Local Board Votes To Ban Cellphone Use By Members – Tar River Times

Pinetops Commissioner Barbara Taylor

PINETOPS – After several citizens approached a Pinetops board member about some recordings they had heard regarding discussions that occurred in closed session, Commissioner Barbara Taylor became concerned.
Tuesday during the Town’s reconvened meeting from March 5, Taylor made a motion that no board member on the Pinetops board be allowed to have their cellphones on during any monthly meetings from that point forward.
Taylor’s motion passed after a few minutes of discussion with a unanimous 5-0 vote after all board members agreed with her concern regarding the information she obtained from her constituents who brought light to the situation.
According to North Carolina law, open meetings can be recorded by any individual and broadcast on websites and social media. But when it comes to closed session, that is a different story because some of that could be violating attorney-client privilege and other items involved under the general statute.
“There have been citizens that have come to me and said they have heard things and they don’t know if it is gossip or truth about things that have happened in open session and closed session,” Taylor said. “I don’t know if there are such laws if we should have our phones on or off. (Read more)