Emmett Till’s Accuser Admits She Lied About Claims That Led To His Murder

The Watch Dog response: This is sad but what is even sadder is he is not the only one that has been killed or abused because of lies. And what makes it worst is nothing can change the outcome from back then. The trues coming out now will not bring back Till back it helps to bring some closure. And for those who were jailed they can’t get those years back that they lost. This kind of stuff makes me mad as hell. I know Timothy B. Tyson so glad he is a member of the NAACP.

The woman who accused 14-year-old Emmet Till of flirting with her in 1955 revealed for the first time that those claims were fabricated.

Vanity Fair reports that Timothy Tyson, the author of a new book titled The Blood of Emmett Till, spoke with Carolyn Bryant Donham, who was 21-years-old when she accused Till of making verbal and physical advances towards her. Donham’s claims against Till enraged two white men, J.W. Milam and his half-brother Roy Bryant, who abducted and murdered Till three nights later, leaving his body bludgeoned, bruised and left at the bottom of the Tallahatchie River in Mississippi. (Huffington Post)