Tea party weighs in with statement – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator response: What a damn lie. Makes no damn sense to post a video and now saying they were not in support of or opposition to either party. Too damn ignant! This was all about trying to help unseat the current Sheriff which had nothing to do with the alleged incident.

Wilson NC Tea Party weighs in with statement

On April 21, two members of the Wilson NC Tea Party posted a video on the Tea Party YouTube channel containing an interview with the parents of the 5-year-old girl who was injured during the recent incident with a sheriff’s detective. As the video’s description stated, “This video is not a statement by the WilsonNCTeaParty in support of or opposition to either party in the incident mentioned in this video. It is merely an attempt to allow the parents to be heard by their community.” This was the one and only statement by the Tea Party members who posted the video; they meant no ill-will toward the sheriff’s department yet failed to consider the repercussions of their actions. (Source: Read more)

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