Message From Edgecombe County Sheriff Cleveland “Clee” Atkinson

Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office

From the desk of Sheriff Cleveland “Clee” Atkinson, Jr….

With recent events and unrest in our nation, my top priorities as Sheriff of Edgecombe County is the safety of my deputies and serving and protect the citizens of this county through our core values of Respect, Integrity & Professionalism. As an outcome of such, we would like to take time out to reassure our citizens by sharing some common practices that are implemented in our Office. They are designed to ensure fairness and transparency through our service.

• Deputies receive and will continue to receive Implicit bias Policing training.
• Deputies have been outfitted with modern Axon body cameras to record encounters with the public, the cameras automatically activate when the taser or firearm is unholstered, eradicating user error.
• Our policy requires other law enforcement officers to intervene and make a report when they witness unnecessary force being used.
• We follow the Use of Force Continuum and receive training on it each year.
• Deputies are to give a warning before utilizing force when circumstances allow.
• We have established a Use of Force review board.
• Deputies are held to a strict social media usage policy both, on and off duty.
• We continue to actively build community relations.

We continue to train and improve our operations to comply with federal and state law, as well as best practices to assure we serve our citizens to the best of our ability and power.

Yours truly,

Cleveland “Clee” Atkinson
Sheriff of Edgecombe County

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Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Good Morning To My Sheriff Cleveland Clee Atkinson Jr. Edgecombe County & Staff

I seen my Sheriff out working yesterday along with his staff. He said he was out working like his crew and I learn that he does that from time to time.

Oh he is the boss so he don’t have to work the weekend I would think.

I think that my Sheriff working the streets speaks volume that he is showing his staff that he will not expect them to do things that he will not do.

My Sheriff is a people person and I have witnessed that by showing up videoing him when he speak at events especially church. I would rather here this Deacon preach vs some of these jackleg license preaching nothing Pastors and Ministers.

Thank you Sheriff Atkinson and staff for all that you do. I see you and watching how you move about protecting and serving Edgecombe County as I am going and coming. I am watching how you carry yourselves be it engaging with the people and as I meet you on the highway how you are driving and etc. Yep y’all watching my driving an I am watching yours.

Edgecombe County Sheriff Office be safe out there having to deal with unnecessary mess while folk won’t get somewhere and sit down as if the Coronavirus ain’t enough of a problem.

Sheriff Clee Atkinson Thank Healthcare Professionals, First Responders, All Essential Workers & Especially His Law Enforcement Team Across The World

Thank you healthcare professionals, first responders, all essential workers and especially my law enforcement team across the world!!

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Edgecombe County Sheriff Office Powerful Presentation During Board Of Commissioners February 2020 Meeting

Edgecombe County Sheriff Office presentation leaves questions about where is the money. No Smoking Policy on county property challenged after commissioners voted 1 way in a meeting and then and changed their vote in another meeting.

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Sheriff Cleveland Clee Atkinson “There Is A Blue Print!” Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast Wilson NC

I am proud of my Sheriff. He loves people and is all about the children. This guy has done a great job since being appointed and then elected as Sheriff of Edgecombe County. He and his staff are doing great things in Edgecombe County but not limited to. This guy need to be licensed the next time he bring forth the word because he is preaching while some licensed preachers ain’t preaching nothing.
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Video/Photos: Rocky Mount Chamber Of Commerce 2019 Legislative Forum Featuring Chief George Robinson Rocky Mount Police Department, Sheriff Steve Stone And Sheriff Cleveland Clee Atkinson Was Held This Week

The Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce held an awesome Legislative Forum bringing Chief George Robinson, Sheriff Keith Stone Nash County Sheriff Office and Sheriff Cleveland Clee Atkinson Edgecombe County to one location giving the community the opportunity to meet the new Chief and to hear about their partnership. These 3 men have pledged to continue to work together as partners to clean up crime. As Sheriff Stone put it, look at their solvability rate.

I get so sick and tired of folk asking what law enforcement could do better but never talk about what the community can do better. Without the community involvement to help them solve crimes faster, then it makes their jobs harder and stressful because they want to do their job but the community will not share information. If the community would join in on the partnership the better off the Twin Counties would be.

If you see these awesome guy, tell them you seen them on The DCN.

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Sheriff Stone, Chief Robinson, Sheriff Atkinson
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Rocky Mount NC – Thank You Sheriff Keith Stone Nash County And Sheriff Clee Atkinson For Not Getting Involved In The B.S. With The White Folk Going After The Black City Council

I remember back in the 80’s when I first heard of Highway Patrol Keith Stone he was not well liked. I ran into him during that time but since I was not doing anything illegal, he was not a problem for me. I was told that somebody didn’t like him so bad that they shot in his house on 64 highway.

I remember reading about how Sheriff Stone and Nash County Commissioner Robbie Davis used to go at it. Davis has been kind of quiet lately.

I have no problem today with Sheriff Keith Stone and I follow his work. Stone is doing a great job in Nash County.

I remember when Clee Atkinson was a Highway Patrol and he stopped me one day. He was very professional. I have never heard anything negative about him. I also seen Clee in action over the years as he refereed football games.

When I learned that Clee wanted to become my Sheriff, I knew I could support him. Since we appointed him over a year ago and since he has been elected. I am proud to be able to say Clee Atkinson is the Sheriff of Edgecombe County.

Now to the ignant mess with the Rocky Mount Telegram, Fighting Crime, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, Community Council and others they want the Sheriffs to get involved. Well damn how ignant because the Rocky Mount city council issues they bring up are city issues and the Sheriffs manage the county. So, what tickles the hell out of me is these so-called intelligent white folks just lie, lie, lie.

Thank you, Sheriff Keith Stone, and Clee Atkinson for all that you do. Continue to focus on what ya’ll have been doing and do not get caught up in the white folk drama because they are just mad with the black majority city council. If something was to take place in the county dealing with the council, I would expect you to carry out the law.

The last time I checked Sheriff Stone is not black and is a Republican however Sheriff Atkinson is black and a Democrat. So, for folk who attempt to call me out about what I do and who I support, I can speak for myself. Also, my blog and social media pages also speak to who I am and what I stand for.

I am gonna talk about Race, call it like it is so if you should have a problem with that then tune me out.

Send all donations to The DCN News Blog Online TV where you can be assured of getting the whole trues and not just opinions. Others can give their opinions but if they ain’t based on the trues then they are just liars and the truth ain’t in them. I give my opinions based on the facts as presented. My videos don’t lie.

Sheriff pumps up school weight room – Rocky Mount Telegram

atkinson_clee.jpgA local law enforcement agency stepped up to help an area high school in serious need of upgraded athletic equipment.

The Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office donated several pieces of weight room and fitness equipment to SouthWest Edgecombe High School. Sheriff Clee Atkinson said the school received about 12 to 15 pieces of used equipment that is still in great shape. Atkinson was able to gather the equipment from people he has built relationships with from across North Carolina.

Dr. Valerie Bridges, superintendent of Edgecombe County Public Schools, said the Sheriff’s Office is one of the school district’s most important partners.

“We’re extremely grateful for the donation of fitness equipment for SouthWest High School,” Bridges said. “This will give our students access to state-of-the-art equipment in the weight room. Sheriff Atkinson and his department have been instrumental in our school receiving this amazing gift.”

SouthWest Edgecombe football coach Jonathan Cobb said the last time any new or updated equipment was purchased for the school’s weight room was 31 years ago in memory of a former SouthWest player. (Read more)

Announcement – Sheriff Clee Atkinson “Men Run & Tell That!” Annual Men’s Day Anderson Chapel MBC Macclesfield NC


Pastor Malcom E. Lewis and the Men of Anderson Chapel MBC Macclesfield NC cordially invite all men and women to come out and celebrate our Annual Men’s Day  with us on Sunday August 5, 2018 11:00 AM. Edgecombe County Sheriff Cleveland (Clee) Atkinson Jr. will bring forth a powerful spiritual message “Men Run & Tell That!” Sheriff Deputy Lynn Powell and The Shades of Harmony will provide the spiritual in songs. Please come out and support the Men of Anderson Chapel and the Sheriff of Edgecombe County. You don’t want to miss this powerful message.

Program Committee:
Deacon David Ricks
Bro. Curmilus Dancy II –  (252) 314-5484

Press Release: Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office & Tarboro Police Department Arrest Khalil Wilkins After Observing Suspicious Behavior From A Person In East Tarboro


On 11/22/17, during a joint operation between the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office and Tarboro Police Department, Lieutenants Muse (ECSO) and Mann (TPD) observed suspicious behavior from a person in East Tarboro. The person sped away in a vehicle blowing through stop signs and eventually ending up on US 64 Bypass. Edgecombe County deputies got the person stopped at the US 64 Alternate exit in Rocky Mount.

When deputies approached the vehicle, they could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car. Deputy Dozier removed the driver, Khalil Wilkins from the vehicle. A pistol was immediately observed in Wilkins’ seat. A check of the firearm showed that it was entered as stolen by the Duke University Campus Police. Wilkins was found to be a convicted felon. Wilkins has a pending charge of Possession of Firearm by Felon from Tarboro Police Department. Further search of the vehicle turned up a “brick” or 50 bags of heroin. Another 40 bags of heroin was found inside Wilkins’ pants at the magistrate’s office.

Detective Johnson charged Wilkins with Possession of Firearm by Felon, Possession of Stolen Gun, Trafficking Heroin, PWISD Heroin, Maintaining a Vehicle for Sale/Storage of Controlled Substance, and aggressive driving. He was placed in the Edgecombe County Detention Center under a $900,000 secured bond.

Sheriff Atkinson notes that combined efforts with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are critical in fighting crime. Our office will continue to foster these partnerships to combat criminal elements in our jurisdiction. Sheriff Atkinson wants to thank Chief Webb and staff for their part in planning and implementing the operation that netted this arrest.

Rocky Mount Chief Of Police Opening Sheriff Clee Atkinson Would Be A Great Choice

Since Sheriff Clee Atkinson was appointed Sheriff he should consider applying for the Chief of Police in Rocky Mount since he lives in the city limits and has been for almost 20 years. I feel strongly that he would do a great job. He has been involved in gang/drug activity over the years so he would come in with much expertise. Although I would hate to see him not become elected as Sheriff, I feel he would be what Rocky Mount need at this time with his compassion for law enforcement.

I would say this would be good for Rocky Mount and Sheriff Atkinson. Sheriff Atkinson ties to the State Highway Patrol, Edgecombe County Sheriff Office and the Rocky Mount Police Department to me would be great.

Please share your opinion.

Photos/Video – Omega Psi Phi 71st Achievement Week Celebration Judge Mike Morgan Messenger NorthEnd MBC Rocky Mount NC

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