Rocky Mount NC – Response to Mayoral Race Featuring Sandy Claus Roberson

There has been a WSBS Movement that has been going on since 2003 but it has been sho nuff moving since December 2018. I found the following to be quite interesting.

Damn this guy has not once said anything about working with the current council. For a person to have not one vote how in the hell do he think he can get anything accomplished. If you have ever been to a council meeting you will see the mayor carries out the meeting and in the committee of the whole meetings hell the mayor pro-tem carry out those. You see folk you better research for yourself what each candidate is saying because if what they are saying do not align with what can be done then that is just a bunch b.s. to win your votes.

Sandy Roberson

“Roberson, in a prepared statement, expressed appreciation to the voters in the city and said he was proud of the support he and his campaign received.

“While we did not capture the magic 50 percent tonight, I will gladly take 48 percent and get ready for round two with a runoff in November,” Roberson said.

“Folks, here’s what we are facing in November — a candidate who wants to maintain the status quo or a candidate who will embrace change and hold City Hall accountable,” he said.

“I can tell you that the citizens of Rocky Mount are fed up with failing schools, rising crime, declining home values and unemployment above the state average,” he said. “We know the status quo is not working for our city — it is time for a change.”

Sandy what is the status quo you speak of?

Are you saying the current mayor and the current council do not hold City Hall accountable? Help me to understand.

You say the citizens are fed up with failing schools well the fight is not with the council because they do not control the school system and that is the role of Nash County Commissioners.

How in the hell can the city council control crime?

What does the council have to do with declining home values?

Unemployment is an issue for lots of cities however there are jobs and it is up to folk who are willing to work to take them. However with all of new jobs coming to Edgecombe County what in the hell can you do that ain’t already in place?

Again what in the hell is the status quo? The only things that comes to mind for me being an informed Black Man is that you and the Special Cs who began a WSBS Movement in December leading up to the election is y’all are mad that the council is a Black Majority. And on top of that the city has a Black City Manager, Black Police Chief and most recently a Black Fire Chief. Damn all of these folk are competent and deserving of serving in each of these capacities.

THE FIRST 100 DAYS – Results Not Rhetoric

Here is my plan for the first 100 days if the voters of Rocky Mount elect me their next Mayor.

Today, I start a run-off campaign with a positive message about our need for new leadership and a new direction at City Hall. I want the voters to know, if they support my campaign, they will elect a Mayor who has a plan and will get to work on day one.

Our citizens are tired of failing schools, rising crime, declining home values and unemployment above the state average. We need new leadership and a new direction at City Hall

Damn this is too funny to me because this is easier said than can be done. Because I am an informed and engaged Black Man I know what is real, what is perceived, what is workable and what is just flat out b.s.

The Facebook page featuring THE FIRST 100 DAYS – Results Not Rhetoric is a myth. You got to read it for yourself. I had began to dissect it but damn trying to respond to that mess was just crazy and I just quit.

Our city needs new leadership, a new direction, new energy and a new commitment to deliver results. We have all heard and seen the rhetoric and the political speech, but the results are seriously lacking. It’s time for a change. I will be a Mayor who holds City Hall accountable, and I will deliver results for the city of Rocky Mount.

Damn oh Sandy is saying the current leadership is not committed to deliver results. So what in the hell do he think they have been doing? Oh just not the results he and the  Special Cs wants.

So what is the rhetoric you speak of?

Hell yeah that was a great political speech. Political speeches comes along with elections.

I had never heard of Sandy Roberson until this year. What I have found interesting is how some Black Folk were so quick to support the man. But now that I see how much money was put on the ground I see what moved some folk. Damn shame what some folk will do for some crumbs.

This Rocky Mount City Council Race was not just about an election and Johnny Cunningham got it right. Well he can tell the story because he has been on both sides of the fence. He has been at the table with the WSBS Movement and not that he is back on the side of right, he has exposed some things and folk. They are mad because Johnny talk to Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell, Bronson Williams and myself.

I have also talked to some other folk even down to Tarrick Pittman who is a part of the Special Cs WSBS Movement. Where ever you seen a Sandy Roberson sign there was most likely a Tarrick Pittman sign. The goal was to get Andre Knight out of office so they came up with a political machine. I must admit them Special Cs had a hell of a Political Machine and I ain’t mad with them. They worked the hell out of the election but they were not successful in unseating Andre and also Richard Joyner.

Folk you better wake the hell up and look at what is going on. You better fact check to see what the council has done because the narrative that has been created by the Special Cs is based on lies.




Rocky Mount NC – Sandy Roberson Financial Report For Rocky Mount Mayoral Election

Sources forwarded the following to The DCN News Blog Online TV. The following is Public Information so click on the links below and see it for yourself. I don’t make this stuff up, I just forward it and get blamed for creating it.

I just checked the NC State Board of Elections record and Sandy Roberson has spent running for Mayor of Rocky Mount!

Click on the links

Here is the report in Excel


Here is the report in PDF


Here is the link to the NC State Board of Elections Website from which I downloaded the Excel and PDF files. The Excel and PDF files are the same data just in different formats.

Campaign Document Search By Entity

Rocky Mount NC – Sample ballot fuels speculation (Damn But Gwen Wilkins Said The Ballot Was Ok)

The Political Agitator’s response: This is about Voter Integrity and a key player Gwen Wilkins now can’t be reached but said it was ok to do a ballot in response to when Bronson Williams posted about the ballot on his Facebook page. But what tickles the hell out of me is that Sandy Roberson says: Roberson said he has stayed within the bounds of the law during the campaign. “I have obeyed all the campaign finance laws,” Roberson said. “We have run a clean campaign.” But over the past several weeks Sandy has had to address things going on with his election. It began with Sandy Roberson for Mayor on Moe Deloach shirts during the camp held Juneteenth weekend. The Baskerville School Back To School mess. The Johnson School Back to School mess. Now the most recent the ballots oh and the emails to teachers using their school email. It is obvious that with all of the things that have been going on, Sandy says he is not aware of it but he keeps happening. So he must have not had a talk with The Street Team who he says are using him. SMDH!

A sample ballot for the Rocky Mount elections is making the rounds and at least one candidate is concerned that the ballot is confusing voters because it does not identify its source as required by law.

The ballots in question list the whole slate of candidates running in Rocky Mount elections, even though real individual ballots list only the post of mayor and the candidates for a voter’s ward, if that seat is up for election.

The sample ballot marks choices for Sandy Roberson as mayor, Tarrick Pittman for Ward 1, Gwen Wilkins for Ward 3, T.J. Walker Jr. for Ward 4 and Lige Daughtridge for Ward 5.

No legend is displayed at the bottom of the sample ballot indicating its source. The top of the sample ballot simply reads: “We, the Street Team, ask that you vote for the candidates below that are marked.”

Councilman Andre Knight, who is being challenged by Pittman for the Ward 1 seat, said he feels the ballots are deliberately deceptive.

“My concern is not with who an individual chooses to vote for, but with an official Board of Elections ballot being misrepresented,” Knight said. “Anyone can give out a ballot if it is clear who is endorsing and who is distributing them.”

According to state campaign finance law, “A legend (the information stating who paid for and authorized the advertisement . . . (Read More)

Rocky Mount NC – City Council Race Heats Up With Sandy Claus (Sandy Roberson) vs The Grinch (Andre Knight)

Sandy Roberson for Mayor

If I am Sandy Claus – Does that make Andre Knight the Grinch?

Hell no it does not make Andre the Grinch because Andre has served the community well. It is unfortunate that some Black Folk have been listening to the Special Cs whom have been trying to discredit him over the years.

Earlier this week City Councilman Andre Knight lobbed a verbal tirade about my campaign calling me Sandy Claus…

It is a fact that during the Moe Deloatch Basketball thingy during the Juneteenth that was sponsored by the city you bought Moe some T-Shirts for the children. You had Sandy Roberson for Mayor on the Sleeves. When I asked Moe about it he got offensive and said that it ain’t going to matter because them Black Folk can’t read talking about the parents of the children. I said really! Sandy Claus came in June!

Shortly after that it was something held at Baskerville School where you were Sandy again when you gave a way school supplies and cooked hot dogs. Sandy Clause delivered.

Sandy Claus did some other things leading up to the early voting.

Sandy Claus delivered in August with book bags for students and bags for the teachers.

Sandy Claus has had some poor folk on the grounds passing out campaign literature and getting paid from what some of the workers say.

well that begs the question – what has his leadership brought to our city. Let’s look:

According to the NC Department of Public Instruction – 50% of our public schools are receiving failing grades

This is too ignant! What does Andre Knight have to do with the school system? This is a Nash County Commissioner job to fund the school system not the City Council. Andre, myself and others have been actively engaged in some school issues over the years and we tried to keep OR Pope School opened but they said it was not suitable for students. Well this week it was reported that a Charter School was looking at being housed there. Where were you? Where were you when the White Girls featured in the Cone Heads attire when we went to the Nash-Rocky Mount Public School Board about that and numerous issues over the years.

We have a failure to curb violent crime, drug related shootings and gang activity

Damn I just love it you have campaigned on working with the Rocky Mount Chief of Police so you are going after the Chief because Andre is not the Chief of Police and has not a damn thing to do with the committing of crime and the enforcement of the law. You say violet crime drug related shootings and gang activity. So how do you know it is drug related shooting and gang activity? I didn’t get that Memo. Oh but Fighting Crime probably got that bit of information.

When comparing our home values in Rocky Mount to other cities nearby we see our home values are declining.

Damn what has Andre got to do with home values declining? But I would think that the housing values are going up with the influx of jobs coming to town and they are not being delivered by Sandy Claus.

earning potential with wages and salaries is lower than the state average.

When in the hell did Andre Knight and the Rocky Mount City Council become responsible for wages and salaries?

The city’s economic development team was dismantled losing us the prestigious National Main Street certification and development throughout downtown has stalled.

Wow! So Bronson Williams this is what Lige Daughtridge was talking about when we were leaving the City Council meeting last week when he said funny how Andre Knight was talking about the Economic Development and he was he (Lige) was on the board. Bronson asked Lige so how many members on the board. So I asked Bronson what in the hell was that all about. The issue of downtown development what does that have to do with Andre so help me understand. I do believe some issues around downtown development has been dealt with.

But if you listen to Andre and his political team – he will tell us that everything is just fine in Rocky Mount.

I have been knowing Andre Knight since the late 90’s and I have never heard him say everything was alright in Rocky Mount. Hell he went to Philadelphia and fought against Rocky Mount receiving the All-American City status. Because Andre recognized and understood then leading up to now that hell no everything ain’t in Rocky Mount so therefore he came back and began to prepare to run for a seat on the Rocky Mount City Council. Because the Ward 1 Seat was coming up, he moved over to the East Side, I repeat to the East Side of Rocky Mount so he could get on the council and help Reuben Blackwell fight for equality for all throught the entire city of Rocky Mount.

Around that same time I encouraged Andre to run for President of the NAACP so I could have some young folk to help me carry out the mission of the NAACP because some of the older folk had digressed to being soft on the fight for freedom and equality. I recognized and understood that if I could get some young folk involved in the fight they could attract young folk to join us.

But Black Folk because of the slave mentality and scared to speak truth to power, many Black Folk were uncomfortable with Andre, myself and some others boldly speaking out so they would be silent when the Special Cs came for us trying to discredit us. But when these same Black Folk needed someone to fight their fight they had/have no problem calling Andre and myself for help.

He wants to criticize my campaign for raising $177,000. I will tell you I would not be able to raise that much money if people were happy with City Hall right now.

I don’t think it is so much of being critical of how much money you have raised but the just showing how much is being spent for a seat on the council that will have very little influence when a Ward Seat is where the Power is but some folk are being mislead to think otherwise. We know what is going on, you are the figure head for the GOP Candidate Lige Daughtridge along with carrying Tarrick Pittman and Gwen Wilkins along for the ride to attempt to UNSEAT Andre Knight and Richard Joyner.

The Special Cs didn’t just become unhappy but been unhappy every since 2003 when the Rocky Mount City Council became a Black Majority Council. But it is understandable that the WSBS (White Supremacy Bull S…) is in full effect because they want to take the city back. They been mad with Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell, Lois Watkins and more recent Richard Joyner.

The folks at City Hall want to keep everything Status Quo. If you like where we are then vote for the incumbents.

Anyone who do not like what the incumbents have done and have in process, then they are being mislead by the Special Cs who have declared WAR on the Black Leadership. Where was all of the energy when Andre Knight was fighting ElectriCities to lower the light bills since Andre Knight, myself and some others found out at Truth Tabernacle when we held a Utilities meeting back in the early 2000’s when Rich Worsinger and the Utilities Commissioner told us about the deal and how it affected Rocky Mount and 20 other cities. It was Andre Knight who fought that fight after getting on the ElectriCities Board and I took off work and went and videoed some of the meetings were they met monthly in Wilson NC.

I will argue that we need new leadership and a new direction at City Hall. We need a new Mayor and City Council who will put Rocky Mount on the right course. That’s what this election is all about.

I am still trying to figure out what the damn course you and the other Special Cs are talking about because this council has been more transparent than any council before them. This council has not been divided on the issues that have come before them and it has not been voting down racial lines but they have been voting together. The mayor has not had a vote since dating back to 2003 so I am trying to figure out what you think you will be able to do but sign off on what the council will put before you.

I believe the voters of Rocky Mount are smart enough to see through all the smokescreens.

Can you please explain what the smokescreens are please educate us. Those of us who have not bought into the WSBS want to know what the smokescreens are so we can have a visual of what you see.

They know our city is falling behind and that’s why it’s time for major change.

They who know? Falling behind, what? I agree and some others agree that it is time for a major change. That is it is time for a Black Mayor to reflect the RACIAL MAKE UP of the city. Hell no I am not saying it is time for a Black Mayor just because but only because there has been a Young Black Man who has been actively engaged in the Rocky Mount City Government business. Bronson Williams has not been only attending the council meetings for years, but he has been a voice for citizens as he has challenged the City Government to do things different and has represented some citizens when they had light bill issues and other. But damn I guess you agree with Kevin Jones that going to a city council meeting for 2 hours means nothing. But damn by not attending the meetings make all the candidates for mayor ignant to the fact of what has been going on over the years. This is why Bronson Williams can be an effective mayor because he already has a repore with many in the community and they could feel good about contacting him to reach out to the council members to handle their concerns unlike you and the others will have to come in and build a relationship with the council members.

Join me in this campaign. I will work to unify our city and will focus on the real issues that impact real people.

So what are the real issues? The real issue is Community Council Lige Daughtridge, Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson, WHIG-TV Sandra Smith & Robbie Davis, Fighting Crime Kat, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Barry Rehms, Tales of an Educated Debutante aka Adrian Harrold Wood, Lottie Mae Parker, Pastor Thomas Ray Green, Ron Green, Samuel Battle, Rita Mozzell-Carter, Reggie Barrett, Tarrick Pittman and some others who are blinded by the real trues that have been going on within the city.

Sandy Claus vs The Grinch?

The real Claus came on the scene back in 2003 and has been delivering some good things. The real Grinch just came on the scene in 2019. Go figure!

Sandy Roberson

Candidate for Mayor

I am The Political Agitator The Watch Dog of The East!

Sandy Roberson response to the Video: Rocky Mount NC – United Rocky Mount Press Conference (Sandy Claus Coming To Town) Rocky Mount City Council Election Heats Up!

Rocky Mount NC – The More Johnny Cunningham Share Them Messages From Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson The More I Love Me Some Ralph

The Political Agitator’s response: Damn these messages by Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson gets gooder an gooder! Wow! I believe Steve was saying, Why….cant believe white folk cant have a plan….lololol. I believe (Why….) could be Why Niggers oh just my ignant opinion. Confirmation about Lige Daughtridge saying that Douglas Block took all of the downtown money. Wow said that Sandy Roberson has had family in RMT before it was founded. Damn it now! So I guess Sandy Claus has really come to town to claim the city. I am just talking about what he said. Don’t Blame Me! Wow! Steve ended this segment talking about time is ripe before next generation expands like Cooper and others. Cooper is Cooper Blackwell and others are young Black Folk who are waking up. Folk I done told y’all that Steve is a RACIST! He is confirming who some others are as well. But this is just my ignant opinion. Hell I am just going by what he said! Don’t Blame Me!


Tales of an Educated Debutante – What is Happening in Rocky Mount?

The Political Agitator’s response: This Special C right here is as ignant as it comes. Funny as hell you say y’all Special Cs give a damn. Found a few Safe Black Folk and a couple of Ignant Black Folk to push the Special Cs agenda White Supremacy B.S.

What in the hell are you talking about Andre Knight being the past President of the NAACP because he has been the President since he was elected the 1st time around. Correct he is the current President.

So what in the hell does, “ An older African American fellow, no longer in government, warned me against calling or directing any negative attention against Knight” that suppose to mean? Whoever the hell he is don’t speak for all Black Folk so he means nothing.

Damn Andre and Reuben Blackwell didn’t like the process that was used to get Richard appointed and they spoke up. But what you fell to understand is they have gotten past that so your WSBS ain’t working by bringing up that part because these guys have bonded. Richard see what the hell Andre and Reuben has been up against and they have worked well on the council.

Damn so you are mad because you say, Johnny Cunningham, the African American executive director of ReGroup, said in a council meeting, “Andre Knight, you’re the biggest racist I know.” Funny now you trying to be like Trump Mr. Slick by trying to throw in his business name because you want to send a message to some folk to attempt to break up the bond that Johnny, Andre, Reuben and Johnny have now.

An educational moment: You talking about Rocky Mount back then a city on the rise. Well when the city was up for the city on the rise Andre went to Philadelphia and spoke out against it. This was before he became President of the NAACP.

An educational moment: This council has not only focused on real issues by prioritizing them and then acted on them. They have done a damn good job after coming behind the majority Caucasian council that didn’t do anything for Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount.

B.S. to say it is not about Black and White. It is about Black, White and Green. The WSBS Movement began strong in December 2018 working on trying to unseat Andre and Richard.

It is funny to me how this ignant is supporting an UNSTABLE Black man but that is what Special Cs do they rather support an UNSTABLE Black Man. Oh because you can’t control the Stable Black Man. I just laugh when I read this kind of mess on Social Media.

So what are you wanting Sandy Claus to bring your Tale?

The following video tell the story: “United Rocky Mount Local Elections, Money & Progress.”

Tales of an Educated Debutante

What is Happening in Rocky Mount?

My hometown. Eastern North Carolina. A place that conjures up wonderful memories and where, not so long ago, people gave a damn.

There are those that still do. Folks who I knew growing up, fierce advocates for the place they still call their own.

There’s this man in Rocky Mount, past president of the NAACP, current president of Rocky Mount’s chapter, and he seems to have a lot of power.

Andre Knight.

An older African American fellow, no longer in government, warned me against calling or directing any negative attention against Knight.

He’ll lie and leave you hung out to dry, he said.
And so, I stayed quiet.
But no longer.

Sandy Roberson is running against Bronson Williams for Mayor.
Tarrick Pittman is running against Andre Knight for City Council.
Councilman Knight and Blackwell have dictated the direction of the city for far too long.

Black and white folks who argue are shut down and verbally attacked. When Pastor Joyner was up for nomination to the Council, Knight accused him of being, “the white man’s jigaboo and Uncle Tom.”

White man’s jigaboo?
Uncle Tom?

Reverend Joyner, a black man, was nominated for CNN’s 2015 Hero of the Year for his work in the community, particularly the Conetoe Family Life Center where he has championed healthy eating and lifestyle to those in poverty.

Johnny Cunningham, the African American executive director of ReGroup, said in a council meeting, “Andre Knight, you’re the biggest racist I know.”

Rocky Mount was once the city on the rise and today, Rocky Mount “leaders” are too busy bolstering their own personal interests rather than the community.

“We need a new leadership team who will focus on the real issues facing our city,” shared Sandy Roberson for Mayor, “leaders who will be open and honest, accessible, accountable, and transparent.”

“It’s not about black or white, you must pick a side and I still believe in Rocky mount,” said candidate Tarrick Pittman for Ward 1.

Do you?


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Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Sincerely Apologize To Sandy Roberson For His Proven Ignant Mess

Sandy Roberson for Mayor

It is alarming that at this late hour in the campaign, there are some who want to characterize this campaign along racial lines. In 30 years of business with Medicare and Medicaid, I have never had a civil rights complaint filed against me or my company based on actions dealing with employees and the thousands of patients we have served over that course of time.

Furthermore, the people who know me, know my family — know my reputation. I have worked throughout my career and my personal life to support and advance people regardless of their station, their race, their age, their religion, and their sexual orientation. Allegations otherwise are propugated for political gain and are totally without merit.

It is sad that so many people want to color this race based on skin tones — that’s the politics of the status quo because they don’t have any real solutions to move our city in a new direction and provide the leadership that will deliver safe neighborhoods, new jobs and better student performance.

My campaign is about equality. It’s about moving in a new direction. It’s about lifting up every single neighborhood in our city — so we can be prosperous and successful. That’s why my campaign motto is: Working together for progress. It’s time to stop the silliness and focus on the real issues that will impact real people

Sandy Roberson

The Political Agitator response: This election has been about RACE since December 2018 it has been in full force leading up to now.

I repeat this RACE is about COLOR but it didn’t begin with you and will not end with you. The minutes of the meetings and the videos are documented facts to show that there has been a dedicated movement to attack Black Leadership so that it would create an atmosphere to remove Andre Knight and Richard Joyner from the council. Whether you have been actively publicly engaged in the process does not change the mere fact there has been a movement. The movement prompted Warren Daughtridge to yet start another group LoveRockyMount. He said the group was not political and I challenged him on it several times and he finally admitted to it during the 1st City Council meeting earlier this month in September.

The current city council has done a damn good job since the council became a 4-3 Black Majority in 2003 however the Caucasians on the council has not shown they were divided during 95% of the time when voting on city business. To make it plain there has been very, very few times the council has voted down racial lines which would be all the blacks voting together and all of the whites voting together. All of the Caucasians either voted together or it may have been times when 2 voted one way and 1 the other.

What solutions are you talking about because I have been attending the City Council meetings long before any of the current council members have been on the council?

You say your campaign is about equality? Could you explain equality as in what because that could vary.

I agree it is about moving in a new direction. What is the direction because this council has been going in a new direction since 2003?

How do you go about lifting up every single neighborhood in the city? That is a broad statement without providing how that can be done? What city has lifted up every neighborhood and how did they do it?

Since you talk about how successful and all tell me what Black community have you lifted up since you have been the business man you say you are.

Wow! You say so we can be prosperous and successful. Damn that sounds like those money hungry preachers that preach prosperity.

Wow! Your Motto tickles me because if you don’t get 100% of the votes then how do you call that togetherness?

I agree the Special Cs that created the division in the community because the council is not divided, need to stop their ignant mess. They created the mess but then when we call them out they play VICTIM. Obviously they represent you from your silent actions until now when you have no choice but to speak since you are a candidate.

What are the real issues that impact real people?

I have no problem with you running for mayor and I have told folk that all of the emphasis do not need to be put on the mayor’s race because the mayor has limited power and will just sign off on what the council does and may never get to vote.

The problem I have is the Black community is being targeted by certain Black folk who are pushing your and LoveRockyMount agenda.

It is about Voter Integrity on all sides and what I see is some mess that has been taking place that has been linked to your campaign and the mess I am talking about is what has been printed in the newspaper and from the folk I have talked to directly and/or indirectly.

I ain’t mad with anybody and if I was to get mad with anyone it would not be you, it would be the Black Folk who are pushing your agenda. You see they are responsible for allowing mess to take place in the Black Community. So what elections like this does is validate what I have been saying over the years, watch who the folk to see where they stand politically. After the election is over folk will be able to see as you stated real people but I want to take it one step further real Black Folk. This will let folk know the character of the Black Folk and the Caucasian folk when they go public with their political activity. One thing about it one can’t go in the polls with them but it is clear who they supported when they wear the shirts, work the polls and especially try to persuade Black folk to vote for you.

Carry on!

Steve Stevenson Sandy, I sincerely apologize for the remarks I made in a private message to an individual. The statement published by itself it totally out of context. It was in response to a black gentleman stating politicians being scared of confronting inept, and possibly corrupt managers and administrators because of their race. I know you and your management team have a proven track record and are beyond reproach in all compliance and employment practices. My statement was intended to communicate my opinion that you do not and will not give a pass to anyone, regardless of race, and are not intimidated by those who may use their race as a shield from accountability or responsibility. The snipet of that exchange is regrettable and considering the party who revealed it, poor judgement on my part to even engage in.


 The Political Agitator response: Wow! So Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson is apologizing for his remark made in a private message to Johnny Cunningham. So whether you said it in private or publicly your ass is a racist and you have just validated it. Damn if your statement was taken out of context what the hell are you apologizing for? But what I learned a long time ago is you can’t control how someone receive what one say. Damn you being a jackleg attorney ought to know that much.

Wow! You say your response was to a Black gentleman the same damn Black gentleman that you teamed up with some Caucasian friends to attempt to silence him by taking out a restraining order on him. But you and they underestimated him because he showed up in court with not only some supporters but a real attorney. You tried to get Johnny’s attorney to go against Johnny by saying Johnny had come after you. SMDH!

Wow! As a jackleg Attorney you should have been able to articulate Sandy’s track record in a better fashion but you did it from the heart because that is what you have done over the years and the numerous recent inboxes to Johnny validate such along with my videos of the HRC meetings.

You say your statement was intended to communicate your opinion and that is what got your ignant ass in this mess. But you see you have been getting away with such over the years but now you have proven where your heart is.

Damn and then for you to end it by going from saying a Black gentlemen to saying consider the party who revealed it tickles the hell out of me. You continue to show how ignant your ass is.

You are correct it was poor judgement on your part to even engage in the exchange. But this is what you have done and continue to do even after Johnny Cunningham filed a formal complaint against you with the Human Relations Commission after the HRC had voted on the issue that a HRC member raised against you during our last meeting.

You got so damn much mouth but you didn’t show up for the meeting but then interviewed with the newspaper trying to make the meeting about me.

Well I have tried to tell folk about you but I don’t have to do that anymore because it is documented in your ignant conversation private and public. The inboxes don’t lie and my videos don’t either.

I ain’t mad with anybody.

Admit that you are a racist and that you want to seek help. Oh that is just my opinion. If you like being that way, then I love it!