Rocky Mount City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney Respond To Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson Directing City Police Sgt. R. Rogers To Deliver Special Meeting Notice To All Council Members

imageGreetings Mayor Roberson,

I am sure that you are aware that the Chief of Police reports directly to me, the City Manager.  Why then are you directing the Chief to be prepared for something that you have not spoken to me about?

What are you asking Chief Robinson to do? I am unclear on the role of the Chief if any, in “compelling” the attendance of members of Council to a meeting by taking them into custody.

I have read  Article I Section 34a of the Code of Ordinances on Quorums that speaks to taking members into custody and this section does not state who is to take Council members who are not attending a meeting into custody and where do they take them once they are in custody and for how long do they remain in custody?image

I am requesting that Jep provides legal guidance to me and the members of Council as to this process, and in particular that the direction of the Police Chief is vested in the City Manager per the Code of Ordinances Chapter IV Police Department Section 140 a,b,c and d.

What role then does the Police Chief play in this and why are you reaching out to him directly?

As you will note below according to Clerk Casey, Council members Knight, Walker, Joyner and Miller thus far have informed that they will not be in attendance at the Thursday, Special Call Meeting and an alternative meeting date and time has been offered by one Council member and agreed upon by another.

I look forward to further direction from Mayor and Council and the City Attorney.

imageRochelle Small-Toney

The Political Agitator’s response: All I am asking is for everyone on both sides to allow the process to work itself out. There is a Regular Committee of the Whole Meeting and Regular City Council Meeting next Tuesday so again this validates that Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson is trying to use his political power to create division instead of the unity that he continues to lie about. How in the hell do you create unity by not allowing the process to work itself out? Folk y’all better wake the hell up because the only way to bring closure to this is to let the process work itself out. But that is not on the Ignant Racist Special Cs and Ignant Safe Negro Black Folk agenda.

Press Release: RMPD employees to take TRRUTH courses

Rocky Mount, N.C. – More than 20 sworn and non-sworn Rocky Mount Police Department personnel will take part in a conflicts and trust course this month.

Taking Race Relations and Understanding to Heart (TRRUTH) is intended to provide law enforcement officers with the skills needed to effectively mitigate conflicts and build trust with ethnic minorities.

The courses, which will be taught by Carlton R. Joyner of the North Carolina Justice Academy on Sept. 9-10 and Sept. 19-20, will help personnel understand how cultural biases play a role in policing, identify the impact of racial profiling, discuss the barriers to strong police-community relations and more.

Attendees will learn through lecture, class discussion, demonstration and practice.

“The goal of the Rocky Mount Police Department is to create a safe and vibrant community by fostering community partnerships,’ Chief George Robinson said. “As we enhance our community policing efforts, building trust and working collaboratively with the community is essential for us to reach our goal.”

Robinson said some members of the department have attended the training in the past, and the goal is to have every RMPD employee attend a session in the future.