Do You Know Who Got Your Back?

I know who got my back, you better make sure you know who got yours.

If you and I don’t hang out, talk from time to time in real time and have shown each other that we got each other back then you ain’t the one.

So if you should get mad with something I said and/or done, you should know that that is your problem because I ain’t mad with anybody.

I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

Politics is my life because I recognize it is real and it is a part of my daily routine be at home, work, church and where ever.

When folk recognize all things Political, the better off they will be!

Fact Check That!

No need to Report Back!

The next big battle in North Carolina politics is just days away – NC Policy Watch

The Gate Keeper’s response: As I have been saying the battle didn’t end on last week that we must continue to fight.

The 2018 election may finally be in the rear view mirror, but for better or worse, the next battle over the state’s future will commence very soon – on Tuesday, November 27. That’s the day that Republican legislative leaders will convene the latest of their endless stream of “special” legislative sessions.

Unfortunately, there’s little indication that there will be anything very special about this particular convening – unless, that is, one places a high priority on voter suppression, dishonest schemes to amend the state constitution, and rump, lame duck governance in which unaccountable decision makers attempt to foist lasting change upon a mostly uninformed public.

As usual, we know very little about the specifics of the planned session at this point, but multiple news outlets have reported that it will feature the adoption of legislation to implement (i.e. flesh out the details for) some or all of three constitutional amendments approved by voters last week. That means that we could see legislation related to the amendments on voter ID, victims’ rights and hunting and fishing. The tax cap amendment requires no new legislation. (Read more)

Politics Is Real You Can Hate It, Like It Or Love It!

Politics I love it! I love it because it is real and folk can hate it all they want. They can say they don’t want to get involved but the problem with that is you are automatically involved. You see everything political.

Folk you better get involved or be left behind. Being involved can be time consuming and that is why it is my desire to be able to get up in the morning and be on top of what is going on politically. Why? Because folk are making decisions on what affects me daily. So therefore I want to be a part of the decision making by speaking out on issues and holding folk accountable for their actions.

Elections were held across the nation on Tuesday and some folk were knowledgeable of what was happening but many were not. Some folk get mad when folk be at the polling sites passing out literature about candidate telling them who to vote for. But there are more folk who don’t know that do know and they welcome the literature. I have folk that reach out to me asking me do I have literature and to just say can you tell me who I need to vote for because they trust in me. I count that as an honor and a pleasure to have folk who be watching what I do that I don’t even talk to on a regular or have never talked to but they follow me on social media.

There is a lack of political forums held leading up to election time and I plan on trying to change that in the future. You can never have too many forums to educate folk about what is going on around them. Folk need to know whether they like it or not.

Folk just because you don’t like politics the world don’t stop and others are making decisions for you. If you don’t want to get involved directly, get involved indirectly by reaching out to folk that you know are actively engaged. Trust in these folk until they give you a reason not to. Although I am actively engaged I don’t know it all so when there is something I need to know I reach out to my resources. Resources can be better than money sometimes.

Everything political the church, the job and the way you live. 

I challenge you to get involved today directly or indirectly because politics is the way of the world. So as long as you are in this world you are affected by politics.

Curmilus Dancy II
Pinetops NC

Politics – I Am Still Calling For The Coming To Jesus Meeting

I am talking about political leaders and those whom are engaged.

I understand your post however the Chaos who get to determine what is the chaos? Most people have a following so unless proven sometimes it may seem selfish lust for power when they are actually speaking for themselves and their followers. I just think folk have to be careful when they are trying to get their point across to remove all doubt.

I have talked about putting differences aside from day one when I got involved in community and political activism after seeing how folk had political egos. I have said it countless times over the years that black folk need to call a coming to Jesus meeting and has out our differences and those whom choose to stay in the room then we can move forward. But until everyone are willing to come to the table then we will continue to have the mess we have.

I agree 100% with you, “We must put our differences aside I order to reach the common goal of helping our candidates be ELECTED into the offices on the Ballot.”

However some Candidates problem is they created the division early on and they need to attempt to get it right. They may need to call the coming to Jesus meeting and undo some mess they have done and what they have done publicly can’t be corrected secretly. Can’t have it both ways.

You say, “We need those candidates that are NOT agenda driven, looking for a title besides their name.” Not having an agenda could be dangerous. I was so glad when candidate then Senator Barack Obama folk came to town when he was running for President that he had his own folk on the ground in charge of these local communities. Some had a problem with that but it was good to me because I know how these local folk play games and can be dangerous to other candidates seeking office.

Candidates better have a singular agenda that can include others but keeping in mind that it is up to one’s own to get themselves elected.

I am so glad I know all of the players the candidates, the want to be candidates, those who are engaged in the process and those on the sidelines.

The main thing is we have got to hold each other accountable for our actions. We must be willing to call out folk. We are quick to call out folk who are not local but we allow the locals a pass. This is why the local community is suffering because we allow mess.

I have stressed that anyone who want to be in politics they need to contact me because I have invested much time in politics in Edgecombe/Nash County but not limited to. However I am a registered voter in Edgecombe.

Some folk say who do I think I am? Well they will learn but they can learn even faster if they contact me be they local, surrounding counties and abroad because my resources are awesome.

You see when the candidates reach out to me I tell them what the climate is, where I stand and what I suggest that they do. Oh and that is free.

This is why we need some political agitators but folk hide behind code names, code words and other. I ain’t the one because I am for justice no matter who it is for or against. I am for truth no matter who it is for or against. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest.

Bronson Williams For Mayor Of Rocky Mount NC?

It is funny how folk didn’t want to support Bronson Williams for the Ward 3 appointment to replace Lamont Wiggins but yet said he need to wait and run for mayor. Really?

Now as active as Bronson has been going to city council speaking out and challenging the council, they didn’t support him for the appointment so what do you think they are going to do when it comes to a city wide election? Work against him. The council had the opportunity to appoint someone to Ward 3 when they can’t vote in the Ward and didn’t listen to the residents.

Folk better pay attention to the distractions from not only white folk but black folk who say they are with you.

Folk keep on playing it safe and not challenging things to the end.

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that I am going to stand up for what is right and who I feel is right because I know folk on a personal note what they stand for, what they sit for, what they speak out on and what they are silent on.

I repeat I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against!

If you don’t want to hear these trues then don’t talk to me I don’t give a damn if you are black, brown, white and/or other. I will stand if I have to stand by myself. I am teamMe however I welcome folk who want to stand with me but otherwise I am good.

Now Run & Tell That!

Fitting Ready To Shut Down Political Trolls On My Page

Folk I am shutting down folk who play both sides of Politics. I ain’t got time for your games. Either you are about what is right or you are playing it safe. I do not deal with Safe Folk because they will get you killed.

So anyone who are into Edgecombe County Politics, beginning with the Edgecombe County Democratic Party, Democratic Women, Edgecombe County Elected Officials or a Want A Be Elected Official get ready, get ready because I am going to call you out. Oh don’t worry about me because I only got one vote but my damn voice reaches more than one person, town and county.

So when you read about yourself on The DCN News Blog Online TV you have been warned. Just in case if you didn’t know when I post on my blog it automatically post on my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and folk and media outlets follow me across the nation.

Over the weekend I am going to start blocking political folk who are trolls that follow me on Social Media faithfully.

Can You Trust Your Opposition When They Say Now Ya’ll Need To Work Together, Really?

I love it when folk say now that the election is over all of the candidates need to work together. Really?

So how in the hell do you trust your opposition when they chose to run against you? And then when they lose they say ignant ass mess and other folk ignore that and say ya’ll need to work together.

Hell you didn’t work with you before the election, they ran against you and then now you suppose to work with them. Work with them how and on what? You can be ignant to the facts if you want to.


How in the hell are you going to say the best candidate don’t always win when you don’t share why your candidate is the best candidate?

imageHow in the hell are you going to say the best candidate don’t always win when you don’t share why your candidate is the best candidate?

I am so sick of blanket ass statements especially from folk who ain’t even into politics in real-time.

You may be more educated than I but when it comes to politics I will challenge yo ass any day any time.

Now Run & Tell That!

Antonio Lawrence Gets It When It Comes To Titles

If you need a title to fight for people and issues in order to feel as if you are making a difference, you might need to evaluate why you are even attempting to fight for people or seek position….. Antonio Lawrence

The Watch Dog response: Ab so lute ly! This is a very powerful statement. Some folk say they have so much to offer but when they lose they go back into hiding. If they got the answers why they don’t attend the meetings and offer their expertise?

Oh but they got to have a title to help make things better.

My Time Is Valuable And I Don’t Play When It Comes To Politics!

I fight too damn hard for folk putting my life on the line and spending time from my family while folk don’t want to do what is right. If I show up I am going to hold you accountable so when I appear and always with my weapons my video camera and photo camera along with my camera on my phone, you better be on your best behavior. But most of all you better know what the hell you are doing. Expect me to be at your meetings then I expect you to know what the hell you are doing and not waste my damn time. No more because I am going to show you how ignant I can be because you haven’t seen that side as of yet.

Edgecombe/Nash County FOLK Better Worry About The Ass Kissing On The Local Where It Begin And Goes Up

Edgecombe/Nash County FOLK better worry about the ass kissing on the local where it begin and goes up. I been at the table, where were you? I seen the leaders who play both sides but you only know the side you see or hear about outside of the meetings. I have been calling out black, brown, white and other since the late 80s. I been in meetings sometime being the only person from the community speaking up for other folk. I been at the table with folk taking money from the good Ole boys to keep us right where we are.

This year I have no limits gonna take it to a new level so if folk don’t want to read what I say, need to hit delete today. Gonna give it to you as a grown ass man. I have invested too much time and resources which includes finances to allow folk to say mess that don’t make sense to me, I repeat to me.

If you gonna come out politically then state your opinion based on the facts.

I Agree Totally With Sparrow R. Jones I Don’t Think Less Of You Because . . .

The autistic author Sparrow R. Jones said it well:

I am not mad at you that Clinton lost. I am unconcerned that we have different politics. And I don’t think less of you because you vote one way and I vote another. No… I think less of you because you watched an adult mock a disabled person in front of a crowd and still supported him. I think less of you because you saw a man spouting clear racism and backed him. I think less of you because you listened to him advocate for war crimes, and still thought he should run this country. I think less of you because you watched him equate a woman’s worth to her appearance and got on board. It isn’t your politics that I find repulsive. It is your personal willingness to support racism, sexism, and cruelty. You sided with a bully when it mattered and that is something I will never forget. So, no… you and I won’t be “coming together” to move forward or whatever. Trump disgusts me, but it is the fact that he doesn’t disgust you that will stick with me long after this election.

Steve Harvey & President Donald Trump

So this is what folk are mad with Steve Harvey about, “Steve Harvey pays a visit to President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower.” Well he is a comedian and he meet with and have folk to call in to his morning show.

What I read is after he met with them he felt that they were sincere. Well that is his opinion. He may be wrong and he may be right. All I know is I can’t do anything but wait and see what happens.

My question is if you had a chance to meet with elected officials be it one you like or don’t like to voice your opinion about your community …would you meet with them

After meeting with them would you report back how you really felt after speaking with them or would you just report that you just don’t want to have anything to do with them even if they sounded sincere?

Just asking?

All I know is this is a wait and see moment for me because I can’t keep Trump and whomever he appoints out of the White House.

I just hope all of these folk who are mad with Steve Harvey because he met with Trump em that these folk are actually engaged in local politics and at the state level where one can really affect change,

Do Some Homework

People only go by what they hear majority of the time and don’t research to get more information. They take sound bites and run with them. When information come on my social media sites first thing I do is look at the source and if I feel that source has a good track record then I may pass on the information. But what I try to do is research other sources that I feel have a good track record and then I feel better about sharing stuff.

Some folk just share stuff and it could come from a source no one has ever heard of and they will act as if it is fact.

Folk all I am saying is do some homework if you going to repeat information that folk should know.

Wait And See!

I am just asking! So his ratings mean what?

Yes it is good to fight but with facts and in a fashion that will help affect change. His ratings well again mean what?

To educate folk about any ignance displayed is always good.

But to get mad with me because you have a problem with how I respond to the ignance makes no sense. Just because I talk to the enemy to hold them accountable does not mean I agree with everything they say or does. What I recognize and understand that I will be stuck with a candidate that was elected for 2 or 4 years so I can only hope that they do something that will help folk and not hurt them.

Ok for our President Trump I am just going to wait and see how his supporters respond to what he does that will affect them. I am going to watch to see if they will get it, act like they don’t understand, be in denial or just don’t give a damn.