Hurricane Matthews: Pitt County & Surrounding Areas Message From Pitt County Commissioner Mary Perkins









14 October 2016





My home did not receive any water and I put it together personally and my manufactured home was not restores by flake or particle boards.  Because I did not receive all the resources that I was entitled to during Floyd (and I had insurance then); I chose not to take out any for my current residence.   I learned some things from Floyd’s recovery process.  Here are some quick tips for us who live in Pitt County flooded areas:



1.      Save all receipts from your hotels stay during your displacement.  And the receipts you have while living other places (relatives, temporary shelter, etc.)


Facebook – Is okay for messaging, but for documentation you need viable sources such as the Pitt County Government website.  Forms and information is there for you to use!


2.     Manufactured homes are not always built with quality materials.  There is plenty of moisture in the air and you maybe surprised at what may occur later.  USE YOUR CELL PHONES FOR WHAT YOU THINK OR SEE IS UNUSUA!  Therefore and when you return home — take pictures, clean and take pictures.  A month later, your residence may have noticeable differences again take pictures.  Your insurances companies my deny you.  YOU NEED PROOF!!




A.      Listen to the television and read the information distributed by health professionals!!  Mosquitos are a concern before the flooding and now with certainty!  Whenever in the open air, use shirts and blouses as cover-ups for the skin such as the arms.  Wear long pants for legs and TAKE NO CHANCES.

B.     These insects are adaptable.


2.      SNAKES

A.      Snakes other than water moccasins generally do not like water so residents are finding snakes in their “non wet” homes, so be on the look-out!

B.     Many residents have shared with me that they have kill other poisonous snakes outside on their property.  AGAIN, BE ON THE LOOKOOUT !



RECOVERY INFORMATION – you may or may not become whole again (It depends on the water occurrence)!  To me this flooding is a more natural event and Floyd was otherwise!




2.  FOOD STAMPS and other Social Services needsGo the Pitt County                                                                                                                                                                              Government website.


3. FEMA —  Know that these agents may or may not be familiar with our landmass.


A.    I am informed that the agents are on the grounds.


B.    If you select to receive a SBA LOAN, be sure that your check is delivered at the signing (the closing of your loan)  Ask the attorney if they have the check for the loan in hand or capability to deliver it within the hour.


C.    Keep and take your photos and insurance papers with you.  






C.     You may need proof of loss.  This is where


4.      The North Carolina Government

A.     Have created forms for PRICE GOUGING.  

B.    Have consumer protection rules and policies.

C.    Will accept disputes for INSURANCE COMPANIES.

D.    PROBLEMS, CONSULT  A State Representative or Federal Representative.













Good evening all,

I want to personally say thank you to Greene Lamp staff who have been working with citizens to help them evacuate, those who have gone to the grocery store and provided food for those in need, those who have carried hot meals to other staff and / or families who were without power, and to all those who have been reaching out to their co-workers and families just to check on them.  YOU ALL MAKE ME SO PROUD!!!!

As we continue to ensure the safety of the staff, board members, clients of Greene Lamp and the citizens in the communities we serve, we have been working in the community to learn of resources to meet immediate needs of the victims of Hurricane Matthew.  While this horrible event will continue to affect our communities for weeks and/or months, we realize there are immediate and long term needs.  Ms. Moye and I have been working to ensure our funders know of our situation, searching for resources, and planning for our next steps.

Below are two resources which are available now.

Looking for Hurricane Matthew resources?

Dial 2-1-1 from any phone. Our trained call specialists are available 24/7.

  Also, Federal Emergency Management Assistance (FEMA) has an online application for applying for disaster assistance.  Below is the link to apply online.




If you have damage or loss from this disaster, you may complete a FEMA application now even if your county has not been federally declared for Individual Assistance. This will help speed up the process if counties are added to a declaration. Your application will be processed if your county is added to a declaration and FEMA determines you are eligible.



Please click Apply Online to start your FEMA application. When asked to choose a disaster, select the number next your state above, if one is listed, or Disaster has occurred, but not in the list. Just click Next to proceed if your county has not been declared. You may also create an account when you apply. If you do, you will be able to log in later to check the status of your application.

Please know that each of you are in my prayers and I will continue to work with leaders in our communities to bring information for resources to you as I learn of them and assist in any way I can.  Greene Lamp has been tested before and we have prevailed….we will prevail again!!!





Angela M Bates, MBA, NC-CERT

Executive Director

Greene Lamp Community Action

252-523-7770, ext 232



For your information, another resource.  While we are still in the wake of the disaster, please remember that you can contact FEMA now and report your damage.  Below is another resrouce for free legal assistance.  Please share.


Legal Aid is working in concert with a number of organizations including the North Carolina Bar Association, the American Bar Association and FEMA to provide free legal assistance to victims of Hurricane Matthew. North Carolinians in need of assistance should call the toll-free hotline that has been set up at 1-800-662-7407. The hotline is available weekdays from 9-4. Callers should identify that they are seeking Hurricane Matthew-related legal assistance, ask for Disaster Legal Services, and should identify the county in which they are located. Survivors who qualify for assistance will be matched with North Carolina lawyers who have volunteered to provide free legal help. See the press release here for more details.

Please share this information with your community and with the organizations which you work with.

Examples of legal assistance available include:

· Assistance with securing FEMA and other benefits available to disaster  survivors

· Assistance with life, medical and property insurance claims

· Help with home repair contracts and contractors

· Replacement of wills and other important legal documents destroyed in the disaster

· Assisting in consumer protection matters, remedies and procedures

· Counseling on mortgage-foreclosure problems

· Counseling on landlord/tenant problems


Mr. Blaine P Mays

Legal Aid Helpline
(866) 219-5262 (Hotline)

(919) 861-4145 (Direct)
(919) 903-7645 (Cell)
(919) 861-1889




Greenville NC – NCAE President Rodney Ellis Presentation During The Young Democrats Pitt County Meeting Sunday May 18, 2014

Click on photo to watch video
In this photo Rodney Ellis NCAE President


Open Letter to Attorney Mark Bibbs What In The Hell Are You Talking About?

I just read The Daily Drum Newspaper out of Pitt County and I found your campaign article “Attorney Bibbs Fires Back” to be somewhat ignant and comical. I can’t believe you had the audacity to say such bullmanure.

You begin talking about your opponent, incumbent Jean Farmer-Butterfield being ranked 115 out of 120 members of the NC House. So Bibbs who did the ranking? Hell when the Democrats were in the majority the Republicans were ranked low and now since the Republicans are in office well. But damn compare her ranking to the work she has done and report that.

You say, “Jean is not married to G.K. Butterfield any longer and has not been for atleast two decades and that she is using her last name to try and slide back in on G.K.’s coattails.” Damn my friend I was there back in 2002 when Jean Farmer-Butterfield was elected the first time. I could not vote for her then nor can I vote for her now. However hell yeah I am concerned about who is elected to the NC House District 24 and all seats on the state level because I recognize and understand that they will represent me although I can not vote for them. Damn you disrespected my Congressman because you didn’t refer to him as a Congressman. I was redistricted out of his district so I can not vote for him either but he will always be my Congressman. But damn you said “G.K. is, and always will be your friend.” Really?

Some people in Rocky Mount asked me to attend a campaign meeting in 2002 and I am glad I did. I worked on her campaign and at no time did I ever hear anyone say that Jean was using the name Butterfield to get elected. I also attending some meetings in Wilson County. Since 2002 I have never heard anyone say such ignant mess. Damn that is the best you can do.

Damn you talk about you will tell the truth if you are elected. Well why would I want you to represent me when you are lying about Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield using the Butterfield name to get re-elected? Are you saying that is what she has done for 6 terms?

You didn’t mention your residency issue in the article however when I heard about some were talking about it, I said that is not an issue to dwell on because establishing a residence is not worth challenging unless it was something that he really can be challenged on. Well sir, I would say you have a real challenge on your hands with the city of Wilson. From what I read, it damn sure does not look good on your behalf but I am on the outside looking in and just going by what I read in the paper.

Sir again I ask the question, is it really worth it? SMDH!

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Mark Bibbs

Greenville NC – Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II put it down at the Pitt County NAACP Banquet last night. Powerful!


In this picture Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II President NAACP NC State Conference of Branches/National Board Member/Pastor Greenleaf Baptist Church/President of Broken Places CDC. Click on picture to view more pictures.

I thought I would see Jeff Savage there taking pictures. Not! He has issues with the NAACP, President Barack Obama and certain folks. Hell I have a problem with certain black folks too but I still go around them to certain events just to see them come out as if they are all about what is good and right.

Been trying to figure where Jeff is coming from promoting Republicans. I think I have figured him out.

Damn he says Obamacare is pushed on people but it is of my opinion that he wants religion forced on others by a recent comment about  teacher must been a liberal Democrat because of a comment that was made. It is my opinion that Jeff is trying to appease certain folks maybe white folks that he wants to be accepted by (Republicans). Maybe the Republican Governor will give him a job. LMBAO!

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II put it down in Jeff’s town last night during the Pitt County NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet when he talked about being invited to Mitchell County in the mountains of NC where the people there are 85% Republicans and White. They wanted to join the civil rights movement because they said the NC General Assembly don’t care about them. This piece of his speech about how he was invited to and what they shared with him in Mitchell County was very powerful!

I am glad I showed up at the banquet last night to capture this history on video/pictures. I was the only one there who was set up videoing however someone else may have videoed from their seats. Capturing events like this just via pictures is not enough because the real message is in the video and it must be shared with those who did not attend and for those who did to serve as a reminder to them. Also these types of messages need to be recorded in history so the next generation can see the fight that those before them had to fight. In order to move forward one must know from whence their forefathers came.

The struggle continues!

Video coming soon so stay tuned!