Here is the very best possible response to Donald Trump’s urging the Churches to open "right away, this weekend."

The Political Agitator’s response: This is it! Until a Safe Black Negro Preacher attempt to put a Twist on these Trues! Oh some folk didn’t get that. I know some Caucasians are standing with Trump but I am a Black Man and I am talking to Black Folk right now but oh others read my stuff.
Cathy Cox thanks for sharing

From the Bishop-elect of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Missouri, Deon K. Johnson:

“The work of the church is essential.
The work of caring for the lonely, the marginalized, and the oppressed is essential.
The work of speaking truth to power and seeking justice is essential.
The work of being a loving, liberating, and life giving presence in the world is essential.
The work of welcoming the stranger, the refugee and the undocumented is essential.
The work of reconciliation and healing and caring is essential.
The church does not need to “open” because the church never “closed”. We who make up the Body of Christ, the church, love God and our neighbors and ourselves so much that we will stay away from our buildings until it is safe. We are the church.”

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Leader of ReOpenNC group tested positive for COVID-19, quarantined herself

One of the leaders of ReOpenNC, the movement against Gov. Roy Cooper’s stay-at-home order, posted on Facebook that she tested positive for coronavirus.

Audrey Whitlock wrote on Facebook that her quarantine ended on Sunday.

Ashley Smith, co-founder for the ReOpenNC movement, said that Whitlock tested positive three weeks ago.

“She never left her house during her quarantine, so she has not been at any rally or any of the functions that we’ve done,” Smith said.

About 1,000 people rallied downtown last Tuesday against Cooper’s stay-at-home order. Protesters say the order violates their constitutional rights.

In Whitlock’s Facebook post, she wrote, “I will take a stand every day until we are a free people again, to sound the alarm because someone has to do the right thing in the face of wrong.”

Her Facebook post ends with the phrase, “See you Tuesday.” Organizers told WRAL News that ReOpenNC would be focusing their next rally on the state legislative building. (Read more)