Somebody Said Black & Brown Folk Need To Start A Poor People’s Party

I understand the call black and brown folk to leave the Democratic Party but I say if they would come together and take over the Democratic Party it would save a lot of heartache, pain and time. It is no reason why each county should not have a black political machine but black folk are some scared folk.

Been there done that meeting with some black folk many were ministers across the state trying to work on a 3rd party but that didn’t work.

I strongly believe it will have to happen county by county and when the counties work it then we will be on to something.

If we can’t get some black folk out now what will it take to get them out to start another party? 

I strongly believe that the only way to start the process is for serious unafraid black folk to come together to come up with a strategy to see how we can get everyday black folk to want to get involved.