GOP slams Farmer-Butterfield’s budget vote – Wilson Times

When Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield stood with Gov. Roy Cooper and voted against the Republican state budget, she did what she thought was best for Wilsonians. And she didn’t expect to be attacked for it, but a Republican House Caucus news release did just that.

“According to the GOP, ‘the voters deserve an honest answer from Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield as to why she voted against the budget.’ Let me say, that tells you exactly why I voted against it,” Farmer-Butterfield said. “I was sent to the legislature to figure for Wilson and to make sure the people in my district were first and foremost. They deserve better.

“Quite frankly, the voters have gotten that answer from me and now they need to have Rep. (John) Bell, as the leader of the GOP who sent this release to the press, answer as to why he supported a unilateral budget that excluded millions of North Carolinians and shortchanged tens of thousands of hardworking citizens, schoolchildren, hurricane victims and state employees who deserve so much more.”

Battling Budgets . . . (Read more)

Greenville Mayor Pro Tem Kandie Smith seeks NC House District 24 seat – WITN

The Political Agitator’s response: Interesting! I would love to see who the encouragers are.

A four-term Greenville City Councilwoman announced Sunday that she will run for NC House District 24 to represent Pitt and Wilson counties.

Kandie Smith, who was recently unanimously voted as Mayor Pro Tem by the Greenville City Council, will file a formal notice Monday, December 21.

The seat is currently held by Representative Jean Farmer-Butterfield. (Source: Read more)

Kicked Off Another Facebook Page Wilson Democratic Party

Didn’t know until tonight that I have been kicked off the Wilson Democratic Party facebook page. George Fisher told me he had been kicked off so I said let me see what is going on other there and come to find out I have been kicked off. Oh well! I wonder what brought that on? Oh George told me he shared one of my post there so damn because he did that, they kicked me off. Thank you Asa Gregory.

Bibbs outspends Farmer-Butterfield 3-1 – Wilson Times

State House candidate Mark Bibbs tripled state Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield’s campaign spending this year despite raising about 40 percent less, figures show.

Bibbs supplemented the $18,000 he raised from donors with a $25,000 loan for total first-quarter proceeds of $43,000. He’s spent $70,000 on the House District 24 race, according to campaign finance reports released this week.

Beginning balances gave Bibbs the financial advantage — he opened his account with $61,643 in cash on hand, while Farmer-Butterfield started with $2,383.

The six-term Democratic state lawmaker raised $30,516 in the first quarter of 2014 and took out a $2,000 loan for total receipts of $32,518.

Former sheriff Wayne Gay and retired county manager Ellis Williford are backing Bibbs, while U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield and a consortium of state political action committees buoyed Farmer-Butterfield’s campaign. (Source: Read more)

Ignant Column: Wilson Finest Zette McArn How In The Hell Is This Dirty Politics? SMDH!

The Political Agitator response: I understand the following was a mailing that was sent out. I read on the Wilsonian Voices whereby Zette McArn said this is dirty politics. Dirty my ass! What tickles the hell out of me is that she calls telling the damn truth dirty politics. From what my ignant ass read, it is truth so I am puzzled by Zette’s post. Damn this election has brought on some ignant bullmanure. In Edgecombe County Bronson Williams and his likes say experience does not matter. Why? Because he has UNO! And then he holds a damn debate with the other 3 candidates and he talks about Shelly Willingham and Taro Knight because Knight responded to something that Willingham said during the debate. Bronson said because they say they have experience that look at their debate so experience could be a problem. I called in and said that is what a debate is just that a damn debate because he was not holding a forum. John Wooten one of Bronson’s strongest supporters called in behind me and said it was not a debate. Bronson did not correct him so I had to call back in and say it was a debate. John ignant ass was trying to discredit me but he ended up being the damn fool. Oh back to Zette. She blocked me from her Facebook pages Zette McArn and the Wilsonian Voices because I am supporting Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield and she is supporting Bibbs. I was respectful on her pages but she wants to do like so many who wants to silence the black man especially one who is knowledgeable of what is going on versus those she is feeding that does not know any better. So by blocking me I can’t challenge her ignant ass. You see I have now put her in my ignant column and she has earned the title of Safe Negro. Damn NEGROES mad because someone has EXPERIENCE and Telling the Truth! SMDH!


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Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield Is The Incumbent So Don’t Let The Bibbs Signs/Postings Fool You

Damn folks just tell the truth don’t mislead folks. I just want the truth to be made known no matter who I am for or against.

I see postings and stuff saying Mark Bibbs House 24 Representative as if he is the incumbent. Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield is the incumbent so don’t get it twisted.

With 2 blacks running in this race and it is so damn much ignance going on. Why can’t the truth be the center of discussion and not a lot of ignant conversation whereby folks are are attempting to mislead folks.

I have not seen any ignant postings from folks who are supporting Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield and she and her supporters are to be commended.

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Farmer-Butterfield outlines top priorities – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator response: This is a good article and I support the content.

North Carolina teachers aren’t paid what they’re worth, state Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield says, and as a former educator herself, she ought to know.

The six-term Democratic lawmaker left her job as a sixth-grade teacher at Chapel Hill’s Glenwood Elementary School to work in state government in the early 1970s. She said teachers are often forced to choose between their passion for the career and higher-paying jobs outside public education.

"They need to be paid on a competitive level,” Farmer-Butterfield said. "It is important that good teachers do not flee to other states nearby or flee to other jobs. I was surprised that the pay was hard to live on. I thought that teachers deserved more respect and that their input should matter.”

North Carolina ranks 46th in teacher pay nationwide, and Farmer-Butterfield said high teacher turnover affects students, parents and entire communities. With seasoned educators leaving the classroom or moving out-of-state, more students could fall behind. (Source: Read more)

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