“The Worst Form of Voter Suppression We’ve Seen Since Jim Crow!”

My FB colleagues seem to get a little squeamish when I, rural NC Born Ken Humphrey speak of ‘resurfaced racism’…..Folks I live amongst my rural suthin’ colleages’…they will vote to bring the US down before they will support anything this black Democratic President proposes. I went to college, graduated in the former capital of the conferacy, Richmond, Va…..Racism is alive and well just outside of town – anywhere in Dixie. Ken Humphrey

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Ruling: No same-day registration in NC election – WRAL

RALEIGH, N.C. — Same-day registration won’t be allowed during early voting in North Carolina and Election Day ballots cast in the wrong precinct won’t be counted this fall after the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday blocked a ruling that had set aside parts of a 2013 election law.

A majority on the nation’s highest court agreed to halt the ruling of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Two justices dissented.

The decision means the full law will remain enforced while the state and civil rights groups that challenged the law prepare for trial next summer. The full law was enforced during the May primary as well. (Source: Read more)

I just freed an innocent man from death row. And I’m still furious. – Washington Post

Watching an innocent client walk out of prison is every defense lawyer’s dream, especially for those of us who represent people condemned to die. This week, I got to watch my client, Henry McCollum, North Carolina’s longest serving death row inmate, regain his freedom after 30 years behind bars. New DNA evidence turned up by the N.C. Innocence Inquiry Commission proved that another man, a serial rapist and murderer, was the perpetrator in the crime for which Henry and his brother, Leon Brown, were sentenced to death in Robeson County in 1984.

Finally proving Henry and Leon’s innocence was a great victory, but what I cannot forget is that this case is, above all, a tragedy. Two innocent men — both intellectually disabled — spent three decades of their lives being, essentially, tortured by the state of North Carolina. (Source: Read more)

Generation To Generation: Generation of Civil Rights Leaders – MSNBC

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North Carolina got it right on unemployment benefits – by John Hood John Locke Foundation and NC SPIN Panelist

The Political Agitator Response:

First of all I know who John Hood is and I know his mission.

My questions John what are you really saying?

Are you saying the people who were unemployed didn’t want to work?

Are you saying if they did, they were not taking a job that they didn’t want?

Could it have been they did not want to take a job that would pay them less money than what their unemployment was?

You say, "According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of payroll jobs in North Carolina rose by 1.5% in the second half of 2013, compared with a 0.8% rise for the nation as a whole. Total unemployment in the state dropped by 17%, compared with the national average drop of 12%. The state’s official unemployment rate fell to 6.9% in December 2013 from 8.3% in June, while the nationwide rate fell by eight-tenths of a point to 6.7%."

Are you saying these jobs were already out there, no new jobs created, I repeat no new jobs created and no one applied for them until after the Republicans stopped the Unemployment Extension?

You say, "More important, broader measures confirmed that North Carolina’s labor-market gains after leaving the extended-benefits program weren’t statistical." Now that is quite interesting and I would love to be educated further on such so could you provide the data and/or the resource that provides the data.

I am not disputing your message here because I have not done the research. However I would just like to know that your message is not filled with half-truths based on opinions and not being totally based on facts.

Thanking you in advance.

John Hood said:

A year ago, North Carolina became the first state in the nation to exit the federal government’s extended-benefits program for the unemployed. Facing the prospect of job-killing hikes in payroll taxes to pay back Washington, Gov. Pat McCrory and the state legislature instead reduced the amount and duration of unemployment-insurance benefits, which had been higher in North Carolina than in most states. As a result the state lost its eligibility to participate in the extended-benefits program on July 1, 2013.

National media and liberal activists pounced. Citing the decision and several other “outrages” by the state’s first Republican-led government since Reconstruction—such as adopting a pro-growth flat tax, clearing out the state’s regulatory thicket, and rejecting ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion—left-wing critics subjected the Tar Heel State to months of invective and ridicule. (Source: Read more)

GOP mayor: Expand Medicaid or ‘more will die’ A mayor in NC tells fellow Republicans, “You can’t let hospitals close and people die to prove a point.” Ari Melber talks to Rev. William Barber and Jonathan Gruber–MBNBC

TONIGHT AT 10PM ON MSNBC the Republican mayor of Belhaven will be back on The Last Word discussing the need for Medicaid expansion.

GOP mayor: Expand Medicaid or ‘more will die’

A mayor in NC tells fellow Republicans, “You can’t let hospitals close and people die to prove a point.” Ari Melber talks to Rev. William Barber and Jonathan Gruber. (Source: Read more)

Lawmakers: What we talked about when we talked about voter ID – NC Policy Watch

The rubber’s about to meet the road in the voting rights lawsuits pending in federal court here as the parties start to ask the hard questions.

What were state GOP lawmakers’ intentions when they enacted House Bill 589, one of the most restrictive voting laws in the nation?

That’s the question the groups challenging the law want answered by the handful of legislators they served with subpoenas in December, asking those lawmakers to produce emails, letters, reports and other records used when pushing for voting law changes last session. (Source: Read more)