Rev. Reuben Blackwell Voices His Concerns About The Process When The Council Appointed Unqualified Rev. Richard Joyner To Ward 3 To Replace Judge Lamont Wiggins Vacated Seat

Rev. Reuben Blackwell so eloquently spoke about the process. He made it clear he didn’t support it and why.  He said the process was TAINTED! He said yes Rev. Richard Joyner has done some good things but the process is the issue of the day.
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Lois Watkins Make Motion To Appoint Unqualified Rev. Richard Joyner To Ward 3 To Replace Judge Lamont Wiggins Vacated Seat Rocky Mount City Council

Damn Lois Watkins not only said she wanted to make a motion to appoint Rev. Richard Joyner but she wanted to apologize to Joyner because of what Rev. Andre Knight said about the process and what happened during the interview that Joyner had the questions. I spoke to some folk who were interviewed and some who attended the interviews and that was what they told me it appeared that Joyner was reading from some notes. They said the Knight questioned were everyone given the questions because Joyner obviously had them. I hate I didn’t take off work but I was hoping WHIG-TV or WNCR TV would have recorded it because the interviews began around 10 AM. Did she say unethical? Really! What she and the other 3 whites done should be considered unethical then. Just my ignant opinion.
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Rocky Mount City Council Attorney Speak To The Process During The Appointment Of Unqualified Rev. Richard Joyner To Replace Judge Lamont Wiggins Ward 3

I have been fighting Democrats holding their asses accountable every since I have been a political and community activist. I get so sick and tired of dealing with conscientious stupidity and sincere ignance. For all of the Ignant Racist White Folk who call me a racist I have been consistent in what I do holding black, brown, white and other folk accountable for their actions. For all the Ignant Safe Black Folk who have a problem with what I do that means you want to play both sides. There is only one side and that is the side of right. I know you and know where you stand. You talk about doing what is right but don’t do the right thing when the time come. It is documented on my blog, in my videos and in the minutes of meetings where I spoke where I stand. Now see what the attorney had to say about one candidate not being qualified.

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If The Ward 3 Folk Like It Then I Love It However I Will Not Be Silent On The Mess That Took Place On Monday Night With Rev. Richard Joyner

I am going to see how the citizens in Ward 3 respond to the mess that took place during the appointment of Rev. Richard Joyner to replace Judge Lamont Wiggins former councilmember.

Qualifications as it relates to what happen on Monday night has nothing to do with a candidate doing the job.

Qualifications per the Rocky Mount Charter states: No person shall be eligible to file for, or be elected to, the City Council, or to serve thereon, unless such person is a qualified voter, 21 years of age, a resident of the City and of the ward from which he seeks to be elected, and has not been disqualified as provided in the Constitution of North Carolina.

It is funny none of the councilmembers spoke about Rev. Richard Joyner the man other than Rev. Reuben Blackwell Councilman when he made his comment during the appointment process.

I have read and heard some folk say that Rev. Andre Knight and Rev. Reuben Blackwell both councilmen were scared they were going to lose their power. What power?

I have yet to hear them say who they would have voted for out of the 5 candidates before Gwen Wilkins removed herself on the night of the appointment.

So I don’t think they know how Rev. Richard Joyner is going to cast his votes but what is obvious is that the 4 councilpersons who voted for him all live on the Nash County side and Joyner works on the Nash County side at the Hospital.

Some folk think that this appointment is totally limited to Rocky Mount City Council politics but that is because they don’t know how politics work.

But the main thing Joyner was not qualified on Monday May 14 and he is not qualified on today. If he was he would have been seated on the council on the same night he was appointed. Joyner will not be a qualified and validated voter in Ward 3 until May 21 and if that goes without any discrepancies he will be seated during the June meeting.

If I was the Edgecombe County Chair who just happens to be a resident of Rocky Mount and lives on the Edgecombe County side I would have attended the meeting and spoke about the process. I also would have done it if I was the Nash County chair. But where were the other good Democrats of Edgecombe County that should have been concerned about the voter registration process.

I can’t wait to see if the Ward 3 voters will respond by writing letters to the editor and also attending the council meeting in June and speak out for or against the appointment.

Like I said if the Ward 3 folk like it then I love it but I am still going to talk about the process.

See what happened on Monday night for yourself.

Photos/Video: Lois Watkins Rocky Mount Councilwoman Make Motion To Appoint Unqualified Rev. Richard Joyner To Replace Now Judge Lamont Wiggins



Letter to the Editor: Joyner should not represent Ward 3 – Rocky Mount Telegram

I read with much disappointment that a preacher would, after only three weeks, apply to represent me and other residents in Ward 3 on the City Council.

Did he think that the residents would not pay attention to this and realize he did it — in my opinion — for political gain only?

No other City Council member would want someone to move into their ward and after only being there three weeks apply to represent them. How would they feel if, when they come up for re- election, someone just happens to move in the ward and challenge them? They would be screaming “foul” at the top of their lungs!

It is not right and Lois Watkins should be ashamed of herself for trying to shove someone down our throats. I have to question her integrity and motives for doing this.

I understand people are calling council members asking them to support Joyner … these people do not even live in Ward 3! Shame on all of you!

Give us someone who has lived in our ward. We do not want or need a “transplant.” If Joyner wants it so bad, let him run for the seat next year. This way, in the meantime, he can prove himself to the residents of Ward 3.

Richard Joyner, do what an honorable preacher would do. Withdraw!

John Dew

Rocky Mount

Coun­cil to consider Ward 3 candidates – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Rocky Mount City Council is set to consider the appointment of a replacement for the vacant Ward 3 seat among other topics Monday evening.

The council will discuss the five candidates for the seat during its 5 p.m. Committee of the Whole workshop prior to the regular meeting.

Councilman Andre Knight maintains one of the candidates is ineligible for the appointment due to residency and voter registration issues.

The Rev. Richard Joyner moved into Ward 3 in mid-April. He won’t be eligible to vote in the ward for another few weeks. That should disqualify him, Knight said.

During his interview for the seat last week, Joyner said he made sure he was eligible.

The other candidates are (Read more)

Rocky Mount City Council Appointment To Replace Judge Lamont Wiggins In Ward 3 Pastor Richard Joyner Residency Controversy

It will be interesting to see how the council votes on the appointment on Monday May 14.

Pastor Richard Joyner has done some good things and like in many instances he get credit for some things that others have not and do not because I know that some others were a part of some things he has done and is doing but these folk names have not been mentioned. I am so glad that I can speak to that I know for myself.

It is funny how I have followed Joyner and other voters in Edgecombe County and I know that he has been registered living at a residence on Hwy 111/122 a road that I travel daily and I know he does not live there. I have always been told he lives in Greenville which is close to the church he pastors. However he is the chaplain at Nash General Hospital in Rocky Mount.

Pastor Joyner is seeking the appointment for the vacancy in Ward 3 and it has been reported that he moved in the Ward on April 16 and also April 17. I don’t know the correct date. It appears that he went to the DMV and got his address changed on his driver’s license. While he was there he changed his voter’s registration.

I question if Pastor Joyner has met all of the qualifications to be appointed. If he is then good luck.

However I would find it hilarious that the council would appoint Pastor Joyner to the seat over looking the other candidates who all have lived in the Ward and those who have been actively engaged in city government over the years faithfully.

I have been in some conversations with some folk about the appointment and they want to talk about it ain’t right for folk to question his residency eligibility. Really? So how do one justify the works of Joyner that has nothing to do with city government, going to the meetings knowing the issues and more. Yes he can learn all of that but why choose someone that don’t have a clue versus someone who already knows.

I hope the Rocky Mount City Council will make sure that if they choose Joyner that they have done their homework on the residency concerns and it will leave no door open for further actions.

Rocky Mount Charter says: Must be 21 years of age, be a qualified voter, registered in the ward and must be able to vote in the ward.

But then again this may not be a controversy because Joyner said he made sure he was eligible. Well let’s hope so for his sake.