Open Letter To Pines Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Pinetops NC

I have always supported young folk especially young folk on a mission. But even those who are not on a mission I try to talk to them also.

When I became a community activist in the late 80’s my main focus was to be a voice for young folk and the elderly. I felt the folk in between could and/or should be able to handle their own to a certain degree.

Anyone that knows me know I say what I mean and mean what I say. I talk about local issues and people challenging them.

Now to my point. I am so happy to see a young man by the name of Rev. now Pastor William Keys being given the opportunity to lead the congregation at Pines Chapel. I know he was 23 years old when he was voted in as the pastor however he turned 24 years old on December 21. Pastor Keys is younger than the majority of the congregation but that is okay. This should be no problem if the Lord has called him to lead his people and I trust and believe he has and will.

So I am first asking Pastor Keys to stay in the word. Be all that the Lord has in store for you.

I am asking the congregation to pray for your pastor that he stays in the word and that he lead ya’ll to higher heights. Support your pastor. Together ya’ll can take Pinetops to a whole new level. I will be watching to see what ya’ll will do because there is much work to do in the community especially reaching out to the children which should be one of the top priorities. Our children are our future.

I look forward to fellowshipping with ya’ll often during the new year.

Happy Holidays!