Woman Chases Down Teen Who Called Her the N-Word, Forces Him to Explain Himself — Then Facebook Pulled Her Video – Atlanta Star

A Black woman took matters into her own hands this week when she confronted a white teen who allegedly called her a racial slur in a store parking lot last month.

Facebook user “Ayo Henry” filmed the moment she rolled up on the suspected racist as he biked along the side of the road. The young woman said she spotted the teen from her car as she was driving home from practice.

“Hey you little s—t!” she shouts from the passenger’s side window. “Remember that time  you called me a n—-r?! Remember that.”

Frightened, the teen takes off on his bicycle, scurrying behind an apartment building. The woman isn’t far behind, however, as she hops out of her car and chases him.

“Run, Forrest, run!” she yells. “Run you little white supremacist piece of s–t. The n—–s gonna get ya!”

Once she finally catches up with him, she delivers a little tough love to the young man.

“Who’s your mother?” she repeatedly asks the teen. The boy eventually apologizes for his comments, saying he was in a “bad mood” that day. “Ayo Henry” then presses him further, asking where he picked up such language and racist attitudes.

“I was hanging out with the wrong people,” said the teen, who’s sporting a hoodie with a large Confederate flag emblazoned on it. (Read More)

The N-Word

Do anyone remember when the definition of the N-word was changed in the dictionary to specifically say a colored person?

I remember someone coming to me years ago talking about it.

However when I looked it up last night, I see it now says an Ignorant person again. But now when I look it up look at what it says, http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Nigger

Well I got some audio from a Dr. MLK Celebration last night and the messenger said Dr. King had been called the N-word but he was definitely far from being ignorant. Audio coming soon!

But the messenger said by the definition he named atleast 2 white men one locally and one running on the National that could be called the N-word. Now some folk will not get it but I got it.

Gifted Black Student Told ‘N*ggers Don’t Belong’ In Class, School Bans Her Parents For Complaining (VIDEO)

When an Indiana sixth-grader received racist threats in class, her school did nothing. When her parents complained, administrators banned them from the school.

NyZeria Neely is the only black student in her high-ability class at Concord Intermediate School, in a school where just 10% of students and 2% of school staff are black. She felt lost and alone when she found herself the target of racist threats.

First, she was called a “n*gger” by a girl in her class. When the family reported the incident, the school took no action.

Three weeks later, she opened her locker to find a threatening letter. According to the Elkhart Truth, the letter warned NyZeria “Watch your back.”

Days later, she received a second note, which read: (Source: Read more)

Oklahoma Frat Boys Caught Singing ‘There Will Never Be A Ni**** In SAE’ – HuffPost

The national headquarters for Sigma Alpha Epsilon is closing its chapter at the University of Oklahoma after video surfaced Sunday of members on a bus singing racist lyrics about their fraternity. SAE’s national office called the video “inappropriate” and said it was “disgusted” by its members behavior.

“In addition, all of the members have been suspended, and those members who are responsible for the incident may have their membership privileges revoked permanently,” the national SAE office said in its statement.

Prior to SAE’s announcement, University of Oklahoma President David Boren said if they determine it is in fact their chapter of SAE, the fraternity would be removed from campus. (Source: Read more)

‘I hate n*ggers. That is all’: 5 Ohio deputies probed for years of racist text messages – RawStory

The Political Agitator response: This is sad, how do you serve in a capacity when you feel this way. These guys are dangerous.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department revealed this week that five deputies were under investigation for allegedly sending racist text messages while on duty.

In a statement on Tuesday, Sheriff Phil Plummer said that two of the five deputies — Sheriff’s Capt. Thomas J. Flanders and Detective Michael J. Sollenberger — had been placed on indefinite paid administrative leave starting on Dec. 1.

According to WDTN, Flanders is in charge of the Montgomery County Jail, and Sollenberger works with the internal affairs unit and is a member of the SWAT team. The three other deputies had not been identified by name, and had not been suspended. (Source: Read more)

I-Team: Millbrook High School varsity cheerleaders accused of chanting racial slur – ABC 11

The Political Agitator response: If this had been my daughter she would not want to see or hear the word ever again because she would have a flashback every time she thinks about how I disciplined her.

RALEIGH (WTVD) —The Wake County School System tells ABC11 that several Millbrook High School cheerleaders have been disciplined following an outcry from concerned parents over an incident at a recent Friday night football game.

Some parents claim they overheard the cheerleaders loudly chanting the N-word, while taking a picture. They claim the girls were holding up “hand signs” that represent the racial slur as well.

Screenshots from Instagram were sent to ABC11 anonymously by concerned parents at Millbrook High. The pictures detail what they say they saw and heard at the football game last month at the school.

During a break from leading cheers, the cheerleaders were snapping pictures, in which they can be seen using their fingers to form the letter N. (Source: Read more)

White Man Slaps Postal Worker And Calls Him a N*gger, Judge Says It’s Road Rage Not Hate Crime–Blacklikemoi

The Political Agitator response: Damn shame! I remember years ago when they were saying young black males were at-risk. I said hell all black men are at-risk and since we have a black President it has been more prevalent than ever before.

A Brooklyn firefighter has been cleared of charges claiming he executed a hate crime after he slapped a black postal worker and called him the n-word.

A decision was reached in court on Wednesday regarding a November 2013 incident in which Luke Schreiner, a 300-pound New York City firefighter, slapped and shouted racial slurs at 57-year-old mailman Rene Isidore.  During the two-day bench trial, Isidore described the incident before breaking down in tears, New York Daily News reported.  He said he was driving his mail truck and came up behind Schreiner’s pick-up truck that was parked in the middle of a one-way street.  Without honking, he drove around the truck. (Source: Read more)