Folk Talking About They Be Glad When Things Get Back To Normal, Whey Da Do Dat At?

Anyone who thinks that things will go back to normal are ignant to what is going on around them, don’t give a damn or simply just ain’t paying attention.

Do you think schools will go back to normal?

Do you think churches will go back to normal?

Do you think jobs will go back to normal?

Again if you think things will go back to normal you ain’t paying attention.

The moment you recognize and understand that the coronavirus is killing young folk, old folk, black folk, white folk, non church folk, church folk and other the better off you will be.

I will be wearing my masks daily when going out my gloves when I go certain places and especially when pushing carts and at the gas pumps.

If you don’t think the coronavirus is real then ask somebody. I know some folk whom have died from the pandemic. I was a believer before these folk died and their deaths just confirmed them truths.

Carry on it is up to how you move forward with the proper PPE. Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020