Hell Yeah Black Lives Matter So Don’t Put Me In A Box With Those Who Lives May Not Matter To Them

The Political Agitator’s response: Black Lives Matter To Blacks. I have seen change and will continue to see change. My wife woke me up around 2:00 AM saying that around 5 police cars just passed by our house headed to Pinetops. I hate I can’t get Edgecombe County on my scanner on my phone anymore so I have to wait til somebody post on Facebook what is going on. I am will not be apologetic for what some Black folk are doing committing crimes and other when I have been advocating on behalf of Black folk since the late 80’s. I know a hell of a lot more folk who are know their Black Life Matter than I do that group of folk who are out here gang banging and other. Hell yeah I want others to value my life because I value mines, now those who don’t value their life that is their problem. Hell yeah I want others to respect me and I am going to respect them. I don’t fit in the category of those who take their own lives. I know my worth and those who don’t know theirs is a their problem. Hell yeah there is systemic oppressions, depressions and regressions and other. Hell yeah I am going to point the fingers where the fingers need to be pointed. I have not pulled a trigger and killed no one. You are ab so damn lute ly correct I know better so therefore I continue advocating trying to make Edgecombe County a better place to live work and play and I will not be put in a category with those who choose to do otherwise. What folk need to stop is stop turning a blind eye to what is going on with their children, their family members, their neighbors and whatever when they know things are going on in their own homes and neighborhoods. Pinetops ain’t new to shootings hell I can name many over the years ranging from folk shooting themselves and shooting others. A coupe of weeks ago it was a shooting where the camera downtown Pinetops caught one of the cars that had been involved in a shooting and 2 guys were shot and had to be taken to Greenville. Just last week I got a call about was there a shooting down by my house. It happened at 111/122 about 2 miles out of Pinetops just before you get to my house and the victim’s house. A 70 year old female was shot due to retaliation from some guys beefing from what I heard. Now on last night 4 shot 2 dead, 1 in critical condition and 1 refused medical treatment. I remember several years ago about 200 – 300 yards from the shooting on last night there was a shooting at the Community Center and a male was shot and killed. Well I had recently resigned from the Community Center Board because I had made some forms so that when someone rented to center for an event that they had to have an officer present and etc. Well that was not done and no police was at the scene during the time that male was shot and killed. I have been advocating for trying to make our community better by serving on the Community Center Board and also when we had the group called P.A.I.R. that we had activities for young folk and this was long before my children were born. I committed my life to being a voice for the young folk and the elderly back in the late 80’s and still doing so today. This is why I get offensive when folk say things as if all Black Folk are in the same category. I used to attend the Pinetops Town Hall meetings monthly over the years and I didn’t even live in the city limits and never have but I was there trying to help make Pinetops a better place to live, work and play. Hell I used challenge Carver School and South Edgecombe School systems to treat our children right again long before I had a child in the system. So in my closing, now is the time for some folk in Pinetops to come together, utilize the Pinetops Community Center and/or Pines Chapel Church and bring the community together and to challenge them to get involved and say they will not tolerate mess going on in their neighborhood.
Pamela Mayo

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Until black lives matter to blacks, change will not happen. Waking up to a call that a shooting happened behind your mother’s home and 2 black lives were taken by blacks did not sit well with me this morning. To hear your mother say, “I heard about 80 shots,” did not sit well with me this morning. But God reminded me to be quick to hear, slow to anger and slow to speak. I have vented, cried, and prayed. We want others to value us, yet we don’t value us. We want others to respect us, yet we don’t respect us. We want others to spare our lives, yet we take our own lives. We DON’T know our worth. And don’t tell me about systemic oppressions, depressions and regressions and anything else. We point fingers at OTHERS, yet it’s OUR fingers pulling the triggers as well. When we know better, we should do better. This has to stop, and it has to stop now. I’m sincerely praying for the families of those 2 young men that lost their lives last night, and thanking God that my mom and aunt did not become a casualty of that war.

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Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Edgecombe County Sheriff Office Report Shooting In Pinetops NC Around 2:00 AM This Morning June 20, 2020

The Political Agitator’s response: First of all thank you Edgecombe County Sheriff Office for working the county. I am pondering this happened 100 yards from the town limits across from Carver Park Cemetery and problem about 200 – 300 yards from the Pinetops City Limits. I will address that later. But for now I want to address Scott King We’re is the black lives matter protesters?” Why should there be a protest? What is it to protest? I am going to help you with your ignance. The protests the officers were caught on video murdering folk. Well in this case there is no video and I don’t see an arrest made. However although the police were on video they were not immediately arrested so there is the difference. Now do you know who is responsible for the shooting? If you do then start the protest.
Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office

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Around 2:15am, our office received a report of numerous shots being fired at 715 E. Lashley St. in Pinetops. This residence is less than 100 yards from the town limits of Pinetops.

Pinetops Police Dept. were the first to arrive and found (4) individuals had been shot.

(2) of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene. (1) was transported to Vidant-Pitt Hospital and is currently being treated. The other victim refused treatment. The identity of the victims are not being released at this time. This investigation is ongoing.

This appears to be an isolated incident. Anyone having information related to this incident is urged to call 252-641-7911. Thank you to the Pinetops Police Dept. For their assistance and quick response.

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Curmilus Butch Dancy II

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#Blacklivesmatter #Iwatchedvideo

#Iamnotok #Ibeenengagedbeforenow
#Coronavirusstayfocused #Stayhome

Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Pinetops NC – Breaking News: Sources Say Around 4 People Shot & 2 Dead

Sources say around 4 people were shot and 2 dead on East Lashley Street in Pinetops around 2:00 AM this morning.

I heard around 4 or 5 police cars come by my house this morning around that time headed towards Pinetops so that must be where they were headed.

I was told to go to a couple of folk Facebook pages where I seen RIP and at least one person fighting for their life.

It is always sad to receive this type of news.

Pinetops NC – Seekie Williams Loses Fight To Coronavirus & His Brother Elder Samuel Edmonds Says Now Is The Time To Get Your Life In Order

Just sitting here thinking it could have been me years ago on the ventilator and coma for almost 3weeks, aneurism, and meningitis. But God kept me hers for a reason. I shared this the other night with my brother to encourage my brother Seekie Williams about getting on ventilator. Therefore he had time to talk to God. To all Facebook listeners. It took the Ventilator, 12 hours to live for me to get it right and because of who I am. If you are not save. I’m begging you don’t wait another second or day. My brother has already lived his life. If you really love him that much. Give your life to the Lord. The ventilator is no joke with tools everywhere. I have experienced it, can’t move, don’t know nobody, can’t hear nothing. Stay your distance. This Virus is real. Even after this God is Real. I will be glad to talk to you or Pray with you. Inbox me or call 2524683529.Tomorrow is not Promise. Stop taking chances with your life. Please everyone that read this share and post on your page. Elder Samuel Edmonds

Photos I Taken During The Homegoing For Mondrake Bynum




Pinetops NC – Coronavirus Spread! Do You Care?

It is a damn shame. Pinetops will probably become a hot spot because I keep hearing more and more everyday.

They need to shut Edgecombe and Nash Counties down for 2 weeks.

I keep hearing about 2 parties that took place in Pinetops not counting the party or gathering that dude got charged.

Everybody that was at these parties need to be made known and who has been around them.

Damn if folk got a problem with letting folk know they have tested positive, waiting on test results and been around folk then you are a problem. You are putting your life, your family lives and others lives in danger.


Quarantine – How can you truly quarantine yourself at home if others are in the house? What kind of house you live in are you really quarantining yourselves? How many houses have more bedrooms than people? How many houses have a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom all in the same room?

Entire families are dying and/or several of them.

Do you want to be known for having coronavirus and spreading it your family and friends?

Pinetops Native – Zarion Sharpe Son Of Connie Jenkins and Michael Sharpe Drafted To The St. Louis Cardinals

Yes! One of my boys that hung out with my son and classmate CJ Dancy III. I love it! Just stopped by to see them this morning and I was telling him I seen where I seen one of his teammates had gotten drafted.

I said we going to be reading about you next year and they said they hope so. I said we will. I said we are going to claim it now.

Zarion Sharpe he had 2 more years and they were saying they hope he get drafted.

Now this just pops up on my page.

Ain’t God good!


I am so proud of Connie Jenkins for being there for him because last year we were just talking about his injury and we thought his career was over but last summer he found out it was not what the doctors thought.

Won’t He Do It?

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Connie Jenkins

Pinetops customers will be losing Greenlight – Wilson Times

Greenlight Community Broadband is slated to discontinue service to Pinetops by July 12, but the sale of infrastructure in the town will mean residents won’t miss out on high-speed broadband.

“Everyone I know who has Greenlight is very sad that this is happening,” said former Pinetops commissioner Suzanne Coker Craig. “Everyone has been extremely satisfied with not only the speed of the connection, but the customer service. The city of Wilson has served us extremely well, and we have no need to change.”

However, the change in providers was necessitated by the addition of Suddenlink service in Pinetops and a 2017 law stipulating the public provider has 30 days to stop service after a competitive provider connects to Greenlight’s customers in rural Nash and Edgecombe counties. On June 13, the notification was sent by Suddenlink, and Greenlight sought a buyer for the fiber optic infrastructure. (Read more)

Pinetops broadband gets new life – Wilson Times

By Brie Handgraaf
Times Staff Writer

Little discussion and a unanimous vote by the N.C. Senate on Wednesday night signaled the end of a tug of war where the town of Pinetops and Vick Family Farms had been caught in the middle.
Once signed by Gov. Roy Cooper, House Bill 396 will allow Greenlight Community Broadband to resume billing more than 200 customers beyond the county line with the acknowledgement that municipal service will stop 30 days after a competitive provider connects to Greenlight’s customers in rural Nash and Edgecombe counties. (Read more)

Princeville had plan, but not action, to avoid another flood – WRAL

The Watch Dog response: This is very interesting. I feel that these types of studies need to be done in all areas affected by the floods such as in Pinetops as well. It is my belief that somebody knew that Princeville, Bynum Farm Road and other areas that flood should not had been zoned for housing anyway. But the owners of certain areas were allowed to get paid. The towns and the counties where these floods occur should be made to do something that will possibly eliminate the flooding or declare them not livable so the folk can move out of harms way.

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Pinetops NC – Supplies Needed Pinetops Baptist Church Hwy 42 In City Limits Hurricane Matthews Aftermath

10/13/16 4:30 PM


Supplies Needed

Peanut Butter & Other that sandwiches can be made

Pinetops NC – St Mark Deliverance Church & Gardners Dinner Giveaway On Sunday Location Beside Car Wash In Pinetops at 1 PM

St Mark Deliverance Church & Gardners dinner giveaway on sunday we will be doing this at the location near car wash in pinetops at 1. We want to thank Mr Marshall Dunn for allowing us to use the lot. Please come out and get a free meal.

Menu: BBQ, chicken, fish, corn, green beans, slaw, potatoes, hush puppies, fruit cobbler, tea, and lemonade.