Edgecombe County – Open Letter to Rusty Holderness Candidate For District 3 House Seat And The Voters In The District

Note: This is letter 3 of 4 to all candidates.

Well sir you are not on my facebook page however my page is open to all and I posted the following on January 12, 2014,Rep. Joe Pat Tolson House District 23 Will Not Seek Re-election Sources Say.” I stated the following, “I live in the district and very much concerned about the seat being filled. If you are interested in filing for this seat please send me an inbox or call me at 252.314.5484 asap.” Maybe you missed it or you just didn’t care but whatever the reason I made the request above and it was up to others to contact me. Nope nobody has to contact me but if one wants my vote it would be wise especially since I am a blogger and have many, many followers locally and across the state and nation.

Several days later on January 15 and January 17 the following articles ran in the local newspaper, “Knight to seek state house seat?” and Willingham ponders District 23 run.” I spoke to Knight and Willingham about their intentions so therefore I was aware of their intentions. I also spoke with Will Solomon and he said he was not going to file.

Sir I don’t know you on a personal note but know of your name because of the business you are in such as realty and the golf course that you once had set up on Hwy 258 just outside of the Tarboro City limits. I don’t recall ever seeing you attend an Edgecombe County Democratic Party County meeting. I have never heard of you being involved in politics involuntarily. So therefore when I learned on the last day of filing that you had filed, I was somewhat surprised. But I can understand your logic because with 3 blacks in the race which will split the black votes, it appears that you a white male can have a great opportunity to possibly be able to win the seat or atleast cause a run-off.

Well sir as long as there is another candidate in the race that I can support, I will not be able to support you. I don’t know you like that. So if you will, will you please tell me why I should vote for you? What is your political platform? Why do you feel you can best represent me and black folks in this district since the district was created for a black person?

In my closing, I regret that you chose to file for the House seat however know that you are now a public figure and it is on. I don’t know you and you don’t know me but we can get to know each other. 

I am one of the most publicly active Democrats in Edgecombe County and I have been challenging all Democrats especially elected officials since I first became active in the early 90’s. I am a videographer and blogger so therefore I capture meetings, events and etc. I post them on my blog while making comments and giving others the opportunity to see things for themselves and after watching the entire video they can agree or disagree with me and most of all make an informed decision versus getting bits and pieces of what happened from the local newspapers.

Stay tuned for letter 4 of 4 to the other candidate coming soon.

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Tarboro NC: Knight to seek state house seat? – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Tarboro Mayor Pro Tem Taro Knight is seriously considering running for North Carolina House District 23 seat currently held by Rep. Joe Tolson. Tolson, 63, is a retired educator from Pinetops who is serving his 17th year as District 23 representative as a Democrat.

Tolson said during a telephone interview with The Daily Southerner that he will not seek re election. (Source)