Princeville NC Town Board Votes 2 – 1 For The Hazardous Mitigation Grant Program

Commissioner Linda Joyner made a motion to add the buyout mitigation to the agenda for discussion and consideration and Commissioner Milton Bullock 2nd the motion. Commissioner Joeroam Myrick voted along with them. I feel this was a power play since Commissioner Pamela Ransome was not present. I felt that if it came down to a vote that Bullock would vote for it and I kept hearing that some thought that Joyner would too. I felt strongly that Mayor Bobbie Jones and Myrick would vote against. I have no clue how Ransome would have voted but I do know her vote would have made a difference because if she voted against the vote would have been a tie and the mayor could then have a vote he would have voted against.

Now my ignant opinion and I stand behind it. Again I feel this was a power play and what good is having the power and not using it? Well I have no problem with that if it is for the right reason and the good of all involved.

I understand Joyner’s plea for standing together and that her vote was not person when it comes to the buyout piece because she is not going anywhere. I feel that anyone running for an office it should be personal because if not then how can one effectively do their job. Now Joyner was elected by the citizens and she should take in consideration what they want but still she has an obligation to make sure the town can be ran effectively which includes the business of the town in all aspects. Ain’t nobody ignant to the fact that Princeville is in a flood zone and nobody knows when a flood will happen so therefore that was a given when this board was voted in.

Since Ransome was not present tonight and the discussion and consideration about the buyout was not on the agenda, I feel that to add it to the agenda when all of the board members were not present was not right. Myrick and Bullock had not met with their ward members so Myrick wanted to wait for more information about the buyout. I am gonna just say buyout and not mitigation because that is what several folk want to talk about. Bullock said he had talked to his folk because he had not had his ward meeting either. But this is a problem for me because the entire board had agreed in a previous meeting that they would meet with their wards and now Joyner didn’t allow that to happen.

Former Mayor Delia Perkins and Carlton Jones a realtor stressed that the board go ahead and vote so the citizens can move on. But the manager said that he wanted to find out what the elevation level and other before the board voted. He gave a date of February 14 for information to be dispersed by the state and at that time they could make a decision. A time frame of 12 to 24 months before the buyout process would begin so what is the rush?

So what does the vote mean now? The only thing that I see is it mean that the investors that want to sell out their homes that they rent out will be able to do if their home qualify.

But the problem I had with the vote is Joyner said it was not personal but knowing that Ransome was out with the flu why would she add the mitigation discussion act on to the agenda without a full board. I wonder how the vote we have gone if Ransome had been present to vote.

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Hurricane Matthews: Princeville NC – "Princevilles’ Destiny-To Whom is It To Decide?" by Commissioner Milton Bullock Ward 1 Princeville NC

Response: I totally agree sir with this as it relates to Princeville and all surrounding areas. It should be the people as a whole who make the decision. You are correct the last time the people were not allowed to speak during the meeting held at Edgecombe Community College and that is why the people voted former Mayor Delia Perkins out because she silenced the citizens. Hell all they wanted to do was to voice their opinion and then the council could have voted. But damn let the people have a voice. I hope today’s meeting be different than last time. Trust me not saying let everyone speak but atleast allow a certain amount of time for public comment verses no comments. Just my ignant opinion. I have some more to say but I have learned that I need to wait sometimes to see what other folk have to say because my comments will/can influence how folk respond to situations which is not a bad thing. But I don’t want someone to agree with me just because it sound good however I will base my opinion on facts.

“Princevilles’ Destiny-To Whom is It To Decide?”

This is apparently the tentative opinion of a ‘Lone Ranger’ regarding the future as compared with the past of Princeville’ s flooding history and its unpredictable future. And rightly so as a concern civic Servant.

It is far too soon to be presuming  the destiny of the Town of Princeville-  as indicated by NC Gov. Pat McCrory and current Town Manager Gerald and Mayor Bobbie Jones.  The preconceived notion of ‘Rebuilding Princeville’ is noble as well as a highly commendable idea and should be good news to everybody who was effected.  Yet must be ever so careful as a hurting community during this travesty, not to be hasty in our presumptive decision making.

But let’s not rush to judgment before genuine dialogue has been entertain by the citizens of Princeville.  As it should be their collective decision after hearing from the Federal official agencies of the pros and con’s prior to making a random decision.

Such hast actions during 1999 Hurricane Floyd puts where we today, ignoring the people’s collective thoughts and opinions relatively to F.E.M.A.’s offer to buyout and relocate the community.

I’m suggesting that during this natural disaster (Hurricane Matthew),…we be more sensitive to the genuine concerns and desires of the people to whom we as {sworn-elected officials} choose to serve to the best of our capabilities. The final analysis should be the will / choice the of the people, by the people.

Commissioner Milton Bullock

of Ward 1

Town of Princeville, NC