Photos/Video: Pinetops North Carolina Christmas Parade 2018

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Pinetops customers will be losing Greenlight – Wilson Times

Greenlight Community Broadband is slated to discontinue service to Pinetops by July 12, but the sale of infrastructure in the town will mean residents won’t miss out on high-speed broadband.

“Everyone I know who has Greenlight is very sad that this is happening,” said former Pinetops commissioner Suzanne Coker Craig. “Everyone has been extremely satisfied with not only the speed of the connection, but the customer service. The city of Wilson has served us extremely well, and we have no need to change.”

However, the change in providers was necessitated by the addition of Suddenlink service in Pinetops and a 2017 law stipulating the public provider has 30 days to stop service after a competitive provider connects to Greenlight’s customers in rural Nash and Edgecombe counties. On June 13, the notification was sent by Suddenlink, and Greenlight sought a buyer for the fiber optic infrastructure. (Read more)

Pinetops broadband gets new life – Wilson Times

By Brie Handgraaf
Times Staff Writer

Little discussion and a unanimous vote by the N.C. Senate on Wednesday night signaled the end of a tug of war where the town of Pinetops and Vick Family Farms had been caught in the middle.
Once signed by Gov. Roy Cooper, House Bill 396 will allow Greenlight Community Broadband to resume billing more than 200 customers beyond the county line with the acknowledgement that municipal service will stop 30 days after a competitive provider connects to Greenlight’s customers in rural Nash and Edgecombe counties. (Read more)

Princeville had plan, but not action, to avoid another flood – WRAL

The Watch Dog response: This is very interesting. I feel that these types of studies need to be done in all areas affected by the floods such as in Pinetops as well. It is my belief that somebody knew that Princeville, Bynum Farm Road and other areas that flood should not had been zoned for housing anyway. But the owners of certain areas were allowed to get paid. The towns and the counties where these floods occur should be made to do something that will possibly eliminate the flooding or declare them not livable so the folk can move out of harms way.

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Pinetops NC – Supplies Needed Pinetops Baptist Church Hwy 42 In City Limits Hurricane Matthews Aftermath

10/13/16 4:30 PM


Supplies Needed

Peanut Butter & Other that sandwiches can be made

Pinetops NC – St Mark Deliverance Church & Gardners Dinner Giveaway On Sunday Location Beside Car Wash In Pinetops at 1 PM

St Mark Deliverance Church & Gardners dinner giveaway on sunday we will be doing this at the location near car wash in pinetops at 1. We want to thank Mr Marshall Dunn for allowing us to use the lot. Please come out and get a free meal.

Menu: BBQ, chicken, fish, corn, green beans, slaw, potatoes, hush puppies, fruit cobbler, tea, and lemonade.