SouthWest Edgecombe 2017 Graduation Drama

I caught hell about the graduation drama at SouthWest Edgecombe and my video was used. I tried to keep it from going where it went but some folk took the opportunity to make a mess out of it.

The principal was moved to Tarboro High School right before the school year began. I think that was a good thing because not only will he be able to continue to do what he do but also look at the Tarboro High Football program.

But nobody is talking about the graduating student. So what is the status on him? Nobody seems to be concerned about him anymore.

Well I hope he is gone on to the Navy and will do good.

My videos of the graduation went all over the nation and I was contacted by the sources either by phone, email or text. I didn’t lose anything during the drama. I enjoyed the comments as if I was the enemy. Lost some Facebook Friends but guess what, ask do I give a damn? I am gonna continue to be me and blog about issues that are dear to me and some others. Yep I know everybody ain’t gonna want to hear these trues.

I ain’t mad with nobody, I try to help folk.

The SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation Mess Is Still A Mess As The Media Made A Mess So Maybe A Community Meeting Still Need To Be Called & All Media Outlets That Played A Role Be Invited

I am still mad as hell because the media has made a mess out of the SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation Mess. All the students of the graduation class of 2017 ought to be mad as hell also along with all of the staff at the school especially those whom have no issue with the principal. I have not talked to a staff member that has a problem with the principal but I have read a couple of parents who have talked negative about him and at least one has communicated to me their concerns. Well the issue at hand was/is about the graduation mess and has nothing to do with their beef with the principal. The graduation mess is and should be in a category by itself. Anyone who feel it is okay that a student can break 2 rules: not reading the approved speech and having an electronic device to read his own speech but it is not okay for the principal to discipline the student, then we got some damn serious issues with parenting and community leaders in all areas.

I was in a meeting on Thursday night June 30 and it is a damn shame that folk have been mislead by the student and parent involved along with a student supporter because the student says he was not allowed to write his own speech. It is so believable because the mess was on local and major new outlets (newspapers, tv & online media sources) all over the USA.

My video is the video that was/is being used and I asked them did they talk to the superintendent John Farrelly. They said yes so therefore I thought they would tell both sides of the story however they did not. When did the media stop giving both sides of the story or were they that naïve to just take the student’s side of the story instead of getting the whole story out?

Because the superintendent said he didn’t see anything wrong with the speech and that the principal was wrong for withholding the diploma it added more mess to the mess. It was not about whether the speech was good or bad, the speech that the student read was not approved. The student was not suppose to have an electronic device. Superintendent made the principal deliver diploma over the weekend putting the principal’s life in danger.

This is why I have said over and over again that the difference in me and other news outlets is that I video events, give my opinion based on the facts as presented and I share the entire video with my readers so that they can form their own opinion.

There are many posts about the graduation mess that I posted on my blog which automatically goes to my facebook, twitter and linkedin social media pages. I am totally shocked by a few folk that follow me on social media that have totally ignored the facts as I have presented them but all they have in their minds is the student was not allowed to read his speech and his diploma was withheld.

I have stated time and time again a community meeting need to be held to dispel rumors so that the correct information could get out instead of having mess floating around the community and right now it is a cloud over SouthWest Edgecombe because the media made a mess and the media need to go back and do a follow up on the mess to get the whole story out.

Read the following links but there are more and you will see why the SouthWest Edgecombe graduation was a mess.

Craig Harris Principal SouthWest Edgecombe Is No Longer On Suspension

An Open Letter To The Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Members In Reference To The Suspension Of Craig Harris Principal Of SouthWest Edgecombe High School After The Graduation Mess

Superintendent John Farrelly Respond To The DCN News Blog Online TV About Marvin Wright Diploma Being Withheld During SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation On Friday June 9, 2017If the media had shared this we would not be still having this discussion. 

Video/Photos: Attention – In Response To Jokita Wright Asking Me What Did I Think Of Her Son Speech

The Superintendent Validate My Observation Of What Happened During The SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation

In Response To Jokita Wright In Regards To Contacting Me Look At Time Of Events

As I stated there are more posts on my social media pages.

An Open Letter To The Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Members In Reference To The Suspension Of Craig Harris Principal Of SouthWest Edgecombe High School After The Graduation Mess

First of all let me do an overview of how I see per the facts as I see them what lead up to the suspension of Craig Harris Principal SouthWest Edgecombe after he withheld a student diploma on Friday June 9, 2017. On the following Thursday June 15, 2017 Mr. Harris was suspended and it has not been officially announced why he was suspended by the Edgecombe County Public Schools.

I agree with Superintendent John Farrelly that it was unfortunate that during the media coverage several details were omitted, not considered or misconstrued.

First of all it is my opinion based on the facts as before me that Coach Shelton Langley 2017 Graduating Class Advisor and Craig Harris Principal did a great job on the ceremonial process until the mess happened with the student breaking the rules after he entered the stage. My video shows Coach Langley informing Mr. Harris that the student had pulled out an electronic device his cell phone and began reading a speech that was not approved. This were 2 violations, the student had an electronic device on the stage and then he began to read a speech that was not approved. This was an insult to the advisor, the principal, the entire staff, students, parents and all whom attended. But then on top of that there were more insult as the student was a part of contacting the local media sharing his story making appear that the advisor and the principal were disrespecting him when my video clearly shows that the advisor was informing the principal about the student has pulled out his cell phone but he attempt to make it look like Coach Langley and Principal Harris were disrespecting him by just talking behind him. At this time the principal could have insulted the student by standing up and asking for the microphone and if the student had not given it to him, the principal could have said the student was breaking 2 rules. The principal could have had the student removed from the stage which would have been another embarrassment. I feel the principal handled it well because he didn’t even say anything about the 2 rules being broken when he immediately followed the student’s speech as he stood and announced the students were officially graduates and that they could turn their tassels and march out.

The reason why the students do not receive their actual diploma during the ceremony is because if the student do something stupid it has been the rule of the day that the student will not walk and/or if they did something during the ceremony like the mess on June 9. This student marched and was told he would receive his diploma on the next week but Mr. Farrelly used his power to command Mr. Harris deliver the diploma on the following Sunday.

The media only shared the student’s side of the story and threw the principal under the bus. But this was done because Mr. Farrelly had already thrown the principal under the bus when he apologized to the student, said that Mr. Harris was was wrong for withholding the diploma sending a message to the community that it was illegal to withhold the diploma which is totally false. Mr. Farrelly said he didn’t see anything wrong with the speech.

Hell yeah something was wrong with the speech. He was not suppose to read a speech it was not approved. And then to read it from an electronic device he broke the rules.

I have a problem with Mr. Farrelly apologizing to the student because if Mr. Harris had done something wrong then he should have been the one to apologize.

Mr. Farrelly was wrong when he made the principal deliver the diploma on Sunday. I question Mr. Farrelly’s motive because he brought on more insult to the matter. The correct thing to do would have not to put Mr. Harris life in danger when he made him deliver the diploma on a Sunday. It is my opinion that Mr. Farrelly did that because the student was in the media on Monday being accepted into the Navy.

It is a damn shame that the message is out that it is okay for a student to disobey the principal but it is not okay for the principal to discipline a student while on his watch. The last time I checked the graduation is a school held event and considered the last day of school for graduating students. So since that is true then I don’t understand how Mr. Farrelly would throw his employee under the bus and making it appear as if the student was right. This is not like working in a store where “they” say the customer is always right. Oh hell no, I worked in the store business and if they were wrong I treated them as they were wrong.

It is a damn shame that because of Mr. Farrelly’s response to the student brought more insult to Edgecombe County and the nation because the student has been seen in the media almost worldwide if not worldwide. Nearly all of the media that they contacted, contacted me asking for permission to use my video and I told them to go to my blog for more information about the matter but I know of maybe 1 or 2 media outlets didn’t contact me but used my video anyway. I trust and believe that Mr. Farrelly shared with the media that he came in contact with the same information that he shared with me but the media intentionally chose not to tell the whole story. And when did the media stop reporting on the whole story? This is why it is so important that I cover meetings so because I give my spin on what took place but make the whole video available for everyone to see and they can form their own opinion.

I learned of Craig Harris Principal being suspended after it was sent to me by someone after they read it in the Rocky Mount Telegram. I have only heard rumors as to why. I don’t know the rumors to be true and since I don’t know Mr. Harris personally I have not been in contact with him. Matter of a fact I don’t even know if he live in Edgecombe, Nash County or where.

I have heard that Mr. Harris was suspended because of some grades being given to a student. First I heard that there were 2 subjects in question. The most recent I heard it was 1 subject in question. I heard that the student didn’t do well and was given an assignment to do and he didn’t complete it but the student was allowed to walk anyway. If this is true I hope that the principal suspension with pay should be enough. I also heard that there are a few young staff members at SouthWest that has a problem with being disciplined by Mr. Harris. I hope that Mr. Harris is not fired that he is not moved to another school and that this matter be brought to some closure on Monday evening during the special called meeting. On Friday I received a call from some retired educators and have spoke to them and some other stakeholders from the community that we want to attend the meeting on Monday to support Mr. Harris from what we have heard. Now if we do not have the correct information and his suspension grant more in depth of disciplinary actions then if we are to learn the truth, then we would accept the school board actions if they are not questionable.

If Mr. Harris is disciplined some kind of way and it is linked to the student I want to see the outcome correlate with the student. What do I mean? I will be waiting to see if Mr. Harris is disciplined some kind of way will the student diploma be taken back?

If I knew some staff members at SouthWest I would tell them that if the rumor is that school board is going to move Mr. Harris that they would request to meet with the school board in closed session to express how they support Mr. Harris. This was done several years ago when the rumor was a principal was going to be moved and the staff met with the school board and the principal was not moved.

I will be attending the meeting on Monday evening and I am somewhat emotional because public comments will not be allowed. So therefore I am sending this message so that you will know that myself and some stakeholders in the community are supporting Mr. Harris based on what we know as it relates to the rumor mill. But we know we stand behind the Mr. Harris withholding the diploma and telling the student that he could pick it up the following week. This is where I agree with Mr. Farrelly that Mr. Harris needed to set up time for the family to discuss the rules violation and to provide the student with the diploma but it should have been done the following week and at the school. Again I feel Mr. Farrelly put Mr. Harris life in danger when he was told to deliver the diploma to the student’s home.

In my closing, I am trusting and believing along with other stakeholders that I have been in contact with we that this school board will issue the best disciplinary action that will apply to Mr. Harris. All we are asking for is this board to do the right thing and to make sure that whatever come out of the graduation mess and the suspension of Mr. will be a learning experience for the student who broke the rules, the student that grades are in question per the rumor mill and Mr. Craig Harris disciplinary action.

Board members Evelyn Wilson Chair (BF), Ann Kent Vice Chair (WF), Dr. Evelyn Johnson (BF), Olga Dickens (BF), Marva Scott (BF), William Dino Eason (WM) and Rev. Raymond Privott (BM) I look forward to you doing the right thing.

Thanking you in advance.

Curmilus Dancy II
Stakeholders – Retired Educators, Current Educators and Community

Note: I have a lot going on and if you have any questions due to grammatical errors or any content in the letter please contact me for clarity.

Stay tuned for an overview of the SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation Mess that has been kinda sorta quiet as hell this week. Wonder why?

I have atleast 1 – 2 things that I have not heard anyone say during all of this mess. I mentioned it to some folk over the past couple of days.

As I have stated from day one that if all included need to be discipline then that is what I want. But the sad part the student’s disciplinary action was limited to what the principal could have done.

I am totally pissed off about the mess especially with the Superintendent throwing the principal under the bus.

I am totally pissed that the news outlets only reported the story as if it was only about the student side and didn’t report the whole story. Everyone of the outlest contacted me and asked me if they could use my video because my video was the best. I said yes but go to my blog for more information so they could get another perspective on what was going on. They too threw the principal under the bus.

It is a damn shame that the local radio talk show has not mentioned anything about the graduation mess when the entire community has been affected by this mess. Some folk who may not be on my social media might not even know all about the graduation mess. Everyone need to be made aware of that the principal has been suspended at SouthWest and it has not been announced by the school system why. It is a damn shame that we have 5 black board members out of a total of 7 and they ain’t saying anything. What good are they? But there are 2 board members here in the southern part of the county 1 black and 1 white and they ought to have had a meeting to report to the community. However my board member lives in the district that the school is in so they should be talking too. Oh well.

I don’t believe the student wanted to go along with the mess but was pushed to get up there and take the route he took. Some sources close to the student have told me 


SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation Mess Getting Closer To The Truth Coming Out

Getting closer to the truth coming out, keep following me better yet join me at the school board meeting Monday night. Since you have blocked me and you can still follow me because my page is public, you gonna learn the day.

The only camera running now is The DCN News Blog Online TV where you get the whole story and not bits and pieces.

Stay tuned for just a little bit more before Monday. #teamdancyCurmilus

SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation Mess School Board Meeting Monday June 26, 2017 6 PM Be There

Don’t know the principal, don’t know where he live or anything. Just learned his name this year.

What I do know is this mess is more of a mess than I thought.

If you support the principal from the facts as presented from what you have seen, the video, photos and the real information that has been presented on Facebook then you need to be at meeting on Monday to support the principal.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. #teamdancyCurmilus

Thank You Coach Delphine Mabry For Your Facebook Post About Principal Craig Harris Suspension At SouthWest Edgecombe HS Graduation Mess


Thank you for the post it is time for the school system to let the community in on what the problem is. They could say publicly what he is suspended for, that would not be too personal. I feel we have a right to know.

We have a black majority school board and they ain’t saying a damn thing publicly when it is a black male student and a black principal tied up in this mess. Yeah I like calling it mess because from the facts presented as I know them as I attended the graduation, videoed and took photos, following facebook and the media on the local, state and national levels, the only thing I am getting out of this is… It is okay for a student to disobey the principal but it is not okay for the principal to discipline the student. I don’t want to hear a damn thing about the diploma being held because that was the superintendent’s opinion that he felt it shouldn’t have been held. I have not seen anywhere that that is law. And if it is, damn if it ain’t a problem with the law because right down the road in Halifax County 50 miles away it was done and about 90 miles away in Fayetteville NC it was done. This was during the same week if I am correct. Not saying it should have been done but I am just ignant enough to believe that 3 schools would not have thought they could do it if it was a law. Hell it was done at SouthWest in 2009 when my daughter graduated and I recorded that also. The student in his robe hollered and he was escorted off the football field. I know he didn’t march. I was told he didn’t get his diploma until the following week.

I think I need to call a community meeting and have it at the school to find out what is going on. Seem like these pastors around here would do that. But then again you have these community organizations too. Oh well!

But the main thang is the school system ought to call a community meeting and let folk come and voice their opinions about the situation. The school board members get paid good damn money to represent us as they are elected by us. Ya’ll black folk better wake the hell up and hold these elected officials accountable. Not saying they are not right about the suspension process but they owe it to us to communicate to us even on a limited basis.

But you see I don’t need to call the meeting and other meetings because I speak out about issues so if I call the meeting it will seem to appear it is my meeting for personal reasons but you see if others have it and I go and voice my opinion, then they can’t twist that. Oh but then again they attempt to twist anything I do.

You can C.D. that! While You Run & Tell That! #teamdancyCurmilus