.


John Manning

John Manning Curmilus Butch Dancy II Come back


WHIG-TV Nash County Commissioner Purchased The Station But Where Is The White Outcry? Oh They Are In Control Over What Goes On The Show And Who Can Call In

Sandra Smith manipulated the damn station out of the family and then it was able to be sold so she can continue to have a lifetime job. I remember when I used to go to the station almost daily and I also remember when Sandra used to work at Pilot Life in the same building. I knew Herb real well. However I ain’t going into that part.

Well the word on the street was the owner of WHIG-TV Herb Greenberg died at Sandra’s house. It was on the street that they were going together. Damn makes me wonder who else is she may be going with.

This morning I just happened to turn the tv to Whig something I normally don’t do because I can’t stomach them racist. But since my stomach was already tore up I said hell go for it. I looked at them to ignants Clint Williams and Wayne Holloman and damn you just can’t make this stuff up.

I hear folk say they try to call in to the talk show but they screen calls. I didn’t expect to get through but I did.

I asked them since they wanted to talk about it was not unanimous that all council members didn’t say it was a hit list. I said do you not think they talked about it in closed session so therefore when Knight said all of them said they didn’t say it that was the reason why he said it I know how politics work and I told them I would bet them my paper check that I bet they discussed it in closed session. I said you racist get up here and twist stuff and I said bye.

They ended the show by saying don’t take their word for what is going on with the city, look at the video. They say at the end look at what AB Whitley said and Bill Long. So what in the hell the purpose of looking at the whole thing for if you gonna tell them to look at Whitley and Long. Hell when they look at it they will see them but nope they want to get their point across through Whitley and Long.

But what I liked the most is when Clint Williams said when he and his wife moved to Nashville, but ain’t that something because to live in Nashville is not in the city limits. Oh but because I don’t live in Rocky Mount I can’t have a voice. Them Devils are a liar.

Read about the purchase for yourself, WHIG-TV Sold.

Don’t Blame Me! This Is Who The Rocky Mount Telegram, The Community Council & Whig-TV Has Chosen For Their Spokesperson (My Ignant Opinion) See The Pattern


Watch Video – Cunningham             Watch Video – Knight

Knight addressed this ignant ass but Cunningham had a problem. Nobody stopped him while he was talking about nothing because the city council ain’t killed no damn body. And Cunningham think he can talk speak again, damn what part of the photo he didn’t understand you don’t get to rebuttal. So this is what it appears The Rocky Mount Telegram, The Community Council and Whig-TV is promoting. But just my ignant opinion. Oh I can’t leave out that ignant ass Rev. Roosevelt Higgs who call in to WHIG-TV and try to discredit the Rocky Mount City Council. Hell yeah this bothers me when these ignant asses try to discredit the entire council although they only call a few names but what they say reflect the whole council. Knight said enough for the rest of them so they didn’t have to address that ignant ass during the meeting.



Rocky Mount City Council/Johnnie Cunningham Drama

Interesting thing is that there have been 6, not five votes for the Downtown Facility Center and the Associated Tax Increase. Only WB has voted no. Yet, for whatever reason, people attacking Chris Miller and seem to ignore Tom and forget that without Miller there will be five, not 4 voting the way Miller did. But there will still be a 4 – 3 black majority.

Them damn racist over there at WHIG-TV and those who post on The Community Council page tickles the hell out of me because they do a damn good job of misleading folk and/or allowing others to call in to or post ignant mess on their page.

It is funny as hell how all they talk about is the Rocky Mount City Council. Well I guess they can’t talk about the Nash County Commissioners meetings because the chair of the commissioners Robbie Davis has purchased much into the buying of WHIG-TV so therefore he is part owner.

Why do these ignants think that Johnnie Cunningham and some others think they can go to the Rocky Mount City Council meetings and think they can make accusations attacking council persons without proof and the council is suppose to allow them to do so. Really?

And then to add more drama to all of this that ignant ass Rev. Roosevelt Higgs call in to WHIG-TV and say ignant mess. Who listens to this ignant ass? Ignant Ass Racist White Folk.


I had to stay up to see this ignant conversation on the Wednesday Morning Talk Show as they replayed it at 12 midnight. Damn it is unbelievable the mess they allow Johnnie Cunningham and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs to call in and say about Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell along with some of the other city council members.

But what tickles me the most is how good folk sit back and don’t say anything so therefore if all folk hear they will believe that ignant mess.

It is a damn shame that effective black leaders have to put up with ignant black folk like these 2 guys always attacking the council. It is my belief that obviously Cunningham wants something from the council and they will not give it to him. I know what Higgs problem is, he is just jealous as hell over Knight and Blackwell along with myself.

Will someone tell me what Cunningham and Higgs has done to help Rocky Mount or Edgecombe County a better place to live, work and play?

Davis-led group buys TV station – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: I just love the comment Davis says, “to preserve the legacy of his friend Herb Greenberg.” Really? I think that came from because Andre Knight said his family purchased the church downtown to save the legacy. So if Herb was such a friend, how do you not keep his wife included? If he was such a friend why didn’t he help Herb’s wife with her fight trying to save the family legacy? I wonder did Davis reach out to Herb’s wife before purchasing the station? What a friend he is. Oh just my ignant opinion, especially since I know the history behind the mess with Sandra and Herb’s wife fighting over the station. It was a letter sent to the media and was read on WNCR TV a couple of days ago from Herb’s wife talking about her fight going through the Nash County court trying to get control over the station but the Clerk of Court ruled in Sandra’s favor. Herb’s wife also talked about her husband died at Sandra’s house and that was a strange situation. It appears this story is just beginning.

A Nash County commissioner has become partial owner of a local television station.

Board Chairman Robbie Davis purchased 37.5 percent of WHIG in June, according to FCC filings.

Davis said he invested in WHIG to preserve the legacy of his friend Herb Greenberg, who created the station two decades ago.

“Herb was a close friend,” Davis said. “I also did this as an investment.”

WHIG has plans to move to the campus of N.C. Wesleyan College, said Judy Rollins, the college’s vice president of enrollment and marketing. (Rocky Mount Telegram)