White Privilege But Too Ignant To Admit It

A couple of days ago I heard 3 white guys talking about Mexico said they would fund the wall after the Democrats said something. One guy kept repeating something about Democrats, Mexico and the Wall. Another guy said something about Hilary. I hollered out but Hilary, Trump, Bernie Sanders are all white because I knew it would piss theme hell off. One guy said why you got to bring up race, you always got to be argumentive. One guy said he was trying to educate folk and I said you can’t educate me on anything. One guy came towards me and said why you got to always bring up race and be argumentive that is why folk tune me out. Well hell they had not tuned me in because I was not apart of their conversation but they wanted me to be and that is why they were talking that ignant mess. I said they ought to build a wall in Rocky Mount. I said y’all don’t have to talk to me. I said oh that is that white privilege y’all can say what y’all want to but other folk can’t. I said y’all be talking in codes but I read them.

Now back to race. These guys were all white. They were talking about Mexicans so the last time I checked white folk and Mexicans are not of the same race. They talked about Democrats and that is code for talking about black folk in which I just happen to be a black man and not afraid to to challenge their ignant asses.

These white guys are another example of talking about mess and then when the black man challenge them they play victim. They play …. but then don’t want to get ….. They feel they can say whatever they want to but black folk ain’t suppose to be able to voice their opinion. Oh hell no, I ain’t the one.

They learnt the day! But they already knew when it comes to me, I am not the one. Try me!

Race Will Always Be A Problem

Race will always be a problem because racial issues are never going completely away. It is like crime. Some things just gone be.

It is up to individuals how they deal with race and for those who think race ain’t an issue are either in denial, don’t give a damn or ignant to what is goings on the real world.

For The Record!

For white folk I don’t put all white folk in a group. When I say Ignant Racist White Folk so if you don’t fit that description I ain’t talking about you.

For black folk I don’t put all black folk in a group. When I say Ignant Safe Black Folk so if you don’t fit that description I ain’t talking about you.

I call out all races and do not have a problem with talking about race, racial issues and/or race anything. Don’t get mad with me because you are scared.

But everyone need to keep in mind that I can put you in a category but you don’t have to accept it.

Now let that sink in.

Jerry Jones saying players will stand is really about keeping black people in their place – Washington Post

The Watch Dog response: Ab so lute ly!

In a week filled with news about his administration’s political fails, President Trump seems to have landed a major cultural victory for his base: keeping black America on its knees by forcing football players to their feet during the national anthem.

First and foremost: The decision to kneel for the anthem, beginning with Colin Kaepernick, was always about protesting American racism and police brutality. Sadly, and predictably, instead of engaging with the honest plea for America’s police to stop killing citizens of color, Trump, Vice President Pence and the National Football League have reacted by doing their damnedest to silence these protests, by staging taxpayer-funded walkouts and issuing statements directing players to stand for the national anthem. On Tuesday, weeks after he kneeled with his players for unity and equality before the anthem was played, cantankerous Cowboys owner Jerry Jones issued a statement saying his players would stand for the anthem. Shaun King of the Intercept reported on Twitter that Cowboys players will not test Jones, and will indeed stand for the anthem. Jones admitted that he had spoken with Trump over the phone and that the president had reminded him of the NFL policy of standing for the anthem. (Washington Post)

In Response To The Children Killed By The Gorilla And The Alligator

True race had nothing to do with it.

However, “The parents in Florida were from the Midwest and unless you live in the south, you’re kinda not expecting an alligator to come out of the water. No alligator signs” What the h? I read the following, “Lane Graves was doing what any 2-year-old boy would be doing on a hot Florida evening — splashing around in the shallow waters of a lagoon. His parents and sister, Nebraskans all, were nearby on the beach at a Disney resort here, relaxing, carefree.

Suddenly, an alligator sprang from the water and clamped its jaws around the boy. Lane’s father, Matt Graves, bounded into the lagoon to wrestle his son from the animal’s steel-trap grasp, but lost the battle, according to an account by the Orange County sheriff, Jerry L. Demings.”

Ed Frank, visiting from Charlotte, N.C., with his wife and two sons, said Wednesday that he was sure the Graveses had been careful. “But we’re in Florida, and there are alligators in bodies of water,” he said. “Alligators in their natural environment are good at camouflage. It’s what they do.”

D! then you say, “But the kid in the zoo? His parents saw the gorilla. What they didn’t see was their own kid. Totally different circumstances and race has nothing to do with it. Parenting. Not race.” Really? So to say the black parents thought their child would find a way to get in their with the gorilla is just too ignant! SMDH!

Both were tragedies and both were accidents. Neither parent went to the d locations thinking that they would lose their children there.

The issues now are what can be done to prevent these 2 types of accidents from possibly happening again. As I have stated before, if there is a law that can prove these accidents were child abuse then let the law take it course but if not, then folk need to be concerned about the parents losing a child and what will be done to keep these accidents from happening again.

Just my ignant opinion!

Two similar tragedies, two DISTURBINGLY different responses from the public but Race has NOTHING to do with it though!

The Watch Dog response: I find the following on Facebook by The Love Life Of An Asian Guy to be Fabuloustastic! It is a d shame that white folk are ignant to the point that when a black person say Black Lives Matter they get offensive. But I have no problem when they say White Lives Matter. But look at the following and see how if you let them tell it, Black Lives Don’t Matter. It is amazing how time will show how hypocritical some folk are because they don’t want to deal with the trues. Well you can deal with it or not but it will not change the fact that it is true. You don’t have to say anything because I know silence in most cases promotes the silent majority but the silent majority don’t make the trues false. Now these trues are in Black & White!

This week, at the Disney World Resort in Florida, a 2-year-old white boy was killed by an alligator. Last month, a 3-year-old Black child fell into a Gorilla exhibit.

Two similar tragedies, two DISTURBINGLY different responses from the public.

But this isn’t about gorillas and alligators. Nor is it about news media describing Matt Graves, the father of the white child, as an employee of a “tech company and a board member of the Chamber of Commerce” while depicting Deonne Dickerson, the father of the Black child, as an absent father with a lengthy criminal record.

This is about our country’s OBSESSION with invalidating, patronizing, and racializing Black parents. ALL BLACK PARENTS.

Take a good look at how we talk about Black parents in the news and across social media:

– White America invented the “welfare queen” caricature to depict Black mothers as lazy and opportunistic, while slut-shaming them with myths of “multiple fathers.”
– We constantly joke in our movies, TV shows and Youtube videos about absent Black fathers.
– Just a few months ago, we shamed Will and Jada Pinkett Smith because their son, Jaden Smith, was seen wearing a skirt. People questioned their parenting and placed blame on their association with Scientology.
– When Mike Brown was murdered by Darren Wilson in 2014, people shamed Mike’s mother for raising “a thug” and never gave her the opportunity to mourn the loss of her son.

ALL OF THIS BULLSHIT is a way to disprove the humanity of Black parents — to prove that Black people aren’t responsible for themselves or their children. By doing this, we validate our legacy of oppression towards Black people.

In the eyes of white supremacy, who cares if we gentrify Black neighborhoods and push out Black families? Who cares if we zone Black children into schools that are horribly underfunded? Who cares if we provide inferior healthcare to Black children? Who cares if police officers murder Black kids?

In the eyes of white supremacy, because Black parents are bad parents, they don’t deserve those civil rights. They don’t deserve to eat, to be taken care of by a physician, to study at a decent public school, nor do they deserve to live.


White people are mortified about this 2-year-old being eaten alive by an alligator yet, during slavery, white people fed the local alligators Black babies.

I guess the outrage over Black lives has a statute of limitations…

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