New Documentary Shows The ‘Moderate’ Klan of North Carolina – The Daily Beast

The Tarheel State had a reputation as the most progressive in the country on race relations. But it also had the biggest Klan chapter in the South.

If you were driving through North Carolina in the mid-1960s, chances are you’d see this billboard:

You are in the heart of Klan country. Welcome to North Carolina. Join the United Klans of America, Inc. Help fight integration and communism!

Klan support in the South was not exactly breaking news. What made these highway signs stand out was the fact that they were fairly common in what had long been considered the most progressive state in the region, where the civil rights movement had been met with a minimum of bloodshed and violence. But the fact is, by 1966 the Tar Heel State had over 10,000 KKK members, more than all the other Southern states combined. (Source: Read more)

North Carolina – Now Is The Time For A Black Democratic Party Chair Of North Carolina

I have been actively engaged in North Carolina Politics since the early 80’s when I registered to vote at 18. I have been actively engaged since the early 90’s as a vice chair of my precinct for many years and then served as 3rd vice, 2nd vice and 1st vice chair of the Edgecombe County Executive Committee for several years. I also served as the interim county chair from 1998 – 1999. I have served as the precinct chair of my precinct now for around 3 terms. I have attended the county and district conventions faithfully since the early 90’s. I have attended several state conventions over the years as well and at one point I was well known at the state office because I was frequently in contact with them.

I said all of that to say this. It is about time that the state convention elect a black chair. I believe it is time for the state to elect someone who can bring some validity of the black voting strength to the forefront. It is time for minority districts to be looked at and since we are in this thing together, then why do we continue to have all of these majority black districts being held by white officials? I have no problem with white representation but what I do have a problem with is when we are suppose to be united as Democrats but we have all kinds of folks running in a majority black district and that creates division. However keeping in mind I understand that nothing says that the district has to be represented by a black.

For so many years down here in the east Edgecombe County, on election night when our votes came in, it was said that a statewide candidate could just about call it a win. However we have been very good to people across the state because we have done a good job as Democrats coming out to vote over the years. I feel strongly that the next chair should be a die hard Democrat that will be willing to move the party forward by doing whatever it takes to get the black voters across the state more energized and more active in the Democratic Party at all levels and not just during election time. I would love to see that person be from East of I-95.

So if you agree with me that it is time for us to elect a black chair for the state of North Carolina, then let me know if you you agree or disagree? Do you think you would be a good candidate or who do you know that would be a good candidate?

What went right for Democrats in North Carolina – Politics NC

The Political Agitator response: When all Democrats begin to vote only Democrat then it will always be a win, win! Democrats voting Republicans? Oh yeah look at the Governor races when Helms was in office and now look at what just happened. It is a damn shame but I voted for my party agenda even though there are some Democratic Elected Officials who just showed us they didn’t support the DEMOCRATIC President.

There’s been a bit of gnashing of teeth among North Carolina Democrats over the election results. A number of people bemoaned the make up of the electorate. They seem to believe that a more progressive campaign with a more grassroots feel could have changed who voted, or at least motivated more Democratic voters.

That’s just not true. The electorate was relatively good for Democrats, especially for a midterm. African-Americans made up 21% of the voters, more than they’ve made up in decades. Wake and Orange Counties turned out at about 49%, five points higher than the state as a whole. Buncombe and Guilford voted at 47% and Durham at 45%. Mecklenburg was the big disappointment with only 39% turnout. (Source:  Read more)

“The Worst Form of Voter Suppression We’ve Seen Since Jim Crow!”

My FB colleagues seem to get a little squeamish when I, rural NC Born Ken Humphrey speak of ‘resurfaced racism’…..Folks I live amongst my rural suthin’ colleages’…they will vote to bring the US down before they will support anything this black Democratic President proposes. I went to college, graduated in the former capital of the conferacy, Richmond, Va…..Racism is alive and well just outside of town – anywhere in Dixie. Ken Humphrey

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Ruling: No same-day registration in NC election – WRAL

RALEIGH, N.C. — Same-day registration won’t be allowed during early voting in North Carolina and Election Day ballots cast in the wrong precinct won’t be counted this fall after the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday blocked a ruling that had set aside parts of a 2013 election law.

A majority on the nation’s highest court agreed to halt the ruling of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Two justices dissented.

The decision means the full law will remain enforced while the state and civil rights groups that challenged the law prepare for trial next summer. The full law was enforced during the May primary as well. (Source: Read more)

I just freed an innocent man from death row. And I’m still furious. – Washington Post

Watching an innocent client walk out of prison is every defense lawyer’s dream, especially for those of us who represent people condemned to die. This week, I got to watch my client, Henry McCollum, North Carolina’s longest serving death row inmate, regain his freedom after 30 years behind bars. New DNA evidence turned up by the N.C. Innocence Inquiry Commission proved that another man, a serial rapist and murderer, was the perpetrator in the crime for which Henry and his brother, Leon Brown, were sentenced to death in Robeson County in 1984.

Finally proving Henry and Leon’s innocence was a great victory, but what I cannot forget is that this case is, above all, a tragedy. Two innocent men — both intellectually disabled — spent three decades of their lives being, essentially, tortured by the state of North Carolina. (Source: Read more)

Generation To Generation: Generation of Civil Rights Leaders – MSNBC

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