Facility plan on agenda – Rocky Mount Telegram

Rocky Mount officials and residents will hear from consultants tonight about the design of the proposed downtown community facility.

At a specially-called Committee of the Whole meeting at 5:30 p.m., Barnhill/Holt Construction representatives will present the plan to the City Council, so officials can ask questions and discuss the proposal. After the regular agenda of the 7 p.m. meeting, Barnhill/Holt will deliver the same presentation to residents and then answer questions.

City officials said questions will need to be submitted in writing during the meeting then the consultants or officials will answer the questions as submitted. No decisions will be made on the project at either meeting, authorities said. (Source: Read more)

Rocky Mount NC – Yes, The Location Of The Downtown Community Facility Has Been Named


I am so glad The Downtown Community Facility location has been named. Now it appears that it will happen and the construction will maybe begin soon.

I commend all the council members except the one that voted against it for their support of the vision to make Rocky Mount a better place to live, work and play.

There are some folk who never have wanted and do not want to see Rocky Mount especially on the Edgecombe County side of town have anything. So it is too bad that when the center is up and rolling and bringing much money to the area, I guess the naysayers will be praying that it don’t last. Well I believe, (my opinion) that this is going to be a great thing for Rocky Mount and down east.

Read about it “Officials announce location for event center” what the Rocky Mount Telegram posted about the Rocky Mount City Council meeting on yesterday. I could not be there however I did speak to Bronson Williams and one council member.

I love it!

Rocky Mount, Edgecombe officials chide Nash board over schools split – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: The video tells the whole story: Photos/Video: Edgecombe/Nash County Commissioners & Rocky Mount City Council Meet To Discuss School Split Mess

Edgecombe County and Rocky Mount officials expressed their adamant opposition to a split of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools along county lines at a joint meeting Friday.

The Nash County Board of Commissioners that voted 4-3 to seek legislation to realign the school system dropped out of the meeting earlier this week.

Councilman Andre Knight called Nash commissioners Robbie Davis and Wayne Outlaw cowards for not attending the meeting. Davis and Outlaw have been outspoken in their desire to divide the school system along county lines.

Knight said the school split was part of a conspiracy by members of the tea party in the N.C. General Assembly to turn back the hands of time. (Source: Read more)

Photos/Video: Edgecombe/Nash County Commissioners & Rocky Mount City Council Meet To Discuss School Split Mess

Sorry but I set the camera up and left the meeting and arrived back though before the meeting was over. Sound is kinda low because they didn’t use microphones and I was not in the room to zoom in. Was a very informative meeting and goes to show how Robbie Davis is trying to pull of this mess which is not a financial issue.

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City Council splits on vote to seek upset bids – Rocky Mount Telegram

The second-to-last item on a full Rocky Mount City Council agenda Monday night elicited the most discussion at an unusually lengthy meeting.

The item concerned advertising for upset bids on the redevelopment of the China American Trading and Tobacco building at 436 N. Pearl St. Rehab Development made an offer of $300,000 in March for the property, but the deal includes one year of due diligence to perform a market analysis before the sale would go through.

On Thursday, the Opportunities Industrialization Center made an offer of $165,000 with promises of renovating the property within a year into warehouse, storage and light manufacturing operations then further redevelopment within three to five years with the help of a third-party entity. (Source: Read more)

Mayor expresses city’s opposition to proposed schools split – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: It is a shame to Rocky Mount Telegram do not expose these ignants hiding behind code names. When will these ignants respond sensibly to the articles posted? I have come to their conclusion that their mission is to attempt to divide and conquer but they can’t! So glad there are more folks with sense than these ignants who continue to post just that ignant mess! Some were waiting on a response from the City Council and I feel it is a damn good one! Thank you!

Rocky Mount Mayor David Combs spoke Monday on behalf of the City Council in opposition to the proposed dissolution of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools along county lines.

“The county line merger would divide Rocky Mount students and would be detrimental to the cohesiveness our community has been building,” he said. “And it would be contrary to the Twin County Visioning and Strategic Plan, which calls for regionalization.” (Source: Read more)

Rocky Mount NC – Politics In Rocky Mount Divided By The Tracks Part 1

I have been following Rocky Mount politics since the early 90’s and I have seen it come a long way but some areas still have a long ways to go.

Because the town is divided by the tracks, race and hatred has and continue to play a great role in continuing the divide. You see you have Rocky Mount Edgecombe and Rocky Mount Nash. Some folks think every damn thing should be on the Nash side as if there is no Edgecombe side. But the sad part is there are some Ignant Safe Negroes that think that way as well. Everything that is going on in Rocky Mount do not have to be that way if black folks would wake the hell up, unite and organize. But some of the folks who should be waking the folks us, uniting them and working on organizing the people are the folks who are holding the people hostage. These folks preach these feel good sermons but when they leave the church what do you have to look forward to other than going back to church when the church opens again for another service.

I have seen the Rocky Mount City Council become a black majority. Some said that would not be a good thing and that Rocky Mount would go to hell. It was alright when it was a white majority but it is the mindset of Ignant Racist White Folks and Ignant Safe Negroes that a majority black council/boards are not capable of doing great things. Well this council has proven the naysayers wrong. The Rocky Mount City Council has done some great things and will continue to do some more. The Rocky Mount City Council has had to fight to move Rocky Mount Nash and Rocky Mount Edgecombe forward but you have a few white folks and a few black folks in high places whom continue to play both sides. These folks use everyday folks to try to block and stop the progress that the Rocky Mount City Council is doing. I am so glad the Rocky Mount City Council continue to move forward by voting for what is right and most recently voted unanimous for moving forward on the Community Facility (formerly called the Event Center.)

You have The Community Council that has been going after the council at every level. But when I go to The Community Council Facebook page there are no names as to who they are. I wonder why? Well I know Lige Daughtride was the main man at one time so is he still the man?

I just liked The Community Council Facebook page recently so I could get their updates however I had been getting them when other folks had liked something that they posted on their page. They had been posting stuff trying to discredit the Rocky Mount City Council but it appears they are not making any progress. The unanimous vote this week to move forward with hiring architects and others to design and build The Community Facility has set The Community Council back a step. So what are they going to do now to try to discredit the Rocky Mount City Council? Will they get on board and try to see how they help move Rocky Mount forward? I wouldn’t doubt that Lige and some other white businessmen whom are a part of The Community Council are now trying to figure out what kind of investment they can work on to get some of the monies that will be available when The Community Facility is built. Think about the business potential such as hotels, shops and other that this project could bring to the city.

I look at the churches/folks of good will in Rocky Mount and ask myself what are they doing to encourage others to support the folks whom are trying to move the city forward. Don’t allow the naysayers to attempt to discredit your leaders whom are doing great things. You need to shut folks down when they are trying to discredit them.

When I go to meetings in Rocky Mount there are a few to none Pastors. Some folks especially the Pastors need to be attending meetings to be on top of what is going on and so they can share it with the many folks they come in contact with. Oh, they can’t do that because you can’t mix church and politics. Well everything is political so if you like other folks making decisions for you all the time, then I love it! But I ain’t going to allow other folks to make decisions for me and I not voice my opinion.

Folks you need to encourage the Rocky Mount City Council to continue to work together moving the city forward. It is time for the people Rocky Mount Nash and Rocky Mount Edgecombe to join hand in hand and to move Rocky Mount forward as one.

Rocky Mount NC – Community Facility

It looks like the City Council not the Community Council voted unanimously on moving forward with the progress downtown. Well I guess this dispels the myth that it is an Andre Knight and the black council members thing.

What tickles the hell out of me is all of the comparisons that the Community Council keep putting out there about what other towns are doing and have done and ain’t done. But how in the hell do they know what can be done in Rocky Mount until it is done?

I am proud to know that Victor Vines formerly of Pinetops, NC graduate of South West Edgecombe High School Pinetops NC and NC State University Raleigh NC is one of the architectures that will design the facility.

However Barnhill Contracting another local construction company will be a part of this historical process also.

Event center on tap, consultant to offer analysis – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: I understand The Community Council is still recruiting folks to speak out against the Event Center. Folks if you are in favor of the Event Center you need to go to meeting tomorrow to show your support.

Rocky Mount officials are inviting the public to attend a Monday night meeting to hear from consultants hired to complete a financial analysis of the proposed downtown event center.

The 6 p.m. meeting in the George W. Dudley City Council Chambers at City Hall will focus on the findings by Sports Facilities Advisory, which has been providing market feasibility studies and financial forecasts for sports and event centers for years and was hired by the City Council in November. The report will provide a thorough evaluation on the viability of a sports and event center in downtown Rocky Mount as well as direction for officials on the project. (Source: Read more)