In 1st month under new Wake County sheriff, dozens say they’ve been reassigned, lost jobs – CBS 17

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – One month into the new Wake County Sheriff’s term, dozens of deputies and other departmental employees are in new positions or out of work.

Wake County Fraternal Order of Police president Frank Sancineto said Sheriff Gerald Baker fired or demoted at least 40 of the employees inherited from Donnie Harrison, whom Baker defeated in the November 2018 general election.

“It’s a right to work state. He has the power to do what he did, but it’s not right,” Sancineto said. “We at the Fraternal Order of Police have to protect our guys, and at least for now they’re being wronged.”

Sancineto said several patrol deputies received reassignments to work at the jail. He said corrections work is not a law enforcement position, so some of these employees face losing their certification as officers.

There are also concerns of cuts in pay and rank. (Read more)

Sheriff Of Any County Has The Right To Keep, Hire Or Not Swear In Any Officer

I have been receiving messages about a particular former deputy of the Edgecombe County Sheriff Office as to why he is no longer employed for around a month. I have not seen the deputy and I have not questioned the Sheriff.

Folk say they read my social media sites because if they want to know what is going on and if they want to know the truth they have confidence in me.

Well this is what I know. I know that when I videoed the swearing in of the newly elected Sheriff and his staff I know that the particular former deputy in question was not present. However there were some others who were not present because they were either working and came later after the 1st crew received their oath of office. I asked about one particular young deputy and another deputy told me he was out of town and that he would be back later in the week and would received his oath of office on that Friday.

Although I talk to the Sheriff I don’t ask him about personnel or any information that is not public information and nor does he share information with me because that would be very unprofessional. Public information I receive Press Releases. I have never seen the Sheriff Office send out a Press Release after an election swearing in of officers about someone being terminated.

I have heard about some others who are no longer employed at the Sheriff Office and folk have not been asking me about them. When I was told about those who no longer works with the Sheriff Office because they either quit and/or were terminated I have not asked why because ain’t none of my business.

I have not heard from nor seen the deputy in question since he has not been employed with the Sheriff Office.

The staff of the Sheriff Office works at the pleasure of the Sheriff and he/she can release anyone at anytime.

So there you have it.

This is the truth as I know it but if anyone know anything different, I stand to be corrected.

Edgecombe County Politics Register of Deeds & Sheriff Office Salaries

During the November Edgecombe County Commissioners meeting Sheriff Clee Atkinson along with 2 of his staff people did a presentation before the commissioners about the Sheriff Office. Salary of the Sheriff and the staff was a part of the presentation. Commissioner chairman Leonard Wiggins said the commissioners had the right to lower Sheriff and the Register of Deeds salaries because these two were appointed to fill the unexpired terms.

In Edgecombe County we have a white Register of Deeds Robin Williams Braswell who appointed some years ago to fill the unexpired term of Register of Deeds Judy Coles Retired. Robin has done a great job modernizing the office and handling the needs of the citizens. I supported her for the appointment and supported her campaign for election. It makes no sense to me that Robin began at a lower salary than Coles. If I am correct Robin has not reached the salary that the former Register of Deeds was at before she retired.

Sheriff Clee Atkinson who was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff James Knight Retired. Clee has done a great job coming in making some changes to the office that was needed immediately. I supported Clee for the appointment and supported his campaign for election. It makes no sense to me that Clee’s salary began at a lower salary than Knight.

I know all of the commissioners on the board now was not there when Robin was appointed but over the years the discussion of her salary should have come up. I have visited the office over the years to pick up documents and most recently did a property transaction. I have been pleased with the service over the years. I have not heard any complaints about the office over the years however I am quite sure there has been some. If I am correct Robin’s salary has not reached the salary that the former Register of Deeds was making when she retired. And by the way the former Registered of Deeds recommended Robin.

Since Clee was appointed all of the commissioners on the board were there when he was appointed. He was a former Highway State Patrol and he has much training in law enforcement. He had to come in and learn the workings of the Sheriff Office but it is not like he is not an experienced in law enforcement.

I addressed the commissioners during the public comments during the meeting and I responded that I understand they had the right to reduce the starting salary of these 2 offices. However I don’t understand why because if the money was already there and it was not a problem I don’t see it being a problem now. I hope that the commissioners will do what they can to get the increase the salaries for Register of Deeds and the Sheriff along with the staff because the Sheriff Office runs the county and putting their lives on the line daily.

I support the Register of Deeds and the Sheriff that their salaries need to brought up to the former retiree’s salary. I also support the salaries of the Sheriff staff because they deserve more in comparison with some other counties.

I left the meeting trusting and believing that the commissioners will do whatever they can to get these salaries increased.