WHIG-TV Nash County Commissioner Purchased The Station But Where Is The White Outcry? Oh They Are In Control Over What Goes On The Show And Who Can Call In

Sandra Smith manipulated the damn station out of the family and then it was able to be sold so she can continue to have a lifetime job. I remember when I used to go to the station almost daily and I also remember when Sandra used to work at Pilot Life in the same building. I knew Herb real well. However I ain’t going into that part.

Well the word on the street was the owner of WHIG-TV Herb Greenberg died at Sandra’s house. It was on the street that they were going together. Damn makes me wonder who else is she may be going with.

This morning I just happened to turn the tv to Whig something I normally don’t do because I can’t stomach them racist. But since my stomach was already tore up I said hell go for it. I looked at them to ignants Clint Williams and Wayne Holloman and damn you just can’t make this stuff up.

I hear folk say they try to call in to the talk show but they screen calls. I didn’t expect to get through but I did.

I asked them since they wanted to talk about it was not unanimous that all council members didn’t say it was a hit list. I said do you not think they talked about it in closed session so therefore when Knight said all of them said they didn’t say it that was the reason why he said it I know how politics work and I told them I would bet them my paper check that I bet they discussed it in closed session. I said you racist get up here and twist stuff and I said bye.

They ended the show by saying don’t take their word for what is going on with the city, look at the video. They say at the end look at what AB Whitley said and Bill Long. So what in the hell the purpose of looking at the whole thing for if you gonna tell them to look at Whitley and Long. Hell when they look at it they will see them but nope they want to get their point across through Whitley and Long.

But what I liked the most is when Clint Williams said when he and his wife moved to Nashville, but ain’t that something because to live in Nashville is not in the city limits. Oh but because I don’t live in Rocky Mount I can’t have a voice. Them Devils are a liar.

Read about the purchase for yourself, WHIG-TV Sold.


Nash sheriff seeks new jail – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Gate Keeper’s response: Been hearing about the conditions over at the jail so now it is finally being reported on. Looks like Nash County has some issues too however it do not stop with the jail. Maybe 2019 is the year of EXPOSURE.

Two local leaders who agree on nearly everything are at loggerheads over what to do about the aging Nash County jail.

Sheriff Keith Stone sees open bay dormitories and faltering equipment as security issues.

“We’ve got staffing issues — a 30 percent turnover rate — and it’s unsafe with inmates roaming around the dorms. We’ve got murderers in there with a guy who shoplifted at Walmart,” Stone said. “The jail can’t be fixed with cleaning and painting.”

Robbie Davis, chairman of the Nash County Board of Commissioners, said a lot of jails across the state use dormitories and maintenance issues can be addressed without remodeling.

Jailers describe a constant battle to keep operational a jail built sometime in the 1970s with a 1990s addition.

Stone recently invited the county commissioners to tour the jail.

Davis said he hasn’t done so, but he spent a night in jail as a young man and has no desire to see the inside walls again.

Commissioner Mary Wells took a tour. An octogenarian, Wells was advised by senior county officials not to go because of her low immune system. She’s now sick in bed, according to a source in county government. (Read more)

Boards argue about school construction – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: Wow no comments from the racist folk who comment on everything that goes on with the Rocky Mount City Council. Oh but this involves Robbie Davis who has been outspoken against the Rocky Mount City Council.

After nearly two hours of cordial conversations about event and programs affecting the school district Thursday night, Nash County commissioners and the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education held a lengthy, heated discussion about the construction of the Nash-Rocky Mount Early College High School on the campus of Nash Community College.

The high school, which now meets in mobile units on the college campus, is slated to move into Building C on the college campus once the college’s new cosmetology building is completed and renovations to Building C can be accomplished. Nash County commissioners have already set aside $750,000 in funding for those renovations, Robbie Davis, chairman of the Nash County Commissioners told members of the two bodies at the joint meeting. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

School split isn’t viewed by all as bad proposal – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Whew the comments after the article though.

In an article in the Aug. 4 paper about the school split, it said that Mayor David Combs has presented a letter to Nash commissioners and to our state lawmakers indicating that the city of Rocky Mount is against the splitting of the school systems along county lines.

Well, that is not true.

Mayor Combs cannot speak for all the citizens of Rocky Mount when he has not surveyed the citizens.

The citizens have not been allowed to vote on this. (Source: Read more)

Referendum proposed for schools split – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Sources say that Robbie Davis has an issue with the Rocky Mount City Council especially Councilman Andre Knight so this is why he is pushing this so hard. This is what white privilege is all about a wealthy businessman that has an issue with a majority black city council. There were a couple of whites who said that if the council became a black majority that that is all they would have because they (the whites) had the money. Well so glad this council has been working together trying to make Rocky Mount a better place to live, work and play. Oh we know what happened to the bond referendum Nash Commissioners got the money from Edgecombe County and little to no money were spent on the schools on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount.

Local and state officials want to see the proposed split of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools put up for a referendum vote.

“Let the people in the school district decide,” Nash County Commissioner Robbie Davis said. “If they say they want to keep things like they are then we as commissioners should get our nose out of it.”

All students living in Rocky Mount attend Nash-Rocky Mount schools whether they live in Nash or Edgecombe counties, except students who live in areas of the city expanded into Edgecombe after the district was created.

Nash commissioners recently voted to divide the school district along county lines, which would send about 2,000 students from the Edgecombe side of Rocky Mount to Edgecombe County Public Schools. (Source: Read more)

Nash County Commissioners Meeting Monday At 10 AM Ask Belfield, Richardson and Wells Why They Voted With Robbie Davis & Crew?

If you are available you need to be at the Nash County Commissioner’s meeting to ask Fred Belfield Chair, Lou Richardson and Mary Wells why did they change their votes to go along with Robbie Davis and crew about the mess with the school split. See the following article, Nash County board issues ultimatum on schools split – Rocky Mount Telegram.” However don’t leave out the other board members ask them to resign their post for starting this mess. It is time for the bullying to stop because this is adult bullying. Leave the children alone.

One of the problems Davis wants the Superintendent gone is because he has challenged his work. See the following article and you can see what is going on “Officials spar over school’s leak problem.”

It is somewhat strange the new board members came on board on January 5th and asked to see the Superintendent’s contract on January 9th.

Folk need to go to this board and ask Robbie Davis to resign his post and if Belfield, Richardson and Wells don’t speak out against Davis mess they need to resign as well.

This is about race, integrity and most of all messing with the children’s education and it must stop! The process begins Monday at 10 AM Claude Mayo, Jr. Administration Building
Frederick B. Cooper Commissioners Room – 3rd Floor 120 W. Washington St. Nashville, NC 27856. Be there!

School Split: Nothing Pisses Me Off More Than Black Folks Whom Don’t Attend Meetings But Have The Answers

I get so sick and tired of black folks whom don’t go to meetings but get a report from someone at the meeting and then base their opinion from what that person said. That is okay until you talk to me and I tell you that oh hell no my opinion is not the same as yours so don’t go there. You see I have had an opinion of the school split way before last night so I ain’t the one.

First of all you need to be at the meetings to try to tell me what took place at the meeting and so we can have a real discussion.

I have a problem with your opinion not being based on the real issue at hand but want to make the issue be your opinion of how the people feel when the people have clearly stated at the meeting where they stand. Don’t call me talking otherwise what you feel others are saying but they didn’t say it at the meeting. But the main thing is you say they didn’t say it at the meeting. Well what they said at the meeting was keeping in line with what the actual issue at hand is. Now ain’t nobody got time for folks to attempt to make the issue what they want it to be.

Folks when I deal with issues and people I look at what the issue is and who is bringing it forth.

The issue with the school split is Robbie Davis and 3 more of the Nash County Board of Commissioners say Edgecombe County Public Schools need to pay more money and that the Rocky Mount City Council should not pay anything. Well ain’t a damn thing wrong with the school systems as it stands coming out of the lawsuit filed back in 1991. All school districts have an issue with funding for many reasons. However to make it appear that Edgecombe ain’t paying what they suppose to be paying is another issue and a lie from from I have seen and heard as it relates to the outcome of the merger back in the early 90’s. Dealing with the financial piece is one thing but how to go about it is another.

The problem here with the school split is that Robbie Davis a business and a Nash County Commissioner along with 3 more commissioners are trying to find a way to justify their mission because he but not limited to, has a problem with the black superintendent and more.

There is a hidden agenda that only a few folks knows about while folks like Roosevelt Higgs want to add his spill to the issue trying to say that the people in Rocky Mount City do not want their children to go to Edgecombe County Public Schools. Well sir that is your opinion but not the issue here. And not even totally true because some in the Rocky Mount City goes to Edgecombe County Public Schools so you don’t even know what the hell you are talking about.

Let deal with the Robbie Davis driven issue at hand that deals with the financial piece. Like I said last night and other times, this has nothing to do with academics but only finances so let’s make sure that the Davis argument is shut down so we can continue to move forward. I ain’t going to entertain anyone who wants to talk about their opinion that has nothing to do with the real issue at hand.

So final warning don’t call me nor say anything to me in person if we ain’t going to talk about the real issue at hand the financial myth brought forward by Robbie Davis.