Video shows new Sharpsburg mayor’s confrontation with CBS 17 reporter

SHARPSBURG, N.C. (WNCN) – Video from Tuesday afternoon shows the new mayor in Sharpsburg yelling at and pushing a CBS 17 reporter

On May 8, the night Robert Williams Jr. won the election for Sharpsburg mayor, he was arrested on a DWI charge.

An emergency meeting Tuesday in response to some allegations ended up being canceled because the new mayor was late.

CBS 17 reporter David Hurst was there for the meeting and tried to ask Williams questions.

However, Williams tried to block the CBS 17 camera, yelled at Hurst and pushed him away at one point, according to video. (Read more)


Letter to the Editor: Don’t prematurely condemn mayor-elect – Rocky Mount Telegram

It is my desire to shed light on the venerable character of Robert Williams Jr., the newly elected mayor of Sharpsburg.

Robert is a member of our congregation at Ebenezer Baptist Church and has been a member there for over 22 years and currently serves as a deacon. Robert has faithfully served our church, his communit, and his country with both dignity and honor.

Robert has served both as a soldier in the United States military in the Middle East and as a peace officer in North Carolina. He is a man of character who believes in serving others.

On Tuesday, May 8, after Mr. Williams’ electoral victory, he was pulled over while allegedly driving under the influence, among other alleged violations. Indeed, I am concerned about the circumstances around the post-election traffic stop that gave rise to the incident and the subsequent charges. We expect the truth of this escapade will be revealed in the courts, but we know the man who has sought our votes is a man who respects and obeys the law. (Read more)

Sharpsburg mayor-elect faces DWI, gun charges – Wilson Times

The Watch Dog response: I was wondering about the charges were any of them felony charges but Chief Hunt has answered that question. So with that being said it appears that Williams will be the Mayor. So I wonder what will the racist town commissioners and the Racist Police Department do now? I say that because I have been to Sharpsburg last year to meet with some residents about Racial Profiling and Police Harassment. They got some damn serious issues there taking folk cars and a local wrecker service making money because they are partners with the town.

SHARPSBURG — Mayor-elect Robert L. Williams Jr. was arrested on impaired driving and gun charges shortly after his Tuesday election win.

According to Sharpsburg Police Chief John Hunt, Williams was stopped at 8:05 p.m. after a report from a concerned citizen that Williams was driving a black Dodge Ram truck and appeared to be impaired.

Sharpsburg Police Officer William Bruesch located the vehicle on Mill Branch Road and proceeded to follow it.

“The vehicle failed to maintain the lane of travel, which gave the officer reason to believe the report of an impaired driver was accurate,” Hunt said in a release. “The police officer proceeded to stop the vehicle with blue lights and siren activated. The driver, Mr. Robert Williams Jr., eventually stopped on Sandy Knob Lane just prior to his residence.” (Read more)

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Breaking News: Robert Williams Charged With DWI On Election Night

What a sad ending for a night of defeat.

Robert Williams defeated Sharpsburg Mayor Randy Weaver tonight but Williams end up at the magistrate office being charged with DWI.

Sources say that a white male stopped to a store and called the Sharpsburg Police Department and told the white and black officers on duty to stop Williams for drinking.

I find it interesting that no mention of who arrested Williams is in the TV reporting.


Police: Man unseats Sharpsburg mayor, gets arrested for DWI hours after election

Now the following is what was told to me last night but when I went to Mobile Patrol only the DWI charges were there.

See other charges along with the DWI Charge.

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Sharpsburg mayoral race heads to recount – Rocky Mount Telegram

NASHVILLE – Randy Weaver prevailed by four votes in the Sharpsburg mayoral race after the Nash County Board of Elections reviewed provisional ballots and write-ins Friday afternoon, but his opponent, Mayor Robert Williams, has requested a recount.

Williams, who was appointed mayor of the town in July, has a right to request the recount because the number of votes he and Weaver received were separated by less than one percent.

Williams gained two votes to his tally from Election Day when the elections board reviewed write-in votes Friday. (More)