Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Has Played Games In Both The Appointment When Sheriff Phil Ellis Retired & Now During Sheriff James Knight Retirement

Detective/Dare Officer James L Knight had one obstacle in his way for a few minutes when he announced he was seeking the appointment when Sheriff Phil Ellis announced his retirement over the weekend and left office in 1996.

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee member called a community meeting in Rocky Mount with a room full of black folk and a few whites. He said he was there to talk about getting Phil Ellis Chief Deputy Donnie Taylor appointed. I will never forget the 1st time I met Mrs. Dorothy Joyner from Rocky Mount when she stood up and said she was there to get a black person appointed and if that was not the case she didn’t need to be at the meeting. Joyner got the support of the folk in the room and while doing so Higgs no longer had anything to do with the meeting and the next series of meetings because Roy Gray was made chair of the meeting and I was made secretary.

Since Ellis had gone Chief Donnie Taylor was in command until Knight appointment went into effect.

Now in 2017 Rev. Roosevelt Higgs just happen to be the county Chair so he gets to play with the appointment of Sheriff again by supporting Knight’s next in command Chief Deputy Allen Moseley. When Moseley asked to meet with me I reminded Moseley of what happened during the appointment however since he was working with the Sheriff Office he knows some of the story. Well he knows that Chief Deputy Taylor didn’t get the appointment just because he was next in command and that the system decided the appointment whether one like the system or not, that is what happens.

During this appointment Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is playing games because he is the leader of the Democratic Party and have some weak officers his vice chairs, secretary and treasurer that has been one of the most ineffective county executive officers make up that we have had since the late 80’s. I have been serving on the as a precinct chair/vice chair, county chair/vice since the late 80’s so therefore I have been on the county executive committee all of these years so I have been a voting member all of these years. I know the process, I know the people and I stand by what I say and if I should error I have no problem with making necessary corrections.

It was Sheriff James Knight desire to announce his retirement in a timely fashion so that the Democratic Party could call a meeting a few days after his retirement was official so that by the next Edgecombe County Commissioners meeting the party would have submitted a name and the appointment would have been all said and done. Okay Sheriff Knight’s retirement will be official Tuesday February 28, 2017 and a good party chair would have had a meeting scheduled for Wednesday March 1 so that we the executive committee would meet and vote on a candidate to be appointed. The name would be submitted to the County Commissioners and at their meeting on March 6 the appointment could have been done.

But this year since the annual precinct meetings window to have the meetings are February 22, 2017 til March 8 so again Rev. Higgs could have called a meeting on March 9 and then the county commissioners could have a called a special meeting to just do the appointment.

When I a precinct chair received my precinct package around 2 weeks ago there was no mention about Sheriff James Knight Retirement, nothing about an upcoming meeting absolutely nothing about the appointment.

So as it stands at the moment since no letters have gone out, say for instance Higgs send out a letter on or after March 8 look at the time frame for the letters to go out to the executive committee and when they will receive them. The office of Sheriff will be vacant as of March 1. A meeting would need to be called so we can meet to vote. If the Edgecombe County Commissioners do not receive a name from the Democratic Party within 30 days then the commissioners can appoint who they want to.

Higgs is a member of the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission who have announced a 2nd Sheriff Forum to be held. Higgs, the secretary and one of the vice chairs of the Democratic Party all 3 are members of the Human Relations Commission need to be focused on setting a time and date so the Democratic Party can have the real meeting and anyone can attend to sit in hear the candidates before we vote.

We need to bring this appointment to closure as soon as possible. Because of Higgs and the other 5 county officers of the Democratic Party lack of leadership and communication on this appointment there has been lots of misinformation being spewed out on pages like Tarboro 27886, The Tar River Times and the Edgecombe Tribune along with the daily communication I am having via social media and/or in person/phone calls.

Sheriff James Knight has taken the Edgecombe County Sheriff Office to a whole new level by bringing all parties and races together around the office over the years. Knight set the bar for an individual elected official to attempt to obtain as it relate to politics. Knight has set an example for other Sheriff Offices across the state also.

It is a damn shame that the Democrats of Edgecombe County have allowed one person to hold us right where we are. Oh yeah we have made some progress but it has been by the Grace of God. I have challenged the Democratic Party over the years because I don’t play when it comes to folk coming together making decisions that affect my life, my family and other folk lives.

It is time for the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to get it together.

Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee Should Meet On March 1st To Recommend A Name To Present To County Commissioners For Sheriff Appointment

Edgecombe County Sheriff James Knight to retire effective February 28, 2017. The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee should meet on March 1st or by March 5th so they can have a name to present to the county commissioners at their regular monthly meeting on March 6, 2017. The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee consist of the county 6 officers, all precinct chairs and vice chairs along with all elected officials.

As a precinct chair I have only heard from one person who is interested in the appointment. The time is now to make it known if you are interested in the appointment.

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Tarboro NC – St. Paul MBC Men’s Day Celebration Messenger Deacon Sheriff James Knight

Powerful message to the men, “Men In Unity!” Challenge to the men.
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Castalia Missionary Baptist Church Deacons, Deaconess & Trustee Program Featuring Deacon Sheriff James Knight & Edgecombe County Law Enforcement Choir Sunday March 15, 2015 4:00 PM

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Photos/Video: Whites Chapel MBC Black History Featuring Sheriff James Knight Pastor Tommy King Sunday February 22, 2015 11:00 AM

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In this photo Sheriff James Knight

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In this photo Pastor Tommy King


Edgecombe-Tarboro Drug Task Force arrest hundreds in investigation – New 5


TARBORO, N.C. – As a result of a year long undercover drug investigation called operation “Checking Our List,” the Tarboro Police Department and Edgecombe County Sheriff’s office announced they had arrested hundreds of people buying, selling, and transporting illegal drugs.

In all, 10 agencies helped with the round up in Edgecombe County.  

Deputies say they served more than 100 warrants and seized more than 40 doses of heroin, as well as cocaine and marijuana. Law enforcement officials say the drugs taken off the street are worth more than $1 million.

Damon Williams, Tarboro Police Chief, says this all adds up to a safer community.

“Drugs, gangs, weapons all go together,” Williams said. “So we’ve made an impact in that entire area within the entire county.” (Source: Read more)

General Election 2014 Sheriff Races Edgecombe/Wilson/Nash Counties

Sheriff Elections in all 3 counties I felt would turn out the way they did.

Edgecombe County Sheriff race Danny Colbert challenged Sheriff James L. Knight. That race turned out just like I knew it would. Sheriff Knight is the first black Sheriff of Edgecombe County and has been in office since being first appointed in 1996 to serve the unexpired term of former Sheriff Phil Ellis who retired. Sheriff Knight was first time elected by the people in 1998. He has been one of the most active Sheriffs in Edgecombe County bridging the gap between all races. He has been doing a great job over the years but there has been some folks who just can not get over him being a black man. They do not take in consideration his accomplishments and fairness that he has provided over the years. Sheriff Knight’s salary in my opinion should be reviewed but the County Commissioners would probably argue that they can’t afford to pay him anymore. I was there during the appointment and has been there during all of his elections. Congratulations on your victory and I know you will continue to do great things because I follow you faithfully.

Wilson County Sheriff race James Gardner challenged Sheriff Calvin Woodard. That race turned out just like I thought it would. Sheriff Woodard is the first black Sheriff of Wilson County and has been in office since 2010 when he defeated former Sheriff Wayne Gay during a nasty election. It appears that Woodard has been doing a good job inspite of some folks have been trying to paint a negative picture of him since he has been in office because some just refuse to accept that Sheriff Woodard is a black man. He is one of the highest paid Sheriffs across the state but he had nothing to do with his salary and it is up to the County Commissioners to change that but some folks want Sheriff Woodard to reduce his own salary. Well they didn’t have a problem with the salary when Sheriff Gay was in office. I followed Sheriff’s Woodard election in 2010 faithfully and attended several events. I have been following Sheriff Woodard for the past 4 years however I didn’t attend anything during this election. Congratulations on your victory and keep up the good work.

Nash County Sheriff race Stanley Griffin and Keith Stone was quite interesting. Griffin was trying to become the 1st black Sheriff of Nash County. Knowing the makeup and the mentality of Nash County electing a black Sheriff was going to be tough. I felt Stone would be elected. I have been knowing Stone for years dating back to when he used to live in Edgecombe County during the time he was a Highway Patrol. I met Griffin about 2 years ago when we were both guests on a local radio station. I learned then that he was a former Edgecombe County Sheriff Deputy and that he is a former Rocky Mount Police. Congratulations Keith Stone on your victory and we will see what you will do to help move Nash County Sheriff Department forward during the next 4 years.

Edgecombe County – Sheriff James Knight vs That Other Guy That He Defeated On Tuesday May 6, 2014

I am still trying to figure out why that damn other guy ran against our fine Sheriff James L. Knight of Edgecombe County. This ignant guy talked about Sheriff has done a good job but that it was time for a change. That other guy said that the people said they wanted a change. Well 471 folks either don’t understand, in denial or just don’t care about having a fine man in office. However but the 5,000 plus let them know therwise. But from what I understand that ignant other guy still don’t get it. I heard he says he is going to work with that Republican candidate to try to unseat our fine Sheriff. Well maybe the other guy will get it in November when he see that even those good folks in the Republican Party knows that we have a fine Sheriff.

I was there when our fine Sheriff was appointed in 1996. I played a role in the appointment process as I was the 3rd Vice Chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party when there were some folks out there working to get the Knight appointed. In 1998 I was the Chair of the ECDP so again I was there. I have been pleased with our Sheriff since 1996 and I stand behind him because he has proven to be one of the best, most effective and progressive Sheriff in North Carolina but not limited to.

I am calling on all the good folks of Edgecombe County to “Let’s do it again!” in November. That is my campaign slogan for November.

Knight faces Dennie in primary sheriff race – Daily Southerner

"I love my job," Knight said. "I love serving, and I love the citizens of Edgecombe County. The staff has done a tremendous job while I’ve been sheriff, but we have more we want to do.

"We want to continue the positive things. We want to keep citizens safe, crack down on drugs and stay accessible to citizens."

Meanwhile Dennie – who touts 37 years of law enforcement experience in civil, traffic, narcotics and K9 divisions – holds the other end of the stick.

For him, Edgecombe County cannot afford four more years of the same regime.

"I feel Edgecombe County citizens have been shortchanged long enough," Dennie said. "Citizens have been deprived of legitimate law enforcement.

"I’ve been hearing this from people all over the county – it is time for a change." – See more at:

The Political Agitator response: Now this guy running against one of the finest Sheriffs in the STATE of NORTH CAROLINA is too damn ignant. Again this guy is in the paper talking some crazy ass mess. This guy is going to tell me that I have been shortchanged over the years and I have been deprived of legitimate law enforcement. This damn guy must be on something because I be damn if he speaks for me. He is telling a damn bunch of lies when it comes to trying to discredit my Sheriff. I am speaking for me but I know I speak for many folks in Edgecombe County. I have never heard, I repeat I have never heard anyone say it is time for a change. I am around all races of people and I have not heard one white person say anything negative about my Sheriff. Obviously this guy is hanging around a different set of the good citizens of Edgecombe County that I have not come across. Now don’t twist it. I know it is some folks out there that have a problem with my Sheriff because I recognize and understand that there are folks who just don’t like people for whatever reason. This guy has not attended any Democratic Party meetings so obviously he do not be around those folks. He did not attend the forum held a couple of weeks ago. What is really up with this guy? Whoever he is and whatever he does, I hope he ain’t around people because it appears he has some issues. One being with my Sheriff. SMDH!

"I love my job," Knight said. "I love serving, and I love the citizens of Edgecombe County. The staff has done a tremendous job while I’ve been sheriff, but we have more we want to do. "We want to continue the positive things. We want to keep citizens safe, crack down on drugs and stay accessible to citizens."

Meanwhile Dennie – who touts 37 years of law enforcement experience in civil, traffic, narcotics and K9 divisions – holds the other end of the stick.
For him, Edgecombe County cannot afford four more years of the same regime.

"I feel Edgecombe County citizens have been shortchanged long enough," Dennie said. "Citizens have been deprived of legitimate law enforcement.

"I’ve been hearing this from people all over the county – it is time for a change." (Source: Read more)

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Warning issued to local teens – The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Tarboro Police Chief Damon Williams has issued a stern warning to teenagers who are making bullying comments and posting sexually explicit photos of classmates and friends on social media websites:

"When I find out who you are and who started these pages, I’m going to bring charges against you," Williams emphatically said during a Thursday  interview in his office. "I’m going to bring you to court. I’m going to try you, and I’m going to get a conviction.

Before Williams’ message, he was not aware that the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office was investigating similar issues outside Tarboro City limits. Knight called for an SBI agent to assist his department with the complex issue. (Source: Read more)

Edgecombe County: Newcomer challenges Knight in Edgecombe sheriff’s race – Rocky Mount Telegram

The more I read about Allen Dennie and the reason why he wants to run for Sheriff I just don’t get it. It appears that he thinks the current Sheriff is not doing a bad job, just that it is time for a change. What?

“I am extremely community-oriented as far as policing,” Dennie said. “I believe I have ideas for several programs that would put pressure on the criminal element to keep them out of our neighborhoods, thus reducing the break-in and drug rates significantly.”

Mr. Dennie I don’t think you can get much more extremely community-oriented than the current Sheriff already is. I have seen the Sheriff in action on the job and off the job however I don’t know when he is off the job because he is in the community until late at night.

Read the entire article for yourself.

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Tarboro NC – Open Letter to the Daily Southerner: I Find It Quite Interesting That Sheriff James L. Knight Sr. Wife Was Not Mentioned On The Opening Day Of Filing

Tarboro NC: Knight, Dennie among early qualifiers – Daily Southerner

Response: Damn I just don’t get it, "I feel like I have a new beginning to offer associates of the sheriff department and also the citizens of Edgecombe County," Dennie said. "They deserve better than what they have been getting. "Everybody needs to know and understand it’s time for a change — a new direction. Not that anything has been going on wrong, but it’s time for a new direction. Change is good sometimes, and it’s time for a change." So why run? Sheriff Knight has done an outstanding job serving the people of Edgecombe County and has been a great asset to other Sheriffs across the state.


Photo exclusive from The DCN archives

TARBORO — Sheriff James Knight and Allen Dennie kicked off Edgecombe County’s May Primary filing period by being the first in line to declare their candidacy.

Coincidentally, they were filing for the same seat — sheriff. (Source: Read More)

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See Response to “So Who Are You Mr. Dennie Jr.?” I find it quite interesting how The Daily Southerner removed the guy’s name that submitted this letter to the editor. His name is Shane Guyant a former Edgecombe County Deputy Sheriff. I talked to the editor of the paper about Guyant’s response because I said I didn’t attack Dennie but asked questions directly from his statements. And guess what the editor of the Daily Southerner said he agree with Guyant. I submitted a rebuttal but he didn’t print it and said that he was going to change the policy about letters to the editor. Oh well that is what happens when “White Privilege!” is allowed. Damn I know how Rocky Mount Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight felt a couple of week ago. Just like Mayor Pro-tem Knight, if I wanted to attack Dennie, I would have because I ain’t afraid to speak truth.

Letter to editor: So Who Are You Mr. Dennie Jr.? by Curmilus Dancy II

Edgecombe County: Gang problems throughout county – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Three recent gang-related incidents in Edgecombe County are part of a growing  nuisance that law enforcement is combating. One incident involved a 15-year-old Rocky Mount teenager being gunned down by an alleged gang member. Another shooting involved an apartment complex being riddled with bullets in Princeville, while the third incident was a home invasion where a victim was allegedly pistol whipped in Tarboro.

"We are doing everything possible to combat the gang situation throughout the county," Sheriff James Knight said. "We are doing what we can to make citizens aware of the gangs in the area."
According to the National Gang Threat Assessment report, gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent of violent crimes in most jurisdictions and up to 90 percent in others. (Source: Read more)