Edgecombe County Democratic Party And The Lack Of Transparency But The New Chair Rev. Lawrence Taylor Has Vowed To Carry Out His Duties And To Hold The Others Accountable For Their Duties

Under the leadership of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party County Officers (6) Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Chair, Gladys Shelton 1st Vice Chair, Brooks Webb 2nd Vice Chair, Martha Knight Johnson 3rd Vice Chair, Dr. Glenda Knight Secretary and Stephanie Hunter Treasurer I can’t name one thing they done as it relates to carrying out the duties the are spelled out in the Plan of Organization. However the Precinct Chairs/Vice Chairs and Elected Officials and some ex-officio members such as the Democratic Women, Democratic Men that was only existence because Higgs appointed Rev. Thomas L. Walker as the chair. I wonder why Higgs didn’t appoint someone as a Young Democrats Chair? Oh but he is all about

The Democratic Women had no support from Higgs as they formed nor throughout the time they were formed up until Saturday’s convention. The Democratic Women had meetings and held several events to educate the Democrats in Edgecombe County. Ask they what they have done and how you can join. 

There was never a Democratic Men meeting called. Ask Rev. Walker why?

Why was there no Young Democrats committee?

Higgs has talked about being transparent during the time leading up to the appointment process for filling the vacancy created when Sheriff James Knight retired. Really?

First of all Higgs and the officers did not announce the retiring of Sheriff Knight. There was nothing sent out in the precinct packages about the retiring of the Sheriff and that the party would have to call a special meeting to select a candidate to fill the unexpired term?

Why was all of the precincts no in good standings before this year’s election of precincts officers. As always Sharpsburg is not contacted to get organized probably because they only have a few votes. But that shouldn’t matter. Yes all of the precincts are organized now thanks to the Sheriff appointment however Higgs and the officers didn’t attempt to get Sharpsburg organized. I made a phone call and asked someone to get it organized. I think there may have been a couple that were not organized as well. Because of the Sheriff appointment all of the precincts are organized and in the system the county will receive $100.00 from the State Democratic Party.

Democrats especially the candidates seeking the appointment of the Sheriff asked Higgs and the county 6 officers for a list of the current precinct chairs before the election of the precinct officers were held in March. They would not give up the information and some even said they were not because the folk were only trying to help Clee Atkinson. It is public information and it was none of their damn business what they wanted it for. But talking about transparency, transparency my …

Because I knew that Higgs and the officers were not going to be transparent after I asked the secretary for the information and she said okay but to later respond back and say Higgs had the information. Really? That is the duty of the secretary to record and keep on file the documents. Yes Higgs could have had a copy but he should not have been the only one to have a copy. Actually all 6 of the officers ought to have had copies.

Whenever a meeting is to take place the chair and all of the vice chairs and the secretary as duties to be carried out per the Plan of Organization, per Curmilus Dancy II as Higgs would want to make it appear because I have challenged him and the others during their tenure.

So what they did during the Sheriff appointment was to withhold information by 1st not announcing the retirement of Sheriff Knight, who the voting members were, the time frame to have to call a meeting to select a candidate so that the name could be given to the Edgecombe County Democratic Party within a timeframe. The process was prolonged.

I attended the Democratic Women meeting if February and asked them to host a candidates forum for Sheriff because I knew the damn county party was not going to do it. I asked the Democratic Women to contact the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission to see if they wanted to co-sponsor. They did not. But after the Democratic Women had a very successful forum that had good attendance and covered by the local media. The forum was videoed by WHIG-TV and I videoed it and made it and still available on my Youtube page.

After the forum I made it known that The DCN (me) was supporting Clee Atkinson. The secretary posted on my page that after during her research and whatever she would be voting different. Well I had no problem with that but the problem came when she contacted me and said the Human Relations Commission wanted to do another forum and they tried to justify it by having it in Rocky Mount. I agreed at first but then after talking to some folk they said they didn’t agree so I contact the secretary who is the chair of the Human Relations Commission and Higgs is the vice chair and said I didn’t support the 2nd forum. Now if it had been the Democratic Party 6 officers doing the 2nd forum I would have agreed just because they would have had one thing to show they have done. All of the candidates forums over this group tenure was hosted by the Human Relations Commission again the secretary of the Democratic Party is the chair and Higgs is vice chair. Really?

It is funny as hell to me how the Human Relations Commission had the 1st Congressional District Chair Don Davis to come to their meeting and do a presentation on the process of the appointment. Hell the county officers especially with Higgs smart …. and the other intelligent officers they could have done it. But why didn’t they get him here to do some other things with the party since they had done absolutely nothing even during the Presidential Election. Damn we don’t even have a Democratic Headquarters. Really?

Higgs and crew manipulated the Sheriff Appointment but it didn’t help. Right now I run into folk asking did Higgs become the Sheriff? I say really? That criminal. SMDH!

And then it was County Convention time on last Saturday April 8. Again Higgs and crew manipulated the process because again Higgs and all of the officers had a role to play and no one carried out their role. The only thing that was in the information about the convention was who the speaker was, time and place and that the precinct officers and others were invited to attend. There was no mention of that there would be an election for the county 6 officers. When a couple of the candidates seeking chair contacted me and asked me what they needed to do, I told them they needed to do just like the candidates for Sheriff did contact all of the voting members.

Higgs if I wanted to seek an office I would have campaigned but I was not seeking an office however several folk had asked me too. I stated on my social media sites that if I was nominated for 1st vice, 2nd or 3rd I may would accept. Ignant I knew once “they” told you about that you would go to work on getting someone in place. That is why you didn’t make the executive committee aware of the election so you could manipulate the process. You did just that and went as far as to ask some folk to nominate your candidates to move up from 3rd Vice Chair Martha Knight Johnson and the secretary Dr. Glenda Knight. You are too hilarious. Hell I ain’t mad with you as you are trying to make it appear. If the Democrats who attend the meetings like it then I love it because I am going to continue to hold everyone accountable for their actions. You see my role will not change.

It is hilarious how you took it upon yourself to pay out monies without going through the county officers. Well damn why didn’t you spend just a few more dollars and presented a plaque to the retiring Sheriff? Hell didn’t even have the audacity to do a resolution but made sure ya’ll did one for Gladys Shelton and I have no problem with that. 

Hold up let me back up. I have challenged you over the years that when the county 6 officers meet when the entire executive committee is not in session that it be made public so I could attend. I know that visitors can’t say anything unless the officers allow them to so if you want to say that ya’ll met haven’t heard the 1st set of minutes read during ya’ll tenure. That’s right!

You praised yourself for you and your officers doing a great job and haven’t mentioned one thing ya’ll have done but to call the 1st Congressional District Chair in to carry out the Sheriff appointment. On the night of the appointment I started to make a motion that you carry out the meeting without you just handing over to the visiting chair and they would have seen just how ignant things would have been on that night. Actually the visiting chair should have been there just to assist and not to do your job as it relates to your job duties per the Plan of Organization not Curmilus Dancy II plan. I know what I am talking about because I had that conversation with the visiting chair before the night of the appointment and also a couple of days ago. That’s right!

The treasurer’s report showed just how Higgs felt he could spend money without going the proper chain of command. It was questioned why the 1st Congressional District Chair was paid and why other money was spent

And lastly you have left several ignant messages on my voicemail. But your ignant …. stated at the convention that when the same folk complain you learn the ignore them. Well if you consider me to be that person then when in the hell are you going to begin to ignore me. You can’t! That’s right!

You say I was not a delegate to the District Convention. Really? Again you manipulated the process because you talking about you had called my name but it was too late. Well ignant the way it is normally done all of the Precinct Chairs are automatically chosen and they go down the list. So again you did that because of your ignance. But do you know that I am going to attend the district convention and don’t have to be a delegate? SMDH!

I had to leave the county convention on Saturday because I have a funeral to video. I left after the election of the chair so therefore my video stops there. I sure hate I missed the rest because I have heard so much about what happened after I left.

Again I am so glad to see the election of a new county chair Rev. Lawrence Taylor, a new 3rd vice chair Attorney Jim Marrow and a new secretary Pastor Angela Yvette Hart-Brown. I find it interesting that the former 3rd vice chair and the secretary moved up so all I got to say is that I hope the new chair will do some new things to get our party  where it needs to be.

I will support the county 6 officers however I will continue to challenge them so let’s do the damn thing.

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

And to whomever report what I say and do to Rev. Roosevelt Higgs, “Now Run & Tell That!”

See related: Most recent voicemail from Ignant https://youtu.be/miOSpC75tqg

Note: This letter is addressing the chair and the county officers.

Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment Packages Voting Members Check Your Mail

Some have received the packages pertaining to the appointment of a Sheriff via email and you should have received a package via USPS (United States Postal Service). In the package you will see information on the candidates and voting ballots. There are 2 ballots in the package however that does not mean you have 3 votes for example myself I have 2 votes. The 3 ballots are just in case a candidate does not get 50 percent + 1 of the votes using ballot #1 then a candidate will be removed from the process and that is when we will go to ballot #2 and if need to another candidate will be removed and we will go to ballot #3.

Please know that if you are a voting member for instance I am a voting member so I can not be a proxy for my vice chair nor any voting member. You can not be a voting member and be able to vote for someone else as well.

If you can not attend the meeting and will be sending a proxy, fill out ballot #1 for your 1st choice and then your next choice on ballot #2 and #3.

Dear Edgecombe County Democrats:

On March 23, 2017, the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee will convene for the purpose of filling the vacancy of Sheriff James Knight.  The meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. and will be held at Edgecombe Community College (Tarboro campus).  A copy of the official meeting notice is attached.  The meeting notice will be placed in the U.S. mail tomorrow pursuant to Section 11.02 of the North Carolina Democratic Party Plan of Organization.  The meeting is open to all Democrats. 


Don Davis, Chair


Note: If anyone should have any questions please feel free to contact Don Davis (252) 341-5548 Don Davis or email firstcongdist@yahoo.com, Rev. Roosevelt Higgs (252) 907-8311 and myself (252-314-5484 email cdancyii@embarqmail.com .

Photos/Videos – Edgecombe County Sheriff Forum Hosted By Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission


Clee Atkinson – Endorsed by The DCN News Blog Online TV

The Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission hosted a Sheriff Forum on Thursday March 9, 2017 at the Edgecombe Community College Campus Rocky Mount NC. This was the 2nd forum that has been held with the 1st one being hosted by the Democratic Women of Edgecombe County in February in Tarboro at the Edgecombe County Administration Building Auditorium. When I asked the Democratic Women to host a forum to present the candidates I also asked them to contact the Human Relations Commission to co-sponsor but they didn’t co-sponsor.

The problem I have had with the current Democratic Party County Officers is that they have not had anything absolutely nothing to educate the Democrats under the leadership of Rev. Roosevelt Higgs and his other 5 county officers. The Democratic Women has been hosting successful events and if it had not been for them there would have not been any Democratic activities since the group was formed recently under the leadership of Melanie Goff Bradley the outgoing chair.

The Human Relations Commission has been hosting a candidates forum over the years but the Democratic Party should have been the one hosting one. Interesting Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is the vice chair of the Human Relations Commission abd chair of the Democratic Party.

Former Detective Larry Woodley the folk I have talked to says he seems to be very arrogant and has not impressed them one bit. I totally agree because I know him. Does it not seem strange that their former boss Sheriff James Knight is not publicly supporting Chief Allen Moseley and Captain Richard Allen. State Trooper Clee Atkinson the people say he has been very impressive and I totally agree.

It appears this forum was to target Clee Atkinson because there were a few questions that singled him out and not the other candidates. I didn’t go to ask any questions but after I heard the current Sheriffs talk about what they were doing since the Sheriff Office became vacant on Wednesday talking about implementing this and that and meeting with folk like Princeville about a citizens watch, I couldn’t take it. To me this is unprofessional and poor leadership because damn you don’t need to be focused on anything but running the day to day operations until March 23rd when the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee meet. Right now these guys are focusing on the wrong thing while the Sheriff Office staff is concerned and waiting patiently to find out who will be chosen to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff James Knight

Watch the videos for yourself and you gone learn the day! Don’t take my word. Folk what you need to keep in mind is that this appointment ain’t about me just because I am vocal and reporting the facts not the alternative facts.

One thing that tickled the hell out of me was the question to Clee Atkinson about Sheriff Keith Stone name being called it was not Clee who called Sheriff Stone name it was Chief Allen Moseley. But was a 2 part question ask him what would he do about gangs. He had already answered that question several times. SMDH!

All voting members make sure you watch the Appointment Process that was presented by Senator Don Davis 1st Congressional District Chair because he explains what is going on now and what will take place on March 23.

Watch the following videos:

Sheriff Forum Photos

Sheriff Forum Hosted By Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission Part 1

Sheriff Forum Hosted By Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission Part 2

Part 3 Sheriff Forum Hosted By Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission

Appointment Process For Edgecombe County Sheriff 2017

Ignant ass Van Holland You Gonna Learn The Day!

You posted this on your personal page but you can read mines because it is public. But I post on your paper tar River Times and Tarboro 27886 so you can read it.

Now since you continue to let Higgs make an ass out of you, I am going to validate your title.

In re:

Van Holland

13 hrs ·

I know this post may piss someone or several people off, but I’m at the point of not really giving two toots because facts are facts and they don’t lie.

All of these Youtube videos where voicemails have been left to Precinct 11-1 Democratic chair Curmilus Dancy by Democratic Party Chair Roosevelt Higgs, have gone public now in black and white in newspaper articles.

Me: Was already Public on my page so how ignant.

First off, I could’ve gone deeper into detail in my article about facts I know to be TRUE about Curmilus Dancy and you can call me ignant all you want, but when I speak the truth that’s all I need.

Me: Ignant dig deep and post everything you can about me because it will further validate how ignant you really are.

First off let me say, when you tell everyone you have a voice and a vote for the next Sheriff of Edgecombe County, that saddens me because someone like you Curmilus don’t need a vote because you’re racist and try and start trouble everywhere you go, especially with a white person.

Me: How ignant! The last time checked Higgs was just as black as me.

Everything you talk about on your blog you make it a racial issue and about color or ignorance or as you say ignant.

Me: Ignant I write about whatever the hell I want to on my blog. I don’t have any control over how folk receive it. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

Curmilus you go around calling everyone ignorant and then you say in a Youtube video to Roosevelt Higgs and reference ignorant white people and ignorant safe Negros.

Me: I have been doing this for years because this means I am not talking about all white folk and all black folk. I have explained this numerous of times.

Why is the word SAFE in front of Negros?

Is it because you don’t want any backlash to hit you? Or is it because he called you a vagina and you don’t want anyone knowing the truth.

Me: I know you didn’t just question me about words I say. I don’t seek validation on the words I say.

Let me just refresh your memory on something that I know IS ALL TRUTH.

You had a problem with a former SouthWest Edgecombe HS principal one time and I believe if I am correct, he told you that y’all could settle it in his office or in a cornfield he didn’t care and it was up to you.

Me: Ignant you begin by saying you know it be truth then you say if you are correct. Damn fool!

All of this started with your ignant comments towards this principal and until this day, I don’t think you’ve contacted that man to let him know where you wanted to settle it at. Nor did you call him ignant again.

Me: This was 1993 and the kids called me to the school because they had staged a walkout. Because I challenged him, he got pissed and said we could settle it in the cornfield. I walked out the door and said come on. He didn’t come. I learned that t cornfield term was a racial thing later after all of this.

Funny how I was never banned from the school because he was the one out of control. I was 1st vice president of the NAACP at that time.

The point I am trying to make, whether you are black or white, green or purple, orange or blue, it doesn’t matter that someone of color has a voice, but what you need to do is not boast or brag about it and call people out all because you think you own everyone.

Me: Boasting or bragging? Ignant what? I stated I had a voice and and vote for those that were in on the discussion that had neither.

Don’t get mad with me because I ain’t scared to talk to your ignant white and issues. I talk to good white folk daily.

Yes I know you support Clee Atkinson as the next Sheriff, and I have no problem with that, but when you support him, I wouldn’t think he would want you putting his name in a blog where you are calling people ignant white folk or ignant safe negros.

Me: You do have a problem with that because I challenged you when y said Clee need t watch the company he keep. I asked you who and you said Steve Wadsworth and issues white businessman. I challenged you to justify why Captain Moseley was the best candidate. You are white and Moseley is white I am black and so is Clee. I told your ignant ass I asked Sheriff Knight was Moseley going to seek the position and he said no. When I met with Moseley I told him that.

I hope this gets back to you so you can write about me in your blog, because if you think I care, you are sadly mistaken.

Now RUN TELL THAT with your ignant voice and vote.

Me: The difference between you and I is my blog and other social media pages a public. I also post on your Tar River Times page and the Tarboro 27886.

Please dig deeper and post more cause I got more.

An Open Letter To Van Holland Owner/Reporter Tar River Times In Re: New sheriff will be selected March 23

I had been waiting on this article because I knew you were going to do an article and not contact me just like the Lindell John Kay of the Rocky Mount Telegram did.

You started out ignant talking about, “Edgecombe County Democrats are giving themselves nearly four weeks to decide who the new Sheriff of Edgecombe County will be after James Knight retired this week. Democratic Party Chair Roosevelt Higgs said that the vote will take place March 23 at 6 p.m. at Edgecombe Community College in the Mobley Atrium.” You say Edgecombe County Democrats and then say Higgs said. Now if that ain’t about as ignant as it gets because Higgs is the one that is prolonging the process. Again this is funny as hell because I have not received anything about a meeting on March 23rd nor have any others I have talked to.

You say, Higgs said the process is going to be as fair as possible and that as many as 116 votes could be cast. Fair? When he has not given information to the candidates and other Democrats that they have requested.

The following is just as ignant as Higgs prolonging the process. You say, “Before the selection is made, the four candidates will have another opportunity to speak to elected officials and citizens on March 9 at 6 p.m. in Rocky Mount on Edgecombe Community College’s campus in the Barnes Building.” This is sponsored by the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission. I told the Democratic Women to ask the HRC if they wanted to co-host their forum and they didn’t but then set up a meeting in Rocky Mount. Hell what do the candidates need to speak to elected officials and citizens for when they will address us on March 23 when we will vote. As I stated since Higgs chair of the party, secretary of the party who is chair of the HRC and the 3rd vice chair are all members of the Human Relation Commission and their focus should be on calling a Democratic Party meeting asap so we can do the appointment. It makes no sense the staff and we as citizens of Edgecombe has to wait while Higgs play games with the process. But talking about being fair and transparent.

I find the following to be too damn ignant! You say, “Several Democratic sources said they’re having trouble with some issues, especially with a Democratic chair in a county precinct that thinks the precinct belongs to him based on several recordings that have surfaced on Youtube.” Ignant ain’t nobody said that but ignant ass Higgs. But ignant you like the dude from the Telegram ya’ll report bits and pieces of what you want to make folk believe. When Higgs left the message about he was coming to my meeting and said some folk wanted to come and that if I didn’t have my meeting on February 22nd or 23rd that he think the folk in my precinct could have a meeting.  He think? Oh hell no he knew that was a lie. I said there will be no precinct meeting until I meet and I had until the March 8th deadline. I said I was going to post the meeting time and location just like I have been doing over the years and hell no I was not going to call Higgs, that if he didn’t see the time on my social media sites and in the local newspaper then he will SOL. But what he should have done though is if he wanted to come to the meeting he should asked me or his brother my vice chair to pick him up since he didn’t show up. I knew he was not coming because I know the games he play. Just like he put his name in the hat for positions then take his name out in the last hour because he know he can’t win.

I had heard Higgs, Chief Deputy Moseley and you were suppose to come to my precinct meeting. I told them none of ya’ll lived in my precinct and you are not a Democrat anyway. I knew Higgs was not coming because he didn’t have transportation from Rocky Mount where he lives to get to my meeting in Tarboro.

I find the following to be too damn ignant, “One of those sources said she feels like the sheriff’s selection has become racial motivated and despite the source being African-American, she wants the process to be fair for all four candidates.” How in the hell has the selection been racially motivated? I would bet the person you talked to was Dr. Glenda Knight secretary of the Democratic Party and also chair of the Human Relations Commission. So how do they want the process to be fair when they have not produced the information that the candidates and some others have asked for such as the precinct chairs from the past annual precinct meetings that was either in 2014 or 2015 along with the elected officials as to how many votes the entire executive committee has.

I find the following to be too ignant, “In another voicemail, Higgs said he’s got other people from that precinct that’s called him wanting to know about the meeting.” Ain’t nobody called this ignant when all they had to was to go to my social media pages, The Tar River Times, Tarboro 27886 and The Rocky Mount Telegram and The Tarboro Telegram. I announced my meeting and those folk Higgs talking about didn’t show up.

You say, “Danny followed up using his favorite phrase calling by calling Higgs ignorant stating he can’t intimidate him like he does the ignorant white folk and ignorant safe Negros.” Hell yeah I said it and have said it over the years. I say it because I am not talking about all white folk and all black folk. I have shown Higgs time and time again that he can not intimidate me.

I can’t believe you would post the following ignant ass statement because I know you and you know me. You say, “Higgs has said all along that Dancy is trying to run the show and that he wants to be like him. “He wants to be like me so bad,” Higgs said. “He just can’t do it.” I work a real job. I do my homework always have and always will, so why would I want to be like this criminal? I don’t want to run anything and will continue to challenge Higgs about the things he do especially when it comes to policies and procedures.

If you want to do a real story why don’t you ask Higgs why he is prolonging the process trying to use the precinct meetings as an excuse. Ask him why there was no mention of Sheriff James Knight retirement in our precinct packages? Ask him why he didn’t say anything about he would be calling a special meeting so that the executive committee could select a candidate to fill the unexpired term of Knight. But he talking about being fair? Really? This crook don’t know anything about being fair and his record validates such.

What Lindell John Kay reporter from the Rocky Mount Telegram and yourself have done is validate what I have been saying about the process all along that Higgs is playing games. To that degree I say thank you.

Click on Van’s article: New Sheriff will be selected March 23 Tar River Times
Click on Lindell’s article: Open Letter To Lindell John Kay Reporter Rocky Mount Telegram In Re: Dems spar over sheriff pick

Open Letter To Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Since You Called Folk Saying I Was Trying To Find Something On The Candidates This Was More Interesting

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs since you like to play games you called me on Tuesday and left the following message: Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Says He Heard I Was Trying To Dig Up Dirt On Atkinson and Others Voicemail #6 . You also called some folk telling them the same thing you left on my voicemail. Dude I heard a couple of weeks ago that you were out trying to discredit Atkinson and now telling folk I was. Well ignant I endorsed Atkinson the night of the Democratic Women’s Sheriff Forum. I have no reason to try to dig up any dirt on him or any of the candidates. I have stated why I support Atkinson and why I could not support the other candidates so I am past that and waiting on you to call the meeting so we can vote.

I didn’t need to dig up any dirt on you because I already knew you. But someone shared the following NC Department of Corrections with me and I found it to be very, very interesting.

It is sad when I have to deal with folk who try to discredit me simply because I say I am going to hold them accountable and ask they hold me accountable. It don’t work one way for me because I am going to hold up my end. It is up to others to hold up their end.

Higgs stop getting mad with me because I have challenged you over the years and will continue to challenge you. I will not allow you to manipulate the processes and procedures simply because so many do not read The Plan of Organization. You know I do my homework and will call you out. Others know I will call you out because they will contact me because they know I be on top of things.

Higgs I will not allow you nor anyone to intentionally mislead folk. You ain’t totally ignant you just act like it.

I am requesting that you remove yourself from the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission and the Edgecombe County Democratic Party as the county chair.

Thanking you in advance.


Open Letter To WHIG-TV Sandra Smith Owner & Clint Williams Reporter In Re: Dems Spar Over Sheriff Pick

On Wednesday March 1, 2017 I got several calls that I was on the front page of the Rocky Mount Telegram “Dems spar over sheriff pick” and that those ignants over at WHIG-TV Clint Williams, Sandra Smith and some others were talking about me. They say Sandra Smith Owner called in. I was going to look at the show that was rebroadcasted at 11:00 PM last night but I fell asleep.

Clint and Sandra don’t get it, just don’t care or just ignant as hell because they know we have had numerous conversations in the past and they can’t win. These ignants think they can pick and choose our leaders. Rev. Roosevelt Higgs has called in to their show talking ignant almost daily over the years talking about the NAACP, Princeville, Rev. Andre Knight, myself and others who don’t fool with him but ya’ll like that because ya’ll think it validates your conversation about black leaders and organizations. Well ya’ll are just as ignant as Higgs and he nor ya’ll can discredit the black organizations, black leaders and myself.

I understand Clint you said that that Democrats can’t talk about the Republican Party because Higgs and I were Democrats. Really? How ignant!

I understand Sandra you said I didn’t want to follow protocol. Well Sandra what is the protocol? Are you a resident of Edgecombe County? Are you a Democrat? Hell yeah I said we don’t need to have another candidates forum especially being held by the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission when Higgs chair of the party, the secretary and the 3rd vice chair is on the HRC and they need to be focused on calling a Democratic Party meeting so we can vote. But Higgs is playing with the process.

Sandra I understand you said the date for voting for the appointee is on March 23rd. I am a precinct chair and has a vote but I along with others have not heard or received anything from Higgs. But he talking about fairness and transparency. A flat out lie!

The last time I checked Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is just as black as me so that eliminate race. In the article written by Lindell John Kay Reporter for The Rocky Mount Telegram that ya’ll were discussing it was written, “Dancy posted that Higgs can’t intimidate him like he does “ignorant white folks;” and Higgs fired back, accusing Dancy of “acting like a little vagina.” Well the reporter intentionally left off and Ignant Safe Negroes.” I don’t spell the word as ignorant and spell it as IGNANT.

Since ya’ll are all into the Democratic Party Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment have ya’ll asked Higgs the county chair who has sent in packages seeking the appointment? Have you asked Higgs has he and/or the secretary given the candidates the information that they have requested? Have you asked Higgs where can you find information about the Edgecombe County Democratic Party online? Have you contacted the candidates to come on your show?

You see my friends do some damn real journalism. But you can’t because ya’ll operating on ignance!

Oh and by the way Sandra tell us about you having the TV station up for sale trying to take it from Herb’s wife and where did Herb die? But attend to the Democratic Party stuff first. LMBAO!

Open Letter To Lindell John Kay Reporter Rocky Mount Telegram In Re: Dems spar over sheriff pick

Open Letter To Lindell John Kay Reporter Rocky Mount Telegram In Re: Dems spar over sheriff pick

First of all my blog www.thepoliticalagitator.com and all of my social media pages like Youtube are all public and noone has to be my friend to read my stuff. But to me if anyone was going to do a newspaper article on my social media pages one would think they would contact me first. Damn but you think this is professional to write an article include me and do not contact me for clarity. I see that being ignance at its best.

I do not consider myself as a top Democrat I am just a precinct chair. What I do consider myself is a voice for those who allow me to speak for them. And I am representing folk who have constantly contacted me about the Sheriff Appointment process how Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is trying to manipulate the process but saying he is trying to be fair and transparent. What a damn lie because if that was the case why has he not given the candidates and others who have asked for information pertaining to the appointment? He nor the secretary has provided the information.

You started your ignant ass article off by making it seem as if I contacted Higgs first and I did not. I responded to him after each message that he has left me which is up to 6 as of February 28.

This damn article has so many damn flaws it makes no sense but you did it to try to discredit me because you wrote half trues. You said, “Dancy posted that Higgs can’t intimidate him like he does “ignorant white folks;” and Higgs fired back, accusing Dancy of “acting like a little vagina.” I said he can’t intimidate me like he does ignant white folk and ignant safe negroes. Why in the hell did you leave out about the negroes? Because you are trying to paint a picture of me towards white folk. I call out all folk so don’t go there. You are also trying to connect me to the candidate that I am supporting because he is black. It is funny as hell that you didn’t say who Higgs was supporting nor who I was supporting so if it was suppose to be about sparring over candidates then why didn’t you tell who we were supporting?

As I have stated many times I say ignant white folk and ignant safe negroes because that mean I am not talking about all white nor all black folk. So don’t get it twisted.

You say we support 2 different candidates. Well how ignant because it was announced at the Democratic Women Sheriff Forum that Higgs was a candidate so if I am not supporting him so hell yeah that mean we are supporting 2 different candidates. I made it clear who I am supporting. But I also know how Higgs nominates himself and then when he see he can’t win he remove his name from the list.

Hell no we don’t need another Sheriff Forum Higgs need to be focusing on bringing the party the voters on the executive committee together so that we can vote and move on. By doing this an appointed Sheriff can come in and keep the Sheriff Office together because right now the staff are on edge because they don’t know who their next boss will be up until 2018 when the election will be held. If Higgs was concerned about the Sheriff Office he would be focused on what is best for the staff and the county so we the people can know who will fill the unexpired term of Sheriff James Knight.

You say, “Higgs said Friday he has called in N.C. Sen. Don Davis, D-Greene, to preside over the upcoming forum. Davis also chairs the 1st Congressional District Democratic Party, which includes Edgecombe County.” But I had heard that Higgs had said he didn’t have anything to do with the upcoming HRC forum so you have validated that in your article. So why did he need to call Sen. Davis about a candidates forum held by the Edgecombe County HRC? So that validates Higgs is working on a hidden agenda. Don’t look good especially with his secretary of the Democratic Party being the chair of the Human Relations Commission and a vice chair is on the HRC also. So what is the motive here but talking about being fair and transparent? So there is no one in Edgecombe County that can facilitate the forum?

I stand behind what I said Higgs is the author of confusion and that didn’t just start when Sheriff Knight announced his retirement. He had a little drama in 1996 during the appointment of Sheriff Knight but we removed him from the process. But to let you tell it it and folk ignant to Higgs mess they would think it just started.

You said, “In another voice mail, Higgs asks Dancy why he doesn’t answer him, but instead posts his messages to YouTube.” I responded to him because the times he call me I am at work. Damn tell the whole story. Plus why you didn’t tell folk how you got to the messages and my facebook page so they can see it for themselves? However I don’t answer my phone when he call if I ain’t at work because I know he will be talking ignant.

I am not in a fight with Rev. Roosevelt Higgs over the Sheriff pick. I have been challenging Higgs on having the meeting in a timely fashion, making sure the candidates and anyone who want the information how many votes each precinct has, who the current precinct chairs were in February and who the elected officials are so anyone interested would know how many total votes can be cast but Higgs and the secretary have been withholding information.

Nothing went out in our precinct packages about the Sheriff retirement, that a special meeting would have to be called so the executive committee could meet to choose a candidate to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff Knight. I said that all of that should have been in our precinct packages and if I was not reelected as chair I could have passed the information on to the new chair. The deadline for precinct meetings to be held is March 8 so it has been said on that ignant WHIG-TV station that Higgs is going to call a meeting on March 23 for the vote. Well a precinct chair confirmed to me today after they spoke to Higgs. I thought he was going to wait til after all of the precincts meet on March 8 because he announced about a meeting. But now he is announcing a meeting and all of the precincts have not met so again I repeat he could have put the stuff in the precinct packages about the Sheriff Appointment so validate that he trying to manipulate the process. The Democrats must meet and present a name to the county commissioners within 30 days.

I got calls this morning about your article and that the ignants over at WHIG-TV was talking about me stemming from your article. I understand Sandra announced that Higgs said the meeting to vote on the Sheriff will be held on March 23 but I don’t recall you mentioning a date in your article. Why?

You know if you wanted to do a real story you should have asked Higgs who are all of the candidates that has sent in a package that they are seeking the appointment. Has he given them the information they have requested about the number of votes that can be cast, who the elected officials and the precinct chairs, vice chairs from the past annual precinct meetings.

I am requesting that the next time you do an article on me to please have the damn audacity to call me to interview me so you can get your facts straight. What you need to understand is that I am speaking for folk who contact me daily about the process and I am a voice for them. I have no problem with taking the ignant mess that you and Higgs are doing because I am going to continue to be a voice for the people. But Mr. Reporter you need to remember these words, you nor anyone can discredit me, I am in control of me!

Curmilus Dancy II

Sheriff Appointment Process The General Stature, The Plan of Organization & Outline For The Election Process For The Appointment

Read the following on another page about the upcoming appointment process for the Sheriff Office.

From another page: I just heard Democratic chair planning appointment meeting March 23 in Rocky Mount with an open vote, no secret ballots. I haven’t gotten a call.

My response: He can’t do that that would have to be voted on by the entire executive committee. Why do folk let this ass think he can get away with mess?

The chair does things like this when he know folk do not or have not read the NC Democratic Party Plan of Organization.

Plus why is he even talking about the process when he announced he was a candidate seeking the appointment but he will do like he have done in the past and right before the vote take place he will remove himself as a candidate.

It is sad the outgoing Sheriff James Knight brought together all races and now the Chair of The Edgecombe County Democratic Party is playing games creating confusion and division around the appointment.

I am requesting the NC Democratic Party 1st Congressional District Chair Senator Don Davis and the NC Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin to send me the entire process per The NC General Statue, The Plan of Organization and what the process will be on the day when the meeting is called for the executive committee to vote.

Sheriff Appointment Process:

The General Statue
The Plan of Organization
Outline for the election process for the appointment

Hell Yeah I Got An Attitude! I Don’t Stir Up Mess, I Make Sure Mess Is Right So Don’t Get Mad With Me Because I Ain’t Scared

Folk may say I got an attitude! Hell yeah I got one because I have stressed over the years my role in Edgecombe County Politics. I have paid the price working hard on behalf of Edgecombe County and I will not be silent when it comes to folk like that Higgs guy who was in the party when I got there to play games. I have been challenging the Higgs over the years and I will not stop now. I damn sure will not allow the newcomers who have no damn clue to come on board and act like they done figured something out. No what they need to do is to learn how they can be effective and not listening to ignant ass folk who have used the party procedures against folk that knew no better. You see I have always studied the plan and also been on the plan committee for the state. And when I need some clarity I make phone calls to folk who can give me the answers.

So hell yeah I gots an attitude because you ain’t fitting ready to mislead folk without me telling the folk the trues. Now I don’t have any control over how folk receive the trues coming from me but one thing about it you can’t say you didn’t know when you realize the truth was made known.

I know everyone don’t want to hear what I got to say and I have no problem with that, but the fact of the matter is those who have a problem with me reap the benefits of those who have given me the go ahead to be a voice for them. But trust me I am going to represent me, my family and others whether they like it or not.

Judge Wayne Boyette the last couple of times I have been in his presence he has made the comment that I was stirring up stuff. Vance Holland former reporter for the Daily Southerner, The Edgecombe Tribune and now says he is the owner of The Tar River Times call me a racist everytime I call him out on his ignant comments about the Democratic Party where he is not a member, Princeville Town Hall politics, Tarboro Town Council and now the Sheriff Appointment. Everytime I am contacted about ignant mess on the Tarboro 27886 Facebook page when I go over there and post the trues counteracting their ignant mess, I am called all kinds of stuff but you see that don’t bother me. They end up trying to discredit me when I post the trues and I keep telling them they are wasting their time trying to discredit me because I work too hard and a professional at what I do.

Folk I refuse to allow folk to promote untrues when I know what the hell I am talking about. Allowing others to promote false trues make one just as ignant and dangerous as those who does it. I ain’t the one.

So for anyone who say I am stirring up mess and call me a racist because I challenge folk black, brown, white and other, don’t get mad with me because I ain’t scared.

You heard it from me, hell yeah I gots an attitude! Get that! But I work my attitude by using the time to deal with ignant mess as an educational moment.

I Spoke With Democratic Senator Don Davis/1st Congressional District Chair On Friday February 24, 2017 About The Sheriff Appointment

I spoke with Senator Don Davis/1st Congressional District Chair on yesterday because I had 2 questions for him. I had also contacted him early in January about calling a meeting for the appointment of Sheriff when I read the official press release from Sheriff James Knight. He gave me the answer that I needed.

Yesterday as I was on my way to Sheriff Knight reception held by the county and Sen. Davis returned my call. I had 2 questions for him.

Question #1: Someone asked could that guy Higgs still serve as the county Democratic Party Chair and seek the appointment of Sheriff since there are more than one Democrat seeking the appointment. I knew that during Election Time he would have to step down from the office while the election was going on but didn’t have to completely give up the office because once the election was over he could resume as the chair.

Question #2: I wanted to make sure that the time frame for sending out notices was 5 days for the meeting to be called for the county executive committee to meet to vote on the appointment. Sen. Davis confirmed that it is 5 days and not 10.

I had ran into District Attorney Wayne Boyette on Thursday and he was saying that Higgs couldn’t set up a meeting because he didn’t know who the chairs/vice chairs were going to be after the precincts met. I said it was nothing in the precinct packages that mention about Sheriff James Knight retiring. I said that it should have been and something should have been stated about a meeting being called in the package. Boyette said Higgs couldn’t do that because he had to send each chair a written notice in 10 days. I said it didn’t make any difference who the chairs/vice chairs were when he sent the packages out because if the chairs/vice chairs stayed the same then they had it but if it changed then they would have been right there so they would have been aware of an upcoming meeting. There needed to have been a meeting called on March 9 so all precincts could turn their packages in and not put them in the mail so we can meet the deadline per the statue. I told Boyette to keep on listening to Higgs. He said he was not listening to Higgs and I said okay. So I wonder where he got the 10 day notice from.

At the end of Senator Davis and I conversation he said he would be coming to Edgecombe County on the March 9th at the request of Higgs. After I hung up it came to me that this was for the Human Relations Forum. Boy they working that thing trying to justify having it instead of working trying to hold a meeting that matters the one that the party should have so an appointment can be done expeditiously. But we have the chair of the party, the secretary of the party and 3rd vice chair of the party more focused on the Human Relations Commission having a forum than carrying out their roles within the party.

It is sad the staff at the Sheriff Office is waiting impatiently for someone to be appointed so they can feel safe about their job til the end 2018 when the person appointed will have to run for the office.

Democrats in Edgecombe County you better wake up and get involved so you can know who are representing you making choices about your livelihood. 




Democrats Read The Plan Of Organization For Yourself Appointment For Sheriff Process

First read the duties of the county 6 officers which consist of the chair, 1st, 2nd, 3rd vice chairs, secretary and treasurer. You will find out who suppose to do what. The duties can be found in the Plan Of Organization @ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3VE_bcfX7g1bEFwb2gzWXRGZGc/view and begin on page 7 Section 2.01 Composition of County Executive Committee.

Go to The Plan Of Organization page 18 Section 2 3.11 County Elected Officials talks about filling a vacancy in your local offices such as Sheriff.

The General Statue for the Appointment of Sheriff that includes Edgecombe County @ http://www.ncleg.net/EnactedLegislation/Statutes/PDF/ByChapter/Chapter_162.pdf.

My point has been that nothing was mentioned in the precinct package that there will be a vacancy in the Sheriff Office and that all precincts need to be aware there will be a special meeting called in March for the executive committee to meet and vote. It does not matter who the chair and vice chair will be a vote will still take place.

I keep hearing folk say what if a precinct is not organized. Okay packages went out to all organized precincts so therefore I am quite sure those same precincts will be organized. So if a precinct was not organized that means that the unorganized precinct received no package. But what a good chair would do is to look up voters in the unorganized precinct and try to get someone to organize.

I love it when folk who have no clue, don’t ever attend a Democratic Party meeting has all the answers. I can’t wait to see when the meeting will be called for the appointment. The deadline for precincts to meet is March 8. So when will the county party receive the packages from the 21 precincts so that the party can send them notices about the meeting for the appointment. As I stated earlier there should have been a meeting called on March 9th so all the precincts could have attended so the party would have all of their packages vs waiting on them to be mailed. In the past they turned them in at the county convention and so they were able to participate at the county convention. So since the party must meet and present a name to the commissioners within 30 days if some do not turn their packages in immediately how will Rev. Roosevelt Higgs know who the letters need to be sent to? How will the 1st vice chair be able to notify the entire executive committee about how many votes they will have? Again my point is no matter who the chair and vice chair is the precinct if organized will have x amount of votes. This is the numbers that all the candidates want to know and has not been able to get. Hell but anyone executive committee member should be able to get it. Actually ought to be in the secretary possession no matter who the secretary of the precinct is. If a new secretary takes over then the information is passed on.

Back to the precinct packages that went out. There was no mention of the county reception to be held for the Democratic Party Sheriff James Knight on tomorrow that is free and open to the public at the Edgecombe County Administration Bldg. Auditorium Friday February 24, 2017 from 4 PM – 7 PM. It is a damn shame that the party has not had anything nor didn’t mention anything in the package because by the time the meeting is called he will no longer be in office. But hell since they have not had anything they could atleast announce the reception on Friday February 24. The county party should be educating the local Democrats about everything that is going on pertaining to Democrats be it the local, state and national level.





Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Has Played Games In Both The Appointment When Sheriff Phil Ellis Retired & Now During Sheriff James Knight Retirement

Detective/Dare Officer James L Knight had one obstacle in his way for a few minutes when he announced he was seeking the appointment when Sheriff Phil Ellis announced his retirement over the weekend and left office in 1996.

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee member called a community meeting in Rocky Mount with a room full of black folk and a few whites. He said he was there to talk about getting Phil Ellis Chief Deputy Donnie Taylor appointed. I will never forget the 1st time I met Mrs. Dorothy Joyner from Rocky Mount when she stood up and said she was there to get a black person appointed and if that was not the case she didn’t need to be at the meeting. Joyner got the support of the folk in the room and while doing so Higgs no longer had anything to do with the meeting and the next series of meetings because Roy Gray was made chair of the meeting and I was made secretary.

Since Ellis had gone Chief Donnie Taylor was in command until Knight appointment went into effect.

Now in 2017 Rev. Roosevelt Higgs just happen to be the county Chair so he gets to play with the appointment of Sheriff again by supporting Knight’s next in command Chief Deputy Allen Moseley. When Moseley asked to meet with me I reminded Moseley of what happened during the appointment however since he was working with the Sheriff Office he knows some of the story. Well he knows that Chief Deputy Taylor didn’t get the appointment just because he was next in command and that the system decided the appointment whether one like the system or not, that is what happens.

During this appointment Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is playing games because he is the leader of the Democratic Party and have some weak officers his vice chairs, secretary and treasurer that has been one of the most ineffective county executive officers make up that we have had since the late 80’s. I have been serving on the as a precinct chair/vice chair, county chair/vice since the late 80’s so therefore I have been on the county executive committee all of these years so I have been a voting member all of these years. I know the process, I know the people and I stand by what I say and if I should error I have no problem with making necessary corrections.

It was Sheriff James Knight desire to announce his retirement in a timely fashion so that the Democratic Party could call a meeting a few days after his retirement was official so that by the next Edgecombe County Commissioners meeting the party would have submitted a name and the appointment would have been all said and done. Okay Sheriff Knight’s retirement will be official Tuesday February 28, 2017 and a good party chair would have had a meeting scheduled for Wednesday March 1 so that we the executive committee would meet and vote on a candidate to be appointed. The name would be submitted to the County Commissioners and at their meeting on March 6 the appointment could have been done.

But this year since the annual precinct meetings window to have the meetings are February 22, 2017 til March 8 so again Rev. Higgs could have called a meeting on March 9 and then the county commissioners could have a called a special meeting to just do the appointment.

When I a precinct chair received my precinct package around 2 weeks ago there was no mention about Sheriff James Knight Retirement, nothing about an upcoming meeting absolutely nothing about the appointment.

So as it stands at the moment since no letters have gone out, say for instance Higgs send out a letter on or after March 8 look at the time frame for the letters to go out to the executive committee and when they will receive them. The office of Sheriff will be vacant as of March 1. A meeting would need to be called so we can meet to vote. If the Edgecombe County Commissioners do not receive a name from the Democratic Party within 30 days then the commissioners can appoint who they want to.

Higgs is a member of the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission who have announced a 2nd Sheriff Forum to be held. Higgs, the secretary and one of the vice chairs of the Democratic Party all 3 are members of the Human Relations Commission need to be focused on setting a time and date so the Democratic Party can have the real meeting and anyone can attend to sit in hear the candidates before we vote.

We need to bring this appointment to closure as soon as possible. Because of Higgs and the other 5 county officers of the Democratic Party lack of leadership and communication on this appointment there has been lots of misinformation being spewed out on pages like Tarboro 27886, The Tar River Times and the Edgecombe Tribune along with the daily communication I am having via social media and/or in person/phone calls.

Sheriff James Knight has taken the Edgecombe County Sheriff Office to a whole new level by bringing all parties and races together around the office over the years. Knight set the bar for an individual elected official to attempt to obtain as it relate to politics. Knight has set an example for other Sheriff Offices across the state also.

It is a damn shame that the Democrats of Edgecombe County have allowed one person to hold us right where we are. Oh yeah we have made some progress but it has been by the Grace of God. I have challenged the Democratic Party over the years because I don’t play when it comes to folk coming together making decisions that affect my life, my family and other folk lives.

It is time for the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to get it together.

An Open Letter To The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee Which Consist Of All Precincts & Elected Officials

I am requesting that the Edgecombe County Democratic Party County Officers which consist of the Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs, 1st Vice Chair Gladys Shelton, 2nd Vice Chair Robert Byrd, 3rd Vice Chair Martha Johnson Knight, Secretary Dr. Glenda L. Knight and Treasurer Stephanie Hunter to all call a meeting and set the date for the entire Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee to meet on March 9, 2017 so the party can vote on a candidate to be submitted to the Edgecombe County Commissioners so that they can appointment a candidate to fill the office of Sheriff that will become vacant as of March 1, 2017. The county 6 officers can meet anytime the entire executive meeting is not in session and the only meetings that would consist of if I am correct is the county convention and/or any special called meetings. There is no need to prolong the appointment. If the county chair Higgs do not want to call the meeting the majority of the 5 officers left can call a meeting.

Since the annual precinct meetings are scheduled to be held today February 22 – March 8, 2017 timeframe, then there is no reason why the party can’t meet on March 9 and that way the precincts can bring their information from their precinct meetings to the meeting on March 9 and a vote can take place. Once that is done I would then ask that the county commissioners hold a special meeting just to do the appointment. However I don’t think I would have to ask because they would go ahead and call a special meeting anyway once they received a name from the party and not wait until the April 4 meeting.

All Edgecombe County Executive Committee members I asked you to join me and petition your county 6 officers to not prolong the appointment and that the office of Sheriff vacancy will not be drawn out. It was the desire of the outgoing Sheriff that the office would only be vacated a couple of days before an appointment would be made.

The office of Sheriff is the highest office in the county and has been an office that has been well respected by all races and parties. The staff of the Sheriff Office need to be able to move forward knowing who their boss will be so they can begin to concentrate on serving the citizens until the election roll around in 2018.

Note: The annual precinct meetings would have been held during this time frame and the precincts would either send their package in to verify they were organized or they could just wait until the county convention. However since there will be a vacancy in the Sheriff Office on March 1, whenever the party call the meeting to vote the precincts can bring their packages that verify they met to that meeting on the same day and vote. So therefore it appears there is a hidden agenda here.

It is sad that the party is being divided from within because of the lack of leadership. Is this what we need at a time when the other party is in control on the state and national level? Makes no sense.

Curmilus Dancy II
Precinct Chair 11-1

Edgecombe County Precinct Chairs And The County Officers Begin After Precinct 13 -1

Someone forwarded me the following list said it came from 2014. Now if all of the names are not correct then I bet atleast 1 name in the precinct is still a chair. Most of the time the list do not change unless someone no longer reside in the precinct for whatever reason. What is needed here is how many votes each precinct has and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs has the numbers. Those numbers do not change just because the chair’s name change. The secretary should have the same files that the chair has. However all of the county officers ought to have the same information because if something was to happen to the chair the vice chairs down to the treasurer can preside over the meetings.




Viola is no longer the county party secretary resigned and now Dr. Glenda Knight is the secretary.