In Response To Richland County Deputy Fired Over Spring Valley Incident – WLTX 19

The Political Agitator’s response: I understand school administrators have a tough job however what they need to do is follow their rules and guidelines.

When it is identified that a child has a phone unauthorized then it is up to the school to enforce their policy, take it for that day and the parent has to come out before they get it back and this way the parents will know the situation. Let the parents get upset, but they don’t run the school. If any school allow the parents to tell them what to do then they have issues just like the child involved.

I can understand the officer putting his hands on her attempting to restrain her but what little I looked at, he was far from trying to restrain her but looked like a street fight.

l don’t care about how much home training the child has once the child report on school property then they are the property of the school and the parents are another issue.

As far as a racist thing, well that is how individuals receive it because it is clear the child was black and the officer was white so therefore race is a factor and it can be used for good or bad. But for me it would be the same thing if the officer was black and the child black and if the officer was white and the child was white. But because there are 2 races involved in this issue, it is what it is.

The parent was not in the classroom so therefore this issue was a school, officer and child issue.

Since the child didn’t get up and the officers did what he did, this is the outcome. Dealing with anything other that what happened in the classroom as it relates to the school, the officer and the student is irrelevant.

The child obviously was out of order, so enforce the rule that she was breaking but on a professional note:

In the following article: Lott said the deputy had the right to put his hands on the student, but that when he threw the girl across the room, that’s when he violated training. So what is the problem? The student was wrong and need to be dealt with and officer was wrong and he needed to be dealt with. So bringing the parents into it is irrelevant.

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Richland County Deputy Fired Over Spring Valley Incident