It Is Time To Unite, When We Fight, We Win!

I was talking to Andre Knight on yesterday and he said he was on the phone talking to the Chief and pulled up beside Tarrick Pittman and Lawrence Taylor was driving. He said Tarrick said you have F’ed up and Andre said what you talking about. He said your boy Dancy have put it out there.

So why is posting trues a problem? Oh some don’t want the trues known. Well it is public information. Hell I posted it before the papers did, they haven’t posted the court findings yet.

This is what I do and have been doing since the late 80’s reporting the news.

So why do some folk like Lawrence Taylor that I held accountable when he was the Edgecombe County Democratic Party think I should exempt them. Oh hell to the naw!

When Lawrence called a meeting at the Library in Tarboro with his the 6 county officers that I attended at the along with 1 other person this ignant said in front of the only Caucasian officer that folk said they ain’t coming to a Nigger meeting. Caucasian officer didn’t attend another meeting.

Tarrick Pittman thinks he should be exempt because he is running for office but I am suppose to be silent and let him do his thing. Last week he Unfriended me because he couldn’t handle them trues when I shared our conversation and he then got a case of CRS! Damn he is 48 if I am correct and 56 so dude will sho nuff suffer from CRS by then.

Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson thinks he should be exempt when we bump heads in the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission meetings where we both serve.

We have recently been bumping heads on Social Media because he normally talk about me on Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens page where I am blocked and can’t see or post but my resources share with me what he and the other Special Cs say about me.

I have been tagging Johnny Cunningham in my posts so therefore Steve has been able to respond to me directly. I welcome it but he can’t handle them trues.

I am The Watch Dog of the East and The Professional Agitator. I am damn good at what I do so either you can love me or hate me.

Damn folk want to pick and choose who I can talk to. Who does that? Who allows that? Oh they didn’t get the MEMO! Somebody tell them.

But it does not matter because . . .

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This is about Uniting & Exposure! Black Folk Don’t Get Distracted!

I blame the Special Cs for this because of their mess about Uniting, LoveRockyMount, I mean One Rocky Mount and all that mess about our Black leaders. You see some Black folk got distracted and this is what happens one get caught up.

Black folk you better wake the hell up because Trump want to send you back and so does his Special C supporters.

When We Unite, When We Fight We Win!

Although the subject is Tarrick Pittman the Exposure of the Special Cs is the main thang!

Don’t get it twisted!

Maybe Tarrick will get the message that he need to do like Johnny Cunningham recognize and understand the bigger picture. He should not be about us against us but them against us!

Now somebody missed that!

These Special Cs are dangerous! Remember how they have tried to discredit me and even trying to bring my place of employment in it. They love to bully folk.

I ain’t the damn one!

I ain’t mad with anyone!

Unity Is More Than Just Holding Hands, Crossing Color Lines And Being Friends

Copied from Cooper Blackwell Facebook Page

We can’t work together to solve issues if you can’t understand the barriers of our work! #UnityInTheCommunity is about more than just holding hands, crossing color lines and being friends with each other. It’s about shared prosperity and equitable development. It’s about realizing that systemic racism exists and fighting alongside us to fix the impossible. Colorblindness is harmful for our community and color consciousness is essential. It’s not about bringing together white people and black people, it’s about creating a culture of health and social mobility for all, but especially for those most in need. You can’t fight for equity and not acknowledge why the gaps fundamentally exists. We have to agree about the problem to fix it, not just point it out, sweep it under the rug and hope no one sees it.

Me: Ab so damn lute ly!