Trump 1st It Was Open Your Churches, Now Open Your Schools

Trump got Ignant Black Negro Pastors and Church folk wanting to open their churches. Now he want the schools opened.

So what is Trump going to tell us next?

Oh Trump is thinking about moving the Republican Convention out of North Carolina because Governor Roy Cooper has not completely ReOpened the State. Well don’t think about it just do the damn thing. MOVE it!

It is a damn shame how we as Black Folk focus on the wrong things instead of what is really going on.

In this time of a pandemic whereby Black folk are the most vulnerable, it is sad that Ignant Black Negro Pastors and Church folk are listening to Trump and Racist Republicans. It makes me wonder what God do these Pastors and Church folk serve?

Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

During The Pandemic So You Listening To Trump & Governor Roy Cooper But Are You Listening To God?

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But did you hear from God? Wow! I have been in some conversations on Facebook with some Safe Black Negro Pastors and Church Folk that confirm that they are just Selfish.
What you better recognize is that when you open them church doors and let folk come in that you are responsible for the outcome.
Report back after you are in the house! I’ll Wait!

Note: Thanks Evangelist Teresa Everett Horne for sharing. Good to Me!

Federal court backs California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s orders keeping churches closed

A federal appeals court has backed California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order banning in-church services to blunt the spread of coronavirus, rejecting an argument from clerics that the governor is treading on their First Amendment right to free exercise of their religious beliefs.

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a split 2-1 ruling denying the request for a temporary restraining order against Newsom’s in-church service ban filed this month by the South Bay United Pentecostal Church in Chula Vista, California.

The ruling was issued late on Friday, the same day President Donald Trump demanded governors nationwide allow churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship to reopen immediately.

“The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important essential places of faith to open right now, for this weekend. If they don’t do it, I will override the governors,” Trump said as his administration released detailed guidance on how religious institutions can safely reopen amid the virus that has killed nearly 100,000 people and infected more than 1.6 million in the United States. “In America we need more prayer, not less.”

It is unclear what legal authority the president has to overrule a governor and the White House could not cite a specific provision that would give Trump that power. (Read more)

Trump threatens to pull Republican convention out of North Carolina

The Political Agitator’s response: Damn Trump said my Governor Roy Cooper is playing politics. Really! If playing it safe is playing Politics then let the games continue. Thank you Mr. Governor! Oh and can’t wait to see what Van Holland Tarboro Tar River Times have to say. I’ll wait!

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump began a solemn Memorial Day railing against North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, ahead of the 2020 Republican National Convention, threatening to pull it out of Charlotte, where the convention is expected to be held August 24 to 27.

Trump contended that Cooper is “unable to guarantee” that the arena can be filled to capacity.

“I love the Great State of North Carolina, so much so that I insisted on having the Republican National Convention in Charlotte at the end of August,” Trump said in a series of tweets. “Unfortunately, Democrat Governor, @RoyCooperNC is still in Shutdown mood & unable to guarantee that by August we will be allowed full attendance in the Arena. In other words, we would be spending millions of dollars building the Arena to a very high standard without even knowing if the Democrat Governor would allow the Republican Party to fully occupy the space.” (Read more)

Here is the very best possible response to Donald Trump’s urging the Churches to open "right away, this weekend."

The Political Agitator’s response: This is it! Until a Safe Black Negro Preacher attempt to put a Twist on these Trues! Oh some folk didn’t get that. I know some Caucasians are standing with Trump but I am a Black Man and I am talking to Black Folk right now but oh others read my stuff.
Cathy Cox thanks for sharing

From the Bishop-elect of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Missouri, Deon K. Johnson:

“The work of the church is essential.
The work of caring for the lonely, the marginalized, and the oppressed is essential.
The work of speaking truth to power and seeking justice is essential.
The work of being a loving, liberating, and life giving presence in the world is essential.
The work of welcoming the stranger, the refugee and the undocumented is essential.
The work of reconciliation and healing and caring is essential.
The church does not need to “open” because the church never “closed”. We who make up the Body of Christ, the church, love God and our neighbors and ourselves so much that we will stay away from our buildings until it is safe. We are the church.”

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Worship Is Essential But It Appears It Is Not The Houses Of Worship That Makes It Essential

The Political Agitator’s response: What I get from this is that Worship is Essential but the House of Worship (the building) does not make it Essential. Trump has figured out that lots of folk go to Houses of Worships and that if he say something that will make them happy that it will possibly get him some votes in my opinion. But anyone that are happy just because Trump is making Houses of Worship Essential and threatening to override Governors that do not agree with him, are unconscious, in denial or just don’t give a damn about life. I will not be going to a House of Worship the rest of this year because the timing is not right. But this is what I am going to do so do you. I have the option to watch and/or listen to the Word from the comfort of my home and/or my vehicle if I am out.
James T. Worthy

Dear Mr. Trump,

FOR THE RECORD….SJMBC IS OPEN every Sunday for Worship Service! Where? Online! Each Sunday, as the Lord leads, I attempt to share a Word from the riches of His Word. Where? Online! We’ve been blessed with 19 decisions for Christ in the last two months. Where? Online!! We observe the Lord’s Supper together on the 1st Sundays and three Bible Studies every Tuesday. Where? Online!

Once again you are late in the process….we were declared essential over 2,000 years!!!