Tarboro town councilman dies at age 47 – Rocky Mount Telegram

By Lindell John Kay
Staff Writer

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A memorial service is set next week for a local leader who has succumbed to cancer.

Taro Knight, a Tarboro town councilman and local high school principal, died Wednesday. He was 47.

A viewing and memorial service is set for 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Keihin Auditorium on the Edgecombe Community College campus in Tarboro.

Knight stepped down as mayor pro-tem a couple of months ago, citing his ongoing battle with cancer. He was fighting acute myeloid leukemia with chemotherapy in Greenville.

Knight was diagnosed with the condition in April shortly after taking over leadership duties of the town council when the former mayor resigned.

Knight said at the time he was devastated by the news but was optimistic.

Curmilus Dancy, a local blogger and political activist, said via social media that he has known Knight for many years, dating back to the late 1980s when Knight would appear on his radio talk show. Dancy said he and Knight worked together on several local issues over the years.

Dancy said he feels Knight played a big role in the success of North East Carolina Preparatory School, where Knight was the middle and high school principal before stepping down earlier this year due to his declining health.

Battleboro community resident Janice Hale said she was sad to hear of Knight’s death.

“He went to school with my daughter and son,” Hale commented on Knight’s online obituary. “He also was so kind to my grandson at school where he worked.”

Hale said her thoughts and prayers are with the Knight family.

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Fundraiser For Taro Knight Edgecome Community College Tarboro NC

Cherry Hill MBC Choir and Pines Chapel MBC Choir sang up a storm on Sunday July 31, 2016 for a fundraiser for Tarboro Councilman Interim Mayor Taro Knight and former NCEP School Director as he battle with Acute Lukemia. The fundraiser was held to help him with funds as he has to travel to Chapel Hill NC for a stem cell transplant. He must stay in the Chapel Hill area for 90 days while going through the treatment. The event was sponsored by A.A.M.E.N. (African American Men Enhancing Neighborhoods). Donations can be made to Taro Knight fund ~ Union Baptist Missionary Church PO Box 121 Tarboro NC 27886 (memo line the Care of Taro Knight). There is also a Go Fund Me Page online. Enjoy the video and the photos below.

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Gospel Concert In Honor Of Taro Knight

Concert: AAMEN (African American Men Enhancing Neighborhoods) will sponsor a gospel concert in honor of Taro Knight at 4 p.m. Sunday in the McIntyre Auditorium on the campus of Edgecombe Community College, 2009 W. Wilson St., Tarboro. The concert will feature the Edgecombe County Male Chorus, Cherry Hill Baptist Church Choir and the Pines Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Choir. Admission is free; donations will be accepted. Make checks payable to Union Baptist Church, P.O. Box 121, Tarboro N.C. 27886 (memo line” care of Taro Knight). For information, contact Na’im Akbar at 567-4604 or the Rev. Roy Gray Sr. at 883-9508.

Thank You Taro Knight My Friend, My Brother For Allowing Me To Come To Visit You

I visited Taro on Sunday evening and he and his lovely wife were both doing great. If I didn’t know any better I would not know that he was going through some temporary life challenges. He looked good and sounded good. Of course he lost some weight but he looked the same as he did when I seen him at the last council meeting. So what did I expect to see? A sick person and most of the time they have lost some weight. I didn’t need to go to know that and it tickles the hell out of me when folk go for the reason of seeing how folk look.

I normally do not go in the room to visit patients in the hospital but go to see the family sitting in the waiting area. However this visit was different because I left home knowing that I was going in to see him. Why? Because when I called to check on him he asked that I come to see him and for that I feel grateful and honored that he thinks enough of me to allow me to come and see him. Yep we have had some disagreements over the years as it related to politics but you see when brothers can have disagreements and respect one another then that is true friendship.

I told him that I had a brothering crew that we hang out together visiting the sick and eat out together and I was going to bring them with me. Oh he knew all of them. Well one was sick and he stayed in the hospital waiting lobby while we went up to see Taro. One brother was not able to make it with us and one did make it to the hospital late because he was out of town and met us there, however he didn’t go up to see him.

When folk go to the hospital they go for a real reason and folk don’t need to go just to see what they look like. The patient and the family has enough to deal with and don’t need folk interrupting their valuable time together because of nonsense. If you really care about folk in the hospital or even as they are recovering at home, then ask what you can do and they will tell you that you can come and see them or they will tell you just what you can do. Lots of times folk act like they love you more when you are going through life challenges but where were they when they needed you to stand by them as they are advocating for you or doing whatever that impact your life.

Taro has been fighting for the community for a long time and has been taking on 2 roles for several years now. He has been working for the local charter school however he started out volunteering his time. I told Taro what I thought about the charter school which was nothing but I told him if he was going to be a part of the system then he need to get paid because he needed employment. Although I still don’t think anything of the charter school systems but I respect what it means to other folk.

Taro has been sho nuff fighting on the Tarboro Town Council and I say this temporary life challenging moment that he is going through hopefully has given him time to think about all he has done for many ungrateful Negroes as he has had to deal with some sho nuff ignant racist white folk. Taro has tried to do what was in the best interest of all folk but because of the silent majority, I know what he has endured and he has not told me because I know. I have been a community activist since the late 80’s so I know what folk endure when they try to be a voice for the voiceless.

Thank you Taro my brother for all you have done. While you are going through this temporary life challenging moment think hard about how you want to move forward when you no longer face this challenge and you are ready to go back into the storm. You have been fighting for a long time for others so if you want to take some time and move on leaving politics behind, my brother you have done enough. We can only do what we do for a season however we can stay in the storm but sometimes we may need to come out and let someone else drive through the storm. But I know you, it is in your heart and you will not be satisfied if you ain’t in the storm trying to make Tarboro and Edgecombe County a better place to live, work and play.

As I stated when I called you when I learned that you were in the hospital, I am just a phone call away.

An Open Letter To Kelsie Andrews In Response To Well Ain’t Karma A Bitch!

imageI was shocked when I read on Taro Knight’s wife page around 2 weeks ago that he was in the hospital having a temporary life challenging moment. My heart was heavy not only to learn my brother and friend was in the hospital but I also thought about his wife was going to have a challenge trying to take care of him and her mother especially when she will have to travel daily from Tarboro to Greenville and trying to work. I know it is a job just trying to take care of one patient at a time but 2, wow.

I was shocked again on Saturday morning when I began receiving numerous emails about your comments. The first post I didn’t know where to find your comments. I looked on Tarboro 27886 and The Edgecombe Tribune but didn’t find anything. But before I could get to work on yesterday morning another message came in and bingo there was the screenshot.

For me your comments are unforgiveable. To say “Well ain’t Karma a bitch” and post the following link to the article, Tarboro councilman battles health threat to someone who is lying in a hospital bed going through a serious life challenge is a ignant as hell and since you do not look black I would add racist. I don’t care what your issue is with Taro this is cold-hearted as hell is hot.

I read comments that said you worked with EMT and if you do work with such an entity that deals with all folk then you need to be more sympathetic about folk. If I was ignant I would think that if you had to deal with Taro or someone whom you have an issue with, that you may mistreat them in the process. That ain’t right.

I am not speaking on behalf of Taro but I am speaking out against your ignant racist comments because we should not want to see anyone suffer with with body challenges especially when the treatment is going to last for such a long period of time.

I could ask you why you felt so strongly making such a comment publicly, but you see it does not matter because I don’t care what it is you shouldn’t want to be rejoicing in anything of such magnitude. Taro is not only going through a challenge but it affects his entirely family wife, children and other.

I could ask you why you felt so strongly making such a comment publicly, but you see it does not matter because if you cared about folk going through life challenges you would not speak out because Karma could come back to haunt your ass and it may not be you but a family member or close friend.

For me again your comments are unforgiveable but just like me, I will get over it and Taro and family will too. However you will deal with this in some type of way if nothing but it will ride your conscious for quite sometime but then again you just may not have one.


Tarboro Town Councilman, Interim Mayor Taro Knight Is Going Through A Temporary Situation Please Pray For Him And The Family


Taro Knight Interim Mayor/City Councilman during the March Tarboro Town Council regular monthly meeting.

Please honor his wishes. When I seen his lovely caring wife post a couple of days ago about my friend Taro Knight being sick I reached out to her in her inbox. She shared with me what was going on with him and I said to her to tell him he is going to be just fine and that I am just a phone call away.

On Wednesday morning at work when I went to break I seen I had a message from Taro and I was overwhelmed to call him. I didn’t get him right then on my 10 minute break but he called me back before I had to go back to work. Wow!

My friend shared with me he was going through but he was going to fight it. I said to him I would be praying for him and that he was going to be just fine. He said he wanted to let me know what was going on and I told him I had talked to his wife. He said stay in touch.

I told my friend that I would and that I would not be coming to see him but would be coming to check on the family to see if they need anything. Been working 10 hours and then had to go to New Bern after work yesterday because my mother in law was ill.

Going to work at 6 AM and got to video a funeral at 2 PM. I am going to go visit the sick after the funeral.

Again please honor Taro’s wishes. He do not need anyone to visit to see what he look like or to see that he is having a temporary situation. He is going to win this but only with folk being respectful.

I understand Taro was on the radio on Monday also sharing his temporary situation and said honor his wife call for him to not have any visitors. They have shared what his current situation is so allow him to go through this and at the end of the day he will share his testimony with us.

Also know that Kim takes care of her elderly mother as well so also keep her in prayer as she has much to deal with.

God will ………

Original message From Vernal Kimberly Knight

With that being said Overseer Vernice Alexander-Dingle….. Woke on this beautiful blessed day praising God ALmighty for his many blessings and favor. I’m asking again Please please please honor the Drs wishes and not visit Taro physically. There are so many ways to reach out to him these days. He has acute myeloid leukemia, which is cancer of the bone marrow. It is very treatable; however he is tAking chemotherapy and his immune system is extremely low. I’m not laying.any blame anywhere but he has contacted a bacterial infection now and they are treating it but we really need everyone to cooperate with us and his team of Drs please. The greatest news is that he is still in good spirits so keep the prayers a d calls coming. We love you all and God bless!

DA Found No Causes To File Sexual Harassment Charges Against Tarboro Town Councilman Taro Knight

The Political Agitator response: It is a damn shame that the Rocky Mount Telegram and the Tarboro Weekly ran several articles about Taro Knight being suspended from the North East Carolina Prep (NECP) Charter School in Tarboro recently but has yet to do an article about the DA findings.

It was reported in The Edgecombe Tribune on Wednesday October 8, 2014 that District Attorney Robert Evans found no causes to file sexual harassment charges against Tarboro Town Councilman Taro Knight, according to a report released by his office.

The article states that a former NECP teacher first filed charges against Knight with the Tarboro Police Department but that wouldn’t be right for them to handle it so they turned to the investigation over the Edgecombe County Sheriff Department to avoid a conflict of interest. After the Sheriff deputies found nothing they turned it over to the DA whom also found nothing.

Knight said he any actions that needed to remedy any erroneous and speculative reporting will be addressed by his representative.

Now this is a damn shame because obviously Knight has not done anything wrong as it relates to sexual harassment.

It is reported in the Tribune that Knight denied the allegations and a school official said denied suspending Knight for sexual harassment and did not give reasons for the suspension citing the incident was a “confidential personnel matter.”

I had stated that I question why was Knight suspended without pay after reading the newspapers and doing some homework on the issue. So now that Knight has been cleared on sexual harassment charges I hope he will be able to recoup the pay he lost while suspended. Knight has bills and a family.

Now that Knight has been cleared, the name of the accuser need to be exposed. The accuser does not need to get off the hook that easy because they ought to have had some type of clue this was not goings anywhere.

I am glad Knight and his family can begin to put this mess behind them and move forward. Receiving 30 days of pay sure would be a good start.

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