Damn shame how folk that live in the same town just got to go to repast to eat.

Go home! Go buy you some food! I am talking about folk that got money and ought to be use to food. Just because the family invite you don’t mean you got to eat.

Atleast if you are going to eat let the family and the folk on the program eat first.

Most of the time I don’t eat although I be have gone to work and videoed the service and not getting paid. I normally go to repass video the prayer and the food and then leave.

Say for example yesterday I went to work at 5 am and did a service at 1 pm.

I did eat and went home and did the DVDS. Delivered them to the family my friends by 9:30 pm.

However after the viewing on Friday night I went to BoJangols in Farmville and bought the Jumbo Family Pack $44.00 and dropped off at the family’s house. I left and went to Abrams and ate.

Just had to go there because I did not do a repass when my mom moved on to another home in 1997.

Just having an ignant moment.

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