Recognize Folk For What They Have Done And Not Just Because They Are Your Friends Or Just Because They Hold A Title

Over the years I have seen folk being recognized and honored for what they have supposedly done. But I have questioned why many folk were recognized when I already knew that these folk were recognized just because they were friends and/or just because of the titles they held.

But my problem is many of these folk have stood for nothing.

If you have been recognized for achievements are your name in the minutes speaking out against injustice in local government, school board meetings and other? Are you in the videos?

I have seen many folk who have spoken out who have not been recognized because they don’t hold titles but put their lives on the line fighting injustices.

As we approach the Dr. MLK Holiday I am going to see who are recognized in Edgecombe and surrounding counties because I know folk in these areas.

I am sick and tired of folk who have not and will not speak up but get the recognition while the real fighters are not recognized.

This year I am going to recognize folk who are real fighters in my opinion based on what I know about them. I been around so I know who have done what when it comes to fighting locally however I know many across the state who are fighters as well.

The DCN News Blog Online TV Hall Of Fame, Who Is Viola Harris?

This year I am going to be recognizing folk who are conscious and making a contribution in helping to make Edgecombe County a better place to live.

I am so glad I know our elected officials, community leaders and folk as a whole. I know who are speaking up and speaking out.

Edgecombe County could be far better off if it was not for jealousy and envy. Over the years I have been in the presence of folk who have talked about folk who are speaking up and speaking out making a difference in making Edgecombe County a better place to live work and play.

Who is Viola Harris?

Viola Harris is one of the 1st black children to go to North Edgecombe during integration. She has worked as reporter with the former Daily Southerner Newspaper that was located in Tarboro before shutting down and The Rocky Mount Telegram. She later went to work in a local attorney office in Tarboro until the attorney killed himself. Harris has been employed by Edgecombe Community College for several years. She was appointed to the board of Edgecombe County Commissioners to fill the unexpired term of Dr. Florence Arnold Armstrong when she left the county to go teach in Virginia.

Harris was elected as an Edgecombe County Commissioner for around 15 years and has served the county well. She has served on numerous boards locally and across the state and has served as chair of state boards and committees representing Edgecombe County well. She has taken a lot of heat from local folk especially from folk who are just jealous and folk in Princeville whereby she serve as their representative. One local board I want to mention that Harris has been a part of in the county is the Ebonnette Club where she has worked dealing with recognizing young folk in the county.

Harris has done a hell of a job representing Edgecombe County.

I was there when as a member of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee when she was appointed to the Edgecombe County Commissioners and I suggested to those who could vote for her to do so since she didn’t live in my district.

Thank you Commissioner Viola Harris for your years of service.

Today I welcome Viola Harris Edgecombe County Commissioner The DCN News Blog Online TV.