WHIG-TV That Racist John Check

It tickles me how that Racist John Check talk about everything except how Special Cs can kill Black Folk for no reason but he is always trying to justify racist mess.

This Ignant up here talking about Constitutional Rights when it come to having church guidelines by the Governor but don’t have a damn thing to say about the Constitutional Rights of Black Folk.

How do folk look at such racist ass station? Now I have no problem with truth no matter who it is for or against, but to allow these Ignants on WHIG-TV owned by Nash County Commissioner Chair Robbie Davis to promote RACISM day after day is just sad. But you have Black folk who advertise and also have programs on the station. They use Black folk money to keep them right where they are.

The morning show is presented by Don Bullock Chevrolet so that speaks highly of them too. I stopped doing business with them over a year ago and I am done with them.

I just happened to turn to the show this morning to see what they were talking about but as usual the same ole mess and hanging up the phone on folk.

So who looks at this show in the morning time?

In Response To School Board Votes To Hire Project Manager In The Rocky Mount Telegram

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The Opinion of Curmilus Butch Dancy II

So the following appears that the school board and the commissioners are at odds over hiring a project management services. It appears that the Nash County Commissioners wants to run the school board and if that be the case they may as well dismantle the school board. I like it the school board is taking a stand on the hiring of a project manager services.

“School board member Ann Edge made the motion to “authorize the board chair and the superintendent to execute a contract with Cumming Program Management, using a school system form as may need to be modified by the board attorney and interim superintendent to provide initial project management services through the bidding phase in an amount that shall not exceed $167,000, and for the board to request reimbursement of these funds from the Nash County commissioners.”

That motion was immediately and unanimously approved.”

“We have no intention of paying for the use of a project management firm,” Davis said. “I am concerned about this decision because I fear it will slow the progress toward building the new school.”

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In Response to Commissioner Warns About Social Media Rumors In The Rocky Mount Telegram

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The Opinion Curmilus Butch Dancy II

This tickles the hell out of me because I have seen Robbie Davis comment on Social Media sites. It is tickles the hell out of me because these same folk who want to talk about Social Media is full of lies but they have not said that about the bull… that has been going on with the city of Rocky Mount and Nash/Rocky Mount Edgecombe County School saga as sit relates to their part in the mess.

It is a Nash against Rocky Mount/Edgecombe County mess that has been going on but now all social media is the problem. Really?

What I remember about the situation with the school issue and Robbie Davis is when the 1st Black Superintendent Anthony Jackson and he were going at it about Jackson questioning the school roofing issue.

I am glad to learn after all of this time that now it was a design problem and not a roofing problem but that Robbie did fix it at no charge. Wow! Jackson has been gone how long now. So design or roofing problem it was fixed so therefore it was a problem. Who fix things that ain’t a problem of theirs at a high cost? Oh but it is all good though.

Well as time pass we will continue to find learn about things that was not made known and/or clear when it happened.

Damn Robbie said, “We are looking only at the facts. We are not interested in what social media says,” Davis said. “We rely on our local media quite a bit to share with us what they see because they try to objective and report both sides of the issue — but social media does not.”

Really Robbie? So are you saying we should take what is printed in The Rocky Mount Telegram as fact? Are you saying we should take your TV station WHIG-TV as fact when they are promoting WSBS and other almost daily?

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What Is The Real Motive Of Robbie Davis Nash Chair County Commissioners & The Other Commissioners?

Why would the Nash County Commissioners strip the top elected official in the county Sheriff Keith Stone from doing what the people elected him to do? He was elected to carry out the duties of the Nash County Sheriff Office.

The Nash County Commissioners can not fire the Sheriff but they can take away the finances since the office operates from county funds.

Sheriff Keith Stone has been seeking help to deal with concerns he has with the county jail and obviously the commissioners didn’t think it was that serious until the state stepped in and made some demands.

Instead of the commissioners having emergency meetings with the Sheriff Office trying to see what can be done, it is obvious the commissioners are worried about the public knowing about the issues. The jail has been in the news recently due to the conditions fire, escapes and other.

Nash County always talking about they don’t want to raise taxes but look at the issues they are facing with the school system and the jail.

But what tickles me is that Robbie Davis Republican is trying to silence Sheriff Keith Stone Republican but he has been a vocal piece in the movement that has been criticizing Rocky Mount City Government especially Black Leadership. It appears that the commissioners have an issue with Black folk in leadership and also Black folk in the jail because I am quite sure that the majority of them are Black.

Nash County citizens ought to be outraged about the actions of the commissioners because they have stripped the Sheriff of his financial status as if the problem is because of spending and not because of facility issues.

I am having a problem with the Democratic Commissioners because I just don’t understand how they are supportive of the Republican politics being played.

It appears that the Sheriff Office had no real input in what the commissioners have put in place and I strongly feel that is a real problem.

I totally agree with Sheriff Stone, “Mr. Davis has an unlimited contractor’s license, which means he can build anything from a bird house to the White House. I can’t believe he considers these acceptable solutions. We need to work together to solve these issues and create a safe environment for inmates, employees and citizens,” Stone said.”

Curmilus Butch Dancy II

Pinetops, NC

Republican Chair Nash County Commissioner Robbie Davis Takes Financial Resources From Republican Sheriff Keith Stone

This is a damn shame Robbie Davis and his flunky Commissioners have chosen to fight the highest Elected Official in the county over a problem he didn’t create. Hell this is the same crew that ran the first Black Superintendent of Nash County Schools out of town. I could not believe what I was seeing on TV last night when Robbie Davis was on but then again when you know them it makes all the difference. Damn shame! But the sad part is the Democrats on the board Fred Belfield Jr., Lou Richardson and Mary Wells are supporting Robbie’s agenda on anything he does. The Commissioners don’t want to raise taxes so they can say they don’t have a high tax rate like Edgecombe County. But by not raising taxes look at how the schools and the jail have gone underfunded. Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, LoveRockyMount, Fighting Crime, WHIG-TV owned by Robbie Davis are not calling out Davis and crew. But these same Nash County folk have no problem with calling out Rocky Mount City Manager, City Council and other Black Folk in leadership.
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Schools put on new path – Rocky Mount Telegram (So Why Is Robbie Davis Nash County Commissioner The Spokesperson?)

The Political Agitator’s response: I find it interesting Robbie Davis make such comments saying he think it was the right move for the district and it seems like a good decision. Based on what sir? I hate when folk give statements with no facts to back up what they say. Hell Robbie ran former Black Superintendent Anthony Jackson out of town because he challenged his ass about some work he did at a school. Now I don’t know all of the details why he left but I do know Jackson did that. Wow! Ain’t that something allowing someone to speak about the Superintendent when he could challenge whoever this is. A former member of the school board, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the way Jefferies resigned without receiving additional payments is telling. My ignant ass would say that this is a Caucasian board member because I have never heard a Black person use the term telling. Wendy Wilson tickles me because they have been wanting to make Dr. Mark Cockrell the Superintendent for quite some time. But folk need to really check him out. I remember him from Edgecombe County Public Schools. Damn since Robbie Davis is not on the School Board why in the hell is he the spokesperson? Damn dude got issues with the Rocky Mount City Council, Edgecombe County Public Schools and the Edgecombe County Commissioners. Interesting they are all a Black Majority boards. Oh Race ain’t got nothing to do with nothing.

Several local leaders have said Shelton Jefferies’ resignation as superintendent of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools should bode well for the future of the school district.

Nash County Board of Commissioners Chairman Robbie Davis said he feels that Jefferies’ resignation was the right move for the school district.

“The board of commissioners is not involved in the process of choosing a school superintendent or overseeing the kind of job he does,” he said. “But this seems like a good decision. We are pleased that the decision to accept his resignation was unanimous this time because it wasn’t last time. I think that will help in the transition and the decisions the board makes for the school district in the future.”

A former member of the school board, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the way Jefferies resigned without receiving additional payments is telling. Under the terms of Jefferies’ original contract, if the school board unilaterally decided to let him go without cause, they would have had to pay his salary for the next 12 months.

“I suspect the board told Jefferies it believed it had cause for termination but that it would allow him to resign if he would agree not to seek the severance payment,” he said. “His choices were to accept the offer to allow him to resign or refuse to give up the payout, face termination, fight the termination and try to prove at the hearing that there were not valid grounds for his termination. He would do this only if he believed he would win.” (Read more)

Council candidate loses court fight with city – Rocky Mount Telegram (William F. West)

The Political Agitator’s response: This dude need to go somewhere and sit down and shut the hell up. He is allowing some Special Cs to make him look stupid by trying to enter into politics. Damn fool crazy as hell along with them. Who supports a known criminal for a political office.

A downtown Rocky Mount businessman has been ordered by the judicial system to be evicted from his location in city-owned space and to pay the municipal government more than $15,300 in past-due rent.

Tarrick Pittman, owner of Cool Geeks computer repair in the Douglas Block, was issued the ruling from the Edgecombe County Superior Court. Judge Marvin Blount of Pitt County signed the order in the city’s favor on July 16.

The order shows the judge told Pittman to pay $15,320, plus all costs of the legal action. Pittman can appeal to the state Court of Appeals.

Blount’s order was not yet in the case file at the Edgecombe County Courthouse when a reporter went there earlier this week, but the reporter obtained a copy of the document from the city’s attorney, Jep Rose, of Poyner Spruill.

Rocky Mount’s municipal government since last autumn had been arguing in court papers that Pittman breached a sublease agreement by failing to . . . (Read more)