Rocky Mount NC – Tarrick Dinell Pittman Continue To Confirm Just how ignant He Can Be

I have been knowing Gene Metrick for many, many years dating back to my becoming actively engaged in politics. I have not had a bad experience with him as far as I know and we have been in meetings all of these years.

This ignant start off talking about the paper and then went on to Andre Knight’s response. Really!

The following by Tarrick is too damn ignant!


What is this? Gene Metrick, Editor of the local Fake News Rocky Mount Telegram has done it again. As you know I posted the questions from this article last month. I didn’t feel confident, based on past experiences with this editor, and the fact Gene’s partner currently occupies a seat on a board at OIC, that I would be treated fairly in this process. Someone’s pillow talk seems very influential. It’s obvious the Editor of the Telegram is an ally of the incumbent and his agenda. He took my previous responses posted on FB and changed them. Furthermore, he chose not to post the answer I did submit to the infrastructure question. Don’t worry. The antidote always comes from the virus.

My response:

If the Rocky Mount Telegram is fake news why in the hell have you spoke to the them all of these times?

You didn’t feel confident with the editor. Really? Were not the same questions asked of you and Andre so obviously the questions were documented. How ignant!

What in the hell has Gene Metrick’s partner got to do with the Telegram? I would bet that Gene does not discuss the paper business with his partner and the same for his partner when it comes to OIC. How ignant!


Now, let’s break this down. Shall we? In the article, the incumbent stated he would continue the progress he states he has made in strengthening the neighborhoods and communities in Rocky Mount. First off, this individual has caused more division in our City than any other person over the last 16 years. His divisive rhetoric alone has stunted private investment in some of our underserved communities.

My response:

Funny as hell you and the Special Cs you represent always speaking to false trues. Tell us how Andre has cause division in the city? Give one example. Oh you call division because the Special Cs are mad because they don’t have the power?

Give one example of a private investment that was stunted by Andre?


Numerous studies since the 2014 Crossroads to Prosperity report, including the 2017 Ratio Implementation Strategy, which I helped shape, as well as the original 2018 Ratio Atlantic Arlington corridor study, the 2019 UNC Greensboro Housing Study, along with the last US Census report, have all but pleaded with this Council to place a stronger emphasis on the neighborhoods in our City.

My response:

What did you do to help shape this?


The majority members of the Council have all but ignored these concerns.

My response:

This is too damn ignant to make it appear that the majority of the council should think like your ignant a . . .

Little to nothing has been done to improve the quality of life of for the citizens in Wards 1-4.

However, we all know who’s quality of life has improved on the backs of the citizens they are sworn to serve. The personal property acquisitions of the incumbent reeks of greed. He has never had a real job since he began serving. Just sitting at the table eating a hearty meal. He is seen downtown daily working on those acquisitions. Building up sweat equity, avoiding code enforcement, all the while people complain constantly in the Ward the fact he is nowhere to be found. This individual has acquired 11 buildings downtown, some under questionable means. One is leased to his favorite Mayoral candidate. Most of them acquired during this last term. So all the while studies, some paid for by taxpayers, were pleading to the Council to focus on neighborhoods, he was taking advantage of your struggles by building his own personal wealth with the use of inside information. Dilapidated, and abandoned properties continue to lay dormant throughout the city. Ladies and gentlemen just open your eyes as you ride through the neighborhoods of Wards 1-4. We all know the phrase, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”, this guy cares so little about Ward 1 he isn’t even applying lipstick. Ward 1 has experienced an increase in poverty of 55% since 2003, the incumbent still has the audacity to claim he is the man of the people.

My response:

Andre used to be employed by Edgecombe Community College and when he purchased the prestigious house on Falls Road they came for him. I told him they were going to fire him from the college because he was challenging the city about his Adult Care Business that he was doing while working at the college. However when he was fired he has been doing the Adult Care full time. This dude just lie, lie, lie!


Citizens my correct and full responses were posted on my campaign page earlier.

Here is my full unedited response regarding infrastructure:

I can’t speak for Rich, but the analogy he gave is that both jurisdictions have or are currently ignoring fundamental infrastructure related problems that threaten public health and safety. How is this confusing to anyone? Let’s be clear Rich Worsinger was addressing the aging infrastructure NOT the quality of our water. Our infrastructure issues may not be lead poisoning which can permanently stunt a child’s cognitive abilities, but the behavior by the elected officials is all the same. (both in Flint and RM.)

A simple Google search shows it’s widely acknowledged through the American Society of Civil Engineers Report Card the water infrastructure in this country is in horrible shape. For most people, because it’s out of sight, out of mind, no one pays attention to it until a pipe breaks or it hurts us somehow and that’s certainly what happened in Flint.

What I do find confusing is this leadership’s response to a pertinent issue to the quality of life for the citizens of Rocky Mount. We all should be disappointed and concerned, this city council and their attack dog(s) chose to attack the messenger instead of addressing the message. Is a parking deck so important to them they are willing to ignore taking care of the infrastructure that serves our industries where we work and that provides for our community’s basic needs, running water, flushing toilets, and addressing flooding (stormwater)?

A report was presented to the council over a year ago in May of 2018 regarding the city’s infrastructure needs to be based on the City’s own assessment and that of their consultant Jacob Engineering Group (an internationally renowned firm with an expertise in water and sewer related infrastructure). This report shows nearly half of the city’s lift stations and booster pump stations are over 20 years old. It further reveals that 37% of our sewer mains and 38% of our water mains are beyond 50 years old. What these numbers mean is that these assets are either approaching or are well beyond their useful life.

Why then hasn’t this Council shared the report? It is a public document after all. Is it because they know the public wouldn’t support the investment in a parking deck over having running water? Why hasn’t council been shown or even asked for the 200-page report from the very consultants they paid $400,000 to prepare? Is it because they know the public will realize they are being bamboozled by this council? That they are doing what is best for them and not for the city and her people they swore an oath to protect?

How will I handle such a problem?

First, let’s all stop and think for a minute and ask ourselves these two questions,

Where will we find the oldest infrastructure? A: In our oldest neighborhoods, of course.

Where will we find our oldest neighborhoods? A: In Wards 1-4 and part of Ward 6

As the water, stormwater, and sewer infrastructure continues to age and ultimately fail, these neighborhoods will suffer greatly and will likely experience a severe disruption in these basic services.

What about our existing businesses and our jobs? What will be the impact to our local economy when services are interrupted to our industries who are dependent on our water and sewer infrastructure to operate and to make products that are distributed to state, national, and international consumers? How will that impact the income of those who work there and that of our community? It will be those of us who can least afford to miss a paycheck who will be the ones most significantly impacted. What impact will it have on our city’s reputation as we are recruiting additional industries here, bringing with them much needed jobs?

Ask yourself which do we want:

Infrastructure investment in our neighborhoods and across the city to assist in recruiting coming industries or a parking deck that only nets 232 spaces. 232 spaces can be achieved across Atlantic Avenue for less than a $1,000,000.00

Why then is our council focusing on an $18 million parking deck for a net 232 spaces and not interested in protecting the most vulnerable of our citizens. The solution is straightforward and has already been provided to the city council. That said, once elected, I will meet with my fellow council members new and old to request the Jacobs team to come in and explain the current situation, help us prioritize our needs, and help ensure that the appropriate budgeting is available for these needs vs. a self serving ego driven project that should be financed by private investors versus tax paying citizens. Let’s not forget a hotel developer was already developing the historic Carleton House which would have 64 rooms and 31 jobs. Had the city not turned their back on them it would have opened June of this year. Municipalities are supposed to spur private development not compete with it.

#tarrick4ward1 #letsgrowtogether 

My response:

During the last City Council meeting a presentation was given about the water and infrastructure complaint by Rich Worsinger. Watch video: The Rocky Mount City Council Meeting August 2019.

Watch video: Rocky Mount City Council Approves Hotel Parking Deck Funding


Rocky Mount NC: Tarrick Do Yo Live In Ward 1?

Question is do he live in the Ward? What does he own or where does he rent or do he live with someone else?

Fact Check That Part!

I’ll wait!

Fighting Crime that is your assignment.


Committee to Re-Elect Andre’ Knight Response To Tarrick Pittman

The Committee to Re-Elect Andre’ Knight has committed to run our re-election efforts on the outstanding record of success and growth that Rocky Mount has experienced in the 15 years that our candidate has served with distinction and honor as the City Council Representative for Ward 1. Councilman Knight, from the outset of his first candidacy, has been maligned, accused and vilified unjustly. Thankfully, the people of Ward 1 saw through every attempt to disqualify our Candidate, Council Representative Andre’ Knight, and sent him back to serve the people and lead progress for all of Rocky Mount.

We believe that cheap stunts that our candidate’s opponent is attempting to perpetrate are dishonorable, sad and desperate. First of all, the recent Facebook posts that Mr. Pittman has published on his page are libelous and slanderous. The information is false, the pictures are not of his house and his allegations of neglect, taking advantage of people who are struggling to survive and violating City ordinances are lies. Our candidate has not addressed Mr. Pittman’s own inconsistencies in his business and legal affairs. From the outset, he blamed Councilmen Knight and Blackwell for targeting him and trying to evict him from City property. Lies. Both Councilmen tried supporting him as a new downtown business by referring potential clients to him and even taking their own personal computers to him to repair. Regardless of the disappointing outcomes they experienced in their business interactions with him, they did not slander or accuse him. It was the Administration of the City of Rocky Mount, under the advisement of the City’s Attorney’s office, that held Mr. Pittman responsible for his own obligations as a tenant of the City. The NC judicial system resolved that matter recently and our Council Representative had nothing to do with the complaint or the outcome. This is documented history.

Unlike his opponent, Councilman Andre’ Knight has a strong record of advocacy and accomplishment. He does not have to conjure vague images, create suspicion and sow discord through veiled Helms, Reagan and Trump smoke and mirror tactics. We’ve seen all that before. Our candidate led the fight to bring relief to our electric customers in Rocky Mount and to our friends throughout eastern North Carolina from unjust charges levied by Duke Power through Electricities. That battle with industry titans was fought and won. That is documented history.

Our candidate has helped recruit business investment to Ward 1, led revitalization efforts and advocated for increased funding for housing, business development, and enhanced safety measures in inner-city communities in Rocky Mount. Rocky Mount is better than it has ever been. We have new housing where dilapidated warehouses once stood. We have cleared blocks of ruined houses where open-air drug markets existed. We have created and funded policies and projects that have brought tens of millions of dollars in public and private investment to downtown Rocky Mount. For the first time EVER, an international hotel brand is seriously considering locating in east Rocky Mount with the prospect of bringing brand new commercial and retail developments and condominiums to our downtown in Rocky Mount/Edgecombe County. That is documented history.

Our candidate has been a strong advocate for poor people, the elderly and the sick and has brought progress to our City through his leadership. He chairs a real Board of Directors at OIC that serves thousands of real people every month. Under Knight’s leadership, real people are being trained, put to work, opening businesses and their healthcare concerns and needs are being met. More documented history, not fictional and vague accomplishments.

Our candidate is a real entrepreneur that has run a family business since the 1990s and struggles as every small business owner does. There is no shame in not having all the money you need for everything you need all the time. However, we believe that it is deceitful, dangerous and treacherous that a candidate who wants to represent people in Ward 1 brazenly leads and carries an agenda of lies, sabotage, destruction, and annihilation of every policy and leader that has opposed unjust institutions, practices, and people. Andre’  Knight has not received endorsements or accepted money from people who have openly maligned east Rocky Mount and Edgecombe County, disparaged and disrespected our elected and appointed leaders and have tried to destroy regional growth and economic success in Edgecombe County. That is documented history too.

Right now, the Committee to Re-Elect Andre’ Knight is focused on winning this election through the support of the people again. We cannot and will not be distracted by baseless lies and innuendo. That’s a well-thought and planned Trump-inspired move. We will not respond to every falsehood that is published and every fear that is promulgated by our opponents. But it is a mistake for our opponent to think that he can say whatever he wants to say without being accountable for his words and actions. We know he is just one small cog in a web of candidates who are being paid, endorsed and supported by privileged millionaires to destroy the true unity that is bringing life again to historically neglected communities and neighborhoods.

We know that we are fighting institutionalized racism that is fueled and fed by the supporters of President Trump right here in Rocky Mount. It’s happening all over the country, we saw some of them in Greenville a few weeks ago and those same forces are trying to destroy the progress we have all made working together in Rocky Mount. We all have eyes to see and ears to hear. We lived through Jesse Helms’ tactics and we’ll make it through Donald Trump strategies.  Our candidate has a brain to think independently and a mouth to speak TRUTH TO POWER. Andre’ Knight is UNBOUGHT AND UNBOSSED. Now that is documented history and that is why we support Andre’ Knight as our candidate for City Council for Ward 1!


See Tarrick’s Pittman post

Tarrick Pittman Came Out Smoking Against Andre Knight For Ward 1

Wow! Dude came out smoking against Andre so now let’s see how this unfold.

You wonder why there is a lack of code enforcement throughout our city? These pictures were taken at the old Wimbley house at 110 Braswell St. You know the one. Near the Library that gave a certain politician his claim to fame.

How did that give Andre Knight his claim to fame? He had the house before he was elected to the council?

The adult daycare! The one that goes into foreclosure once a year.

Wow! I ain’t never heard this before so I learnt something new today!

There are 5 elderly grown men who live in the house and share the facilities. They are being charged $800 per month each to live in these type of conditions.
Is it even zoned correctly for this type of business model?

So you need to have special zoning to rent that house?

Is the light bill being paid for by the citizens?

Could you better explain that? Are you saying the citizens are taking up donations and paying the light bill?

Can you do an article RM Telegram and inform us on this? Oh, I forgot the editor Gene’s wife sits on a board at O.I.C. To much of a conflict for that to happen.

Wow! I didn’t know that Gene’s wife sits on the board. Again I learnt something today.

Damn the Telegram been writing about Andre for how long.

How can we expect our elected officials to focus on Housing in our community when they are slum lords themselves and continue to turn their backs on enforcing housing codes.

Okay I got that but the last time I checked Andre only has one vote so are you telling me that his one vote carries the majority?

But you did say they, so who else are you referring to?

The landscaping looks horrible! That house was known to have immaculate grounds back in the day before it was sold.


A strict code enforcement program was the advice given by two independent studies on housing. The 2014 Crossroads to Prosperity Report and the 2019 UNC Greensboro housing study both listed code enforcement as a priority.

So what are you trying to say?

We must do better and hold our elected officials accountable.

Elected officials should always be held accountable not just when a want a be candidate decides to run for office.

What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong!

Damn you got that right! LOL!

Seriously, look at the pics!!!!! The windows are sealed with paint. I see why they were not concerned about the mold at CoolGeeks! Look at those walls and tile!!! If they will house the elderly in these type of conditions, they don’t care about no one but themselves! They use the pro black stance to fool the masses all the while squatting on black people while building their empire in the process.

I waiting on a response from Andre so I will post as soon as I receive it.

30% of the people who live in Ward 1 can’t afford their basic needs!

So how is that Andre’s fault and how can he change that?

But how can the folk you speak of change that themselves?

Let’s change the culture in our city!!!!!

Change what Culture?

Johnny Cunningham he needs your help to get that property up to code!

Wow! Damn Johnny Cunningham what you got to do with it? Oh he calling you out because you are supporting Andre. Wow!

Here is a petty P.S. The sign in front of your “Campaign Headquarters” on Tarboro Street is out of compliance with the Historic Preservation society’s sign guidelines for Downtown.

Has this been reported?

It says you are “The Man of the People” You voted to implement the guidelines! Follow the rules that others have to follow! #tarrick4ward1 #letsgrowtogether

So Just What In The Hell Is Tarrick Pittman So Damn Mad About? What About These Numbers?

But Tarrick I wonder you even have been at the Douglas Block if it had not been for the current council?

But Tarrick damn if business is so damn good, then why in the hell didn’t you pay the money on July 15, 2019? When will he pay?

But Tarrick it appears your addresses of where you live is questionable since you stated in March 2019 in the Rocky Mount Telegram you have lived on Woodland Ave for over a year. However your voter’s registration shows you voted in Nash County around 5 months prior to the March in November 2018. Damn that could be challenged by any Democrat as to if this is voter fraud. The local Board of Elections would rule on that.

But Tarrick you go down to Edgecombe County Board of Elections around June and change your voters registration but now say you live on Rosewood Ave. And when you file for Ward 1 you say you live on Rosewood Ave.

But Tarrick you say you are a numbers guy so help me with this math.

So from November to March is how many months?

Let’s talk about that part!

But what are you so damn mad about?

It appears to me you need to be focusing on your business and getting some drivers license. I am just saying!

But that ain’t none of my business though, but you running for council is my damn business although I can’t vote for or against you.

Council candidate loses court fight with city – Rocky Mount Telegram (William F. West)

The Political Agitator’s response: This dude need to go somewhere and sit down and shut the hell up. He is allowing some Special Cs to make him look stupid by trying to enter into politics. Damn fool crazy as hell along with them. Who supports a known criminal for a political office.

A downtown Rocky Mount businessman has been ordered by the judicial system to be evicted from his location in city-owned space and to pay the municipal government more than $15,300 in past-due rent.

Tarrick Pittman, owner of Cool Geeks computer repair in the Douglas Block, was issued the ruling from the Edgecombe County Superior Court. Judge Marvin Blount of Pitt County signed the order in the city’s favor on July 16.

The order shows the judge told Pittman to pay $15,320, plus all costs of the legal action. Pittman can appeal to the state Court of Appeals.

Blount’s order was not yet in the case file at the Edgecombe County Courthouse when a reporter went there earlier this week, but the reporter obtained a copy of the document from the city’s attorney, Jep Rose, of Poyner Spruill.

Rocky Mount’s municipal government since last autumn had been arguing in court papers that Pittman breached a sublease agreement by failing to . . . (Read more)

Robbie B Davis Supporting Tarrick Pittman And Agreed To Make A Contribution

Wow! Robbie Davis likes Tarrick Pittman because his grandmother supported Ronald Regan back in the day. Really! Robbie agreed to making a campaign contribution. Oh that is makes sense because he is anit-Rocky Mount and anti-Councilmen Reuben Blackwell and Andre Knight. Please share his explanations with us about his latest court cases the one wit the city on July 15, 2019 where the judge ordered the property where Cool Geeks is located to be turned over to the city and that he pay the city in the amount of $15,320.00. He also has a court case coming up on August 12, 2019 so we will see how that unfolds. Robbie said Tarrick didn’t bring up Race as an issue. Well that is a problem right there because it is fact that race is an issue when it comes to Rocky Mount City Government. Robbie says when he brought up race that they had very close views on the subject so therefore race is an issue. I find it interesting that Robbie says Tarrick is not living in 1960. He sure the hell ain’t because in 1960 the Rocky Mount City Council was probably all Caucasian. However we know that 1960 was sure enough a point in racial history. Robbie Davis like myself can’t vote for Ward 1 candidates but the difference in he and I is Robbie got big money. I have no money to give candidates. But folk if Robbie Davis is supporting Tarrick Pittman you better know that Robbie don’t give a damn about Rocky Mount City Government and he is mad with them right now. I dare you to research Robbie.