Rocky Mount NC – Warren Daughtridge Founder of LoveRockyMount Addresses City Council

This is the Special C that said I was begging for money. Hurt my damn feelings.

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Warren Daughtridge Founder of LoveRockyMount I Have Nothing To Sit Down To The Table To Talk To You About You Are Irrelevant At The Moment

  • Warren Daughtridge Curmilus Butch Dancy II Mr. Dancy I have a problem with you on multiple fronts. First, your language is horrible and a negative influence on youth that may be reading your stuff. Second, I have no issue with you due to your supporting those two council members. I don’t happen to agree with you and don’t feel they are leading in a way that benefits all citizens but, that’s our system. They have control and are doing it their way. 

    If calling people names, operating on half trues and sharing them widely is being good at what you do, then what a pitiful existence. 

    I invite you instead into a formal discussion with people like you and others who aren’t. Let’s get the issues on the table. Let’s ferret out the legacy issues and begin to unpack “today” problems. Mr. Dancy, your style does more to damage relations than most. I pray you will understand that and come with us on a journey of reconciliation.
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  • Curmilus Butch Dancy II Terry Banfield Barnes you are correct he will not attend a Racial Justice Group meeting because he is not about Justice but about Racist mess. The sad part he does not know the folk but following the script that has been lead by the papers, Lige Daughtridge, Robbie Davis and others.
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  • Warren Daughtridge Terry Banfield Barnes I would love to learn more about this group. Can you help!
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  • Natasha Tabron Battle Today’s problems are the same “legacy issues“. The US has not progressed/overcome in that area as of present. From the present standpoint it appears many do not want to as well via double standards, injustices in almost every aspect of life such as criminal, medical, jobs, housing, etc.
    Then there are candidates who use a slogan such as “Make America Great Again” Now using “Make Rocky Mount Great Again”. When have either been great to people of color in particular black people & now Mexicans?
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  • Curmilus Butch Dancy II Warren Daughtridge you say, Mr. Dancy I have a problem with you on multiple fronts. First, your language is horrible and a negative influence on youth that may be reading your stuff.

    Ignant if you have a problem with me why in the hell are you following me? 

    Why did you send me an inbox to join LoveRockyMount? But didn’t send from Group sent from you personal so it would appear as if you didn’t invite me and I called you out on that.

    But before then you sent me a Friend Request to my personal account after you attended a council meeting and then when I called your ignant ass out on what you said during Public Comments you Unfriended Me.

    Second, I have no issue with you due to your supporting those two council members. I don’t happen to agree with you and don’t feel they are leading in a way that benefits all citizens but, that’s our system. They have control and are doing it their way. 

    Ignant you just validated my point because you have a Big Issue with me supporting them and the others. 

    They are not leading the way you want to lead? Who in the hell are you? You don’t have access to them because 1st you have not tried to get to know them.

    Damn ignant all folk benefit from their works however there will always be some who are ignant to the facts and the benefits. This is you.

    Damn ignant they are suppose to have control over the council that is why they were elected. Any other way hell no need for elections and the council would be street ran by those like you who believe “White Privilege” is the order of the day.

    If calling people names, operating on half trues and sharing them widely is being good at what you do, then what a pitiful existence. 

    I call folk names until they call me names unless they say something that meet the description.

    Damn you Ignants never seem to amaze me you use my words all the time. Again as I said previously I write and talk according to who I am talking to and you sir being an ass I talk to you from an ass standpoint. 

    Hell yeah I am good at what I do and that is the problem. The main problem is you are not used to The Black Man Challenging you The White Man.

    I invite you instead into a formal discussion with people like you and others who aren’t. 

    I decline the invite because I refuse to sit to the table with an ass like you when I can read you from your writings. 

    Let’s get the issues on the table. Let’s ferret out the legacy issues and begin to unpack “today” problems. 

    I am not wasting any time sitting to the table with you because you is just an ass to me at the moment. Right now I am going to sit to the table with you because you bring ab so damn lute ly nothing to the table for me. If you were seeking an elected office I may would consider but until after the election, I have no need to sit to the table with you and those ignants around your table.

    Mr. Dancy, your style does more to damage relations than most. 

    Ignant speak for yourself because that is your opinion and the ignants in your circle.

    I pray you will understand that and come with us on a journey of reconciliation.

    There is nothing to reconcile because I don’t know you and you don’t know me. You are the one reaching out to talk to me not me reaching out to talk to you which is validation that I am The Man! You know the ignant one that you can’t understand what I am saying. But your responses shows you are doing a damn good job of getting the message. 

    When you have a problem with folk I know are not the folk you portray them to me because I know them and you do not, that is a problem.

    When you go after Black Leadership you going after me.

    When you go after reaching out to the poor communities then you going after me. 

    When you go after after 
    Johnny Cunningham you going after me because I don’t believe he is lying about you.

    Because you have a problem with me being The Watch Dog of the East and The Political Agitator )A Professional) that is your problem not mines. 

    My tract record validates who I am when it comes to folk who actually know me. Even those who do not like what I say, how I say and when I say it, they may not like it but they have much respect for me. I am talking about whole trues and not half trues.

    My tract record validates who I am because even some who have a problem with me, when they have issues they reach out to me and I help them.

    My tract record validates who I am because I do my homework and do not take what folk say and I don’t give a damn if they are family, friends, enemies, Black, Brown, Caucasian and/or other. I tell folk to check me out because I am going to check them out. 

    Ignant what you need to do is get out of you little circle and try to talk to some folk who actually know me. But it does not matter because I am going to continue to be me. 

    So yo will not forget, Hell Naw! I will not sit to the table with you at this time. Check back after October because right now I am only interested in sitting to the table with someone who are in the position or seeking a position that will affect me directly or indirectly as sit relates to the upcoming election. 

    But don’t get it twisted because I a still watching you lie about your mission.

Conversation With Warren Daughtridge LoveRockyMount About Rocky Mount Politics

Mr. Dancy – I would like to make something perfectly clear. LoveRockyMount is not a political organization. It is a growing group of people that are committed to getting to know each other more in hopes of learning how much alike we are, bridging divides that may exist and ultimately helping others in our community. I take offense to your including this group in your posts positioning us as supporting certain candidates. I challenge you to find any posts made on the LoveRockyMount page or by it’s founders. We do not intend for this group to be political in any way. While some members may be in politics or may show support for a candidate, we do not allow that sort of messaging on our page. We would greatly appreciate you NOT making reference to our group in yout political posts. As I stated earlier, we welcome you to join the conversation. Get involved in a community event. Talk to others that aren’t like you. Talk to me, one on one, for goodness sake. The worst thing that could happen is for us to find we had something in common, right?


My friend you sent me a Friend Request but when I challenged you after a council meeting you Unfriended Me. I ain’t mad with nobody. What I ain’t gonna do is to change for you or others to like me. But where did I say you were supporting a candidate so I can review it?

Thank you Mr. Dancy. For the record, I sent you a friend request right away when I was just begining to get involved. I unfriended you because I didn’t really want to become involved in the way you communicate. I am much more into meaningful dialogue. I didn’t see much of that style on your page or on your blog. As for this topic, you have included our group in a couple of graphics, the latest being one that has LoveRockyMount aligned with Tarrick Pittman.There was another one but I can’t recall exactly what it was. We are not aligned with any candidate as a group. I have not stated any personal opinion of candidate support that I can recall. I don’t have a dog in the hunt this year other than mayor. Who I vote for there is my own business, though I do believe one person is highly qualified. I don’t know enough about the other two to make an educated guess as to their qualifications yet.

What do you call highly qualified?

You do not like my style because I call out folk something you and others can’t handle.

Able to manage a multi-million dollar business, budget and large personnel organization.

I don’t like your particular style because it is usually negative. There is good around us, you don’t have to look far.

Really? Damn the mayor do not manage the money, that is the City Managers job. SMDH!

Negative to you and those who have that mentality. Ain’t used to a Black Man challenging Caucasian Men in particular.

The mayor provides leadership and vision. He or she also represents our city to others seeking to do business here. I would much prefer a polished business person that has experience dealing with such things compared to one that does not. As I said, I don’t know the qualifications of the other two yet. I assure you I will before I cast my vote.

And, I dont care if you are green, your style is abrasive and rude. I believe in calling out wrong but I also believe in calling out right. That reminds me, i have two papers i picked up with pictures of that Army Private from Korea on the front page. Do you now who I might give them to? I figured the family might want them.

Leadership and vision do not have a damn thing to do with your definition of highly qualified. I would ask you do you know what the other 2 manager but I ain’t going there with you. Actually it is 3 more so goes to show you are focused on the 1 candidate that looks like you. And lastly I have talked to some folk who been in the room with you so enough said. I started out saying my friend but obviously since you have an issue with me, then until something change I recall the my friend thingy. Good bye! Going back in my lane. I know a hell of a lot more than what folk think I know. I talk to Black folk and Caucasian folk.

I wasn’t aware of the 4th and am appreciative of your bringing that to my attention. I have more homework to do. And as to the friend thingy, I am quite confident we aren’t there yet! Friend /frend/ 1. a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection

I claim everyone my friend that I come in contact with such as this however that does not mean that they accept me as a friend. I don’t know you and you don’t know me but you have said enough as it relate to you and I speaking to each other about our opinion of each other. I havemy own definition of certain things just like your highly qualified B. S. I have examples of how I operate. When Roger Brantley said he would pray for me and I rejected his prayer. We did not Unfriend each other and we are still friends today as we came to a common ground. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

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Warren Daughtridge & LoveRockyMount Facebook Group Is A Joke!

Check this dude out. It is okay for them to go to Rocky Mount City Council meetings and act on what the newspaper printed but when I challenge him on what he says he can’t handle it.
Warren Daughtridge

Admin · 10 hrs

Curmilus Butch Dancy II you called out this group on your blog (and Warren Daughtridge specifically). I challenge you to find anything in this group that is anything but good for our city. Caren and I have diligently managed posts in our group to maintain an environment of positivity. We are exclusively about creating dialogue and helping others. If you, or any other members, find any content that you feel is contrary to this purpose, please report it. We will evaluate and take immediate action.

Here you go Mr Dancy:Thanks for sending me an invite in Messenger from your personal page however I would have thought the invite would have come from the Group Page since it is a place to invite folk.
• I tried but couldn’t figure out a way to do it. 

Me: So you didn’t see this on your page?


I know I received the invite because I mentioned LoveRockyMount on my page about the group being quiet but you and some others would say not so. But if you were not quiet in regards to what I mean by being quiet folk would have forwarded me what was going on.
• I am not sure I understand the question. We are constantly working to bring people together. Current members of this group are supporting a summer camp and discussing ways we can disperse much needed clothing and household goods when needs arise. 

Me: That was not a Question. But this makes no sense. Summer camp really? Ways to disperse much needed clothing and household goods when needs arise? Really? I didn’t see that in your mission.

I find this post, I assume stating why and how the group was formed to be quite interesting. You say “Caren and I created LoveRockyMount during a troubled time in our city’s history.”

What time and what are you speaking of?

• Just a few months ago. We began to read about issues (perceived or otherwise) with our City Manager and her administration, along with other things. We decided to go to the next City Council meeting to listen for ourselves. 

Me: Really so what are your findings on the City Manager and her administration along with other things? You came and joined in so what have you accomplished?

You say, Citizen’s are bitter and seething anger is lurking just below the surface everywhere. I heard a gentleman (Samuel Battle) speak at a council meeting and was instantly convicted that there must be a solution. 

So what did Samuel Battle say that sparked you, you got to remember?
• I remember like it was yesterday. He passionately described life on the street for kids in his neighborhood and throughout his city. He presented a plea to the council to put focus on ending the violence and helping the kids. I did not grow up with that around me. I can’t relate to it personally but I can sympathize/empathize. I can try to make a difference.

Me: How can the council end violence? They are not police however they have a Police Department so the thing to do would have been to met with the Police Department to see how he could help them. The council have things in place to help kids. So how do you plan to make a difference?

So who are the other citizens?
• I think “other citizens” are people of all walks, throughout the community. I sense anger throughout our city and on both sides of the tracks. Listen to conversations around you. Read on a multitude of facebook pages. Listen in City Council meetings. There is heated debate and seething anger. Don’t get me wrong, we should foster civil debate and open dialogue. Taking pot shots and delivering thinly veiled messages on Facebook or in Council speeches aren’t going to help at all. They tear down and not build up. 

Me: What I have seen is a bunch of ANGRY Caucasians come to the meetings talking about things and they have not validated anything they have said. Name me one thing that they have accomplished. These conversations ain’t new the fight began in 2003 and has been ongoing because of the Black Majority Council and now that the Department Heads, Police and Fire Chiefs are Black the ANGER has reached an all-time high. Civil debate? The council meetings is not a place for debate but open dialogue is and has been allowed during Public Comments but when the Caucasians began the attack game, when Andre and Reuben responded to them the Caucasians then wanted to become the VICTIM. They took a lot of mess before they began responding to the attackers. I am glad they have said they ain’t taking anymore. What tickles the heck out of me is you say you stand for this and that but I have not seen you call out any of the Caucasians when they were in the attack mode.

Reaching out and creating dialogue with others that aren’t “in your normal group” and starting projects to help others throughout the city are what we hope this group of people will be about and rally behind.

Me: Now this is too funny. You sent me a Friend Request for you personal page several months ago but then after I questioned you you Unfriended me. Dude please!

So what are the projects?
• Read the recent recap on FB. They are there. Today we helped someone is dire need. Within minutes we privately collected enough money to help feed a family following a tragedy. Details are private and not for publishing. I will tell you in person if you would like more.

Me: Oh no we don’t need to talk in person you say this is what this page was for can’t you talk about the good things you say you are doing?

Me: I want to hear more about the BEACH TRIP that you have not mentioned. I want to hear what you have to say because I have talked to some Blacks and Whites and I find it interesting no photos and no talk about the trip.

Calling people names, living in the past, blaming others for their current situation, none of these are going to help us move forward.”

Me: Your Special C friends are the ones who began the name calling. We ain’t living in the past and that is what is wrong. Those living in the past would not be having this type of discussion with a Caucasian because they would be scared for the job, retaliation against their children in the school system and for their life. You see we ain’t scared because we will stand for our respective place in this society. Tell me how calling you and the others Special C is name calling and what is negative and racial about that?

I agree but what tickles me is when certain folk begin the name calling and myself and some others respond to them they become the victim.

You say, “Understanding that God created each and every one of us in his own image is an amazing concept to me. Knowing that we are commanded to love one another, no matter the situation is too. I know that most of the members of this group are Christians and share these ideals and charges. I want to make sure every knows that LoveRockyMount is not affiliated with any religious organization. We intend to keep LoveRockyMount omniracial, omnicultural, omnigender, omniwhatever… The idea is to bring people of all walks together and find common ground.”

Me: If you were truly about bringing folk together why did you Unfriend me? Oh because you didn’t want to hear them trues because I didn’t do anything to you but challenge you. Matter of fact tell me why you Unfriended me.

But what tickles me is some of these same folk are on other pages showing their true colors but they are suppose to be different on this page. Really!

• I can’t help what other people do on other pages or in their life in general. All I can do is try to reflect the perfect image of Christ, knowing I will fall short but going to bed at night knowing I gave it my best.

Me: So that is what we do as Black folk too!

You say, “Don’t get me wrong, Caren and I are devout Christians, Baptist to boot. We put our faith in Christ many years ago and have attempted to walk the Christian walk since. We hope and pray that many Christian organizations will get involved in some of the projects that are developed by members of this group and will use it as an opportunity to witness to those who are in need, but, this group isn’t our second Sunday School Class.”

But why would someone like myself want to work with these folk are on the other pages talking about certain folk but when other folk do the same and call them out, they like myself get blocked. I ain’t mad because they blocked me but it tickles me when these same Christians on this page participate in the discussion there and do not call their Christian friends out when they are attacking certain folk.

• If I took that same approach, I would never leave the house.

Me: I don’t have to bow down to you and this group, I have been doing what I do since the late 80’s being a voice for the young and the elderly.

Every group of people will have some that are in it for themselves or to be distractions or disruptions. Again, all I can do is the try as hard as I can to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. 

Me: And that is what we do as Black folk when the Special Cs come after us. Dude really?

You say this page is not, 

A political forum

Really but that is where it began per this post. I am totally confused but not totally ignant!

It appears there is more going on than meets the eye such as maybe more communication going on behind the scenes. From what I have read on the page, I am trying to figure out how I fit in. 

• You will fit in if you want to begin a dialogue with people that don’t look the way you do or think the way you do. I truly believe this is healthy for you, the other person and society in general.

Me: Really! I have started out with Caucasians, Black Folk and others in the late 80’s with a group by the Name of Black Workers for Justice that was housed right across from the Most Talked About White Church located right there at the Event Center. I laugh every time a Special C say the church was recently moved there when it was moved there from Spring Hope given to a Black Pastor from a Caucasian Ministry. I joined the NAACP in 1992 it was Black, Caucasians and others. I know where I fit in and that is not with this group since it has a mission statement of one thing but the real dialogue is in your offline meetings. I will decide if I want to stay in. I had no intentions of ever joining but since you sent me an invite I said I think I will join.

The second way to fit in is to jump in when we uncover a need. There are all kinds of communications going on behind the scenes from individual groups that have either formed from LRM or come to us for help. 

Me: This is hilarious to think that there are not groups that I am affiliated with that take cover of needs that is what I do. You are ab so damn lute ly right about communications going on behind the scenes and that is where I would fit in but that is where I will not get invited.

But I will stick around for a little while since I was invited to see what pops up. 

I seen one post if I am correct that was political where a candidate posted and I liked to have made my post political but maybe I was just seeing things.
• No idea on this one. If you see a post that you believe is not in keeping with our purpose, please notify me and I’ll have a look. 

Me: It is there and more have been added since I commented here. Again the purpose is confusing because you say it began for one reason came out of a political meeting but then to say this group is not about politics when you have talked about Politics throughout your response to me which validated my point.  Oh you want me to be your Watch Dog for the group? Nope I am going to fit in with their discussion and say what I want to.

Warren Daughtridge thanks for the invite.

Again thanks for the invite!

Car wash to fund beach trip – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: I get so sick and tired of folk trying to use black children to accomplish their mission when it comes to RACE. I sit back and watch who fall for it. These same folk attend the Rocky Mount City Council meetings, get on WHIG-TV, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, Community Council, 252 Hoodnewz and other social media sites and talk about the children’s leadership. I am not ignant to what is going on. Warren Daughtridge sent me a friend request some time ago but then unfriended me because I called him out about his message at the Rocky Mount Council meeting. Johnny Cunningham so what makes him and who made him a prominent local contractor? This dude is always talking about me on the sites that have me blocked. Folk be sending me screenshots of the filthy hardcore language he be posting along with the lies. So them kind of black folk is used to attempt to create division in Rocky Mount.

Imag­ine hav­ing never been to the beach, never play­ing in the sand and surf.

It is a re­al­ity for some Rocky Mount chil­dren — a re­al­ity that is about to change as res­i­dents come to­gether on Satur­day to hold a free car wash with do­na­tions go­ing to­ward help­ing less for­tu­nate chil­dren take their first trip to see the ocean and en­joy all that a day at the beach has to of­fer.

The car wash is set for 2-6 p.m. at Prid­gen Tire on Sun­set Av­enue hosted by Love Rocky Mount, the heart and brain child of busi­ness ex­ec­u­tive War­ren Daugh­tridge. He said his new pur­pose in life is heal­ing the city of the re­cent po­lit­i­cal strife and un­der­ly­ing racism with a goal of bring­ing city res­i­dents to­gether.

Love Rocky Mount is new, but it means busi­ness, said Johnny Cun­ning­ham, a prom­i­nent lo­cal con­trac­tor and founder of ReGroup 1, a char­ity or­ga­ni­za­tion that works to re­hab and re­store old run­down homes in low-in­come com­mu­ni­ties and cre­ate jobs for young men that in most cases have crim­i­nal records. (Read more)

Warren Daughtridge Mentioned Me At The Rocky Mount City Council Meeting, But Sent Me A Friend Request After The Meeting Two Weeks Ago

The Gate Keeper’s response: These Special C’s never seem to amaze me. I was told that Warren Daughtridge mentioned me during his public comments at the meeting on Monday when he spoke to the C’s as one individual calls us. Damn really?

I found it interesting that Warren sent me a Friend Request on Facebook after he spoke at the Rocky Mount City Council Meeting 2 weeks ago. I didn’t speak but the Special C’s got to see who I was up close because I was videoing over where the majority of them were sitting. I normally video from the other side of the room. I accepted his request because I have no problem with dude. Now dude has tickled the hell out of me as he spoke about who he was during the meeting 2 weeks ago and then after reading about him on his Facebook page that he has not expressed his concerns to me about what Special C stands for. So damn how do he says it is divisive when he don’t know what it stands for. Now that is too ignant.

I visited Warren’s Facebook page to see if he had posted the following on his page but I didn’t see it. Wow! He took the time to post it on the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens page knowing that I was blocked from that page because I responded to the Ignant Special C’s over there that post about myself and other black folk and then when I respond I am the racist. Ain’t that something.

I don’t have to be on the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens page because they follow me. So when I talk about them, they will see it even those who have not sent me a Friend Request. But some follow my blog as well because it is a Public Page and all they have to do is follow me so they can get what I post.

I love punk ass men who ain’t man enough to get their messages to me directly or indirectly. When I don’t have a contact for a person I do an Open Letter on my blog and that way if they don’t see it, somebody will send it to them.

I am transparent and don’t hide behind code names and code words. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

Now Run & Tell That!