Ned Barnett: State’s new Voter ID rule narrows the right to vote – Winston Salem Journal

The most confounding and misleading part of the new voter ID requirement is the “common sense” defense.

Republican state Senate leader Phil Berger said in a TV ad that requiring a photo ID to vote “prevents fraud and protects the integrity of our elections — it’s common sense.” Republican Gov. Pat McCrory signed the requirement into law saying it was part of “common sense reforms.” At a federal trial in Winston-Salem where the requirement is being challenged, it’s being defended as a commonly used and sensible protection.

Proponents of the requirement, which takes effect with the March 15 primary, say a photo ID is needed to cash a check, board an airplane or even to purchase some cold medications, so certainly it should be required for something as important as voting. (Source: Read more)

Post-Trial Statements | North Carolina Voter Suppression Trial

The Watch Dog response: This is why I am a Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP. Don’t tell me you are about what is good for black folk and all folk if you ain’t a part of the solution. You see some of you just celebrated Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Holiday and now beginning today you are going to celebrate Black History Month. The fight goes beyond January and February. So when you say I am acting like I am ignant, well I am because I get ignant around folk who are not about what is good and just for all people. Trust me I know who you are.

***NEW VIDEO: Post-Trial Statements | North Carolina Voter Suppression Trial

February 1st, 2016 – Joined by Plaintiffs, Attorneys and members of the Forward …Together Moral Movement, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II makes a statement following the close of arguments for the Voter ID portion of the North Carolina Voting Rights Trial.
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“The Worst Form of Voter Suppression We’ve Seen Since Jim Crow!”

My FB colleagues seem to get a little squeamish when I, rural NC Born Ken Humphrey speak of ‘resurfaced racism’…..Folks I live amongst my rural suthin’ colleages’…they will vote to bring the US down before they will support anything this black Democratic President proposes. I went to college, graduated in the former capital of the conferacy, Richmond, Va…..Racism is alive and well just outside of town – anywhere in Dixie. Ken Humphrey

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Voter ID Mess

In Edgecombe County I have attended the Board of Elections meetings faithfully over the years until around 2 years ago. I used to go in and watch them go through provisional ballots and etc. So I know they verify the the ballots.

It does not take a rocket scientist to know that the only reason the Republicans wanted to suppress the votes is because they are afraid black folks will not vote Republican and that the black community advertise and promote voter awareness to get black folks to the polls. And then on election day black folks can be seen working the polls passing out voter information about candidates.

So the issue of Voter ID for me ain’t even worth talking about if RACE ain’t going to be discussed because I know what is real and what is perceived.

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