Michael Brown’s Family To File Civil Lawsuit Against City Of Ferguson, Darren Wilson – NewsOne

During a Thursday press conference, Michael Brown‘s family attorneys announced they will file a civil lawsuit against the city of Ferguson following the Justice Department’s decision not to press charges against Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed their unarmed son.

Wilson will be among those named in the suit, according to attorney Daryl Parks.

The Brown family is “officially in the process” of building their case. This is the first time the family has released a statement since the scathing Justice Department report that exonerated Wilson and found racially biased policing practices within the department. (Source: Read more)

Michael Brown Horrific Racist Song at Charity Event ‘And He’s Dead, Dead Michael Brown’ [VIDEO] – TMZ

The Glendale, CA Elks Lodge is investigating a shocking incident that went down in the club a week ago Monday, when a performer sang a song celebrating the death of Michael Brown … for an audience that included a number of retired and current cops … and TMZ has the video.

The song was a parody of “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.” Gary Fishell, the performer and a member of the Lodge, changed the lyrics, which include:  (Source: Read more)

St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch breaks his silence – MSNBC

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Key Witness Who Corroborated Darren Wilson’s Testimony Exposed As A Total Fraud – PoliticusUSA

The Political Agitator response: This is no surprise because this shows that it does not matter who you are, it matters what their agenda is and that is to do what is right when it is convenient for them. Go ahead and get mad but I don’t just make this stuff up.

On Monday, The Smoking Gun published a lengthy report exposing “Witness 40,” a woman who testified before the St. Louis County grand jury who corroborated all of the main details of former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson’s story regarding his encounter with unarmed teenager Michael Brown in August. TSG was able to identify “Witness 40″ as Sandra McElroy, a 45-year-old St. Louis resident who has a history of making false statements and previously interjected herself in a high-profile case in the St. Louis area. McElroy’s testimony has been used by a number of conservative pundits, most visibly Sean Hannity, to bolster their support of Wilson’s account. (Source: Read more)

In demanding apologies, police unions show white supremacy is a core value – Daily Kos

Racism has a hard time hiding.

People love to deny its very existence, but it just has a way of telling on itself. Those who harbor prejudice on the inside eventually can’t help but let it out in a way, so ugly and toxic, that you soon wonder how they kept it disguised for as long as they had.

The leaked emails from Sony come to mind.

While the overwhelming majority of African Americans see some level of racial discrimination and devaluing of black life in the police murders of unarmed men like Akai Gurley, Kendrec McDade, and Eric Garner, it’s become far too easy for police (and society) to deny race played even a small role in any of these homicides. (Source: Read More)

All Law Enforcement Officers Are Not Bad, Insensitive, Brutish And Yes Even Racist by Jackie McClean

Jackie Mclean

I totally agree 100 % that not all law enforcement officers are bad, insensitive, brutish and yes even racist, some wear the badge with pride and dignity and seeks to serve and protect all citizens while putting their own lives on the line. Yes, the reality is very real whether Fox news or any other slanted view of America’s racial and trust issues among minorities /people of color is fully acknowledged. When the law is broken therein lies arrests and sanctions- no one is oblivious to this fact. However, when people are dying- killed for jaywalking, selling cigarettes, reaching for their keys, in the back seat of patrol car while being transported handcuffed, hung in a jail cell, retrieving their Id as directed by the police, they are held as barbaric, cultural social degenerates, misfits, if you will- rather than people deserving to be treated humane.

I think it’s insanity to marginalize, excuse or suggest that this is an acceptable or justifiable means to enforce the law. I pray all the time for young black males with whom I serve day to day that they never meet with this kind of abusive law enforcement. In the same vein, not every black male no matter how big, thuggish, or vocal he may appear is a menace to society. We have to be willing to accept the harsh reality of what is playing out across this country racism is NOT dead. Michael Vick’s dogs received better justice than the whirlwind of out of control police killing black males and beating women ( black/white) like animals. Nobody’s doing time, paying horrendous fines or performing community service for the inhumane treatment of these individuals.

I’m thankful for those who have had the courage to video tape these injustices and shaking my head at those who have the audacity to negate the facts surrounding the loss of these lives as if they meant nothing. Every life is valuable. Quite frankly, I’m ready for community dialogue (not a war of words and disrespect ) that speaks to these realities and more importantly, what needs to done in this community to assure we don’t become the next Ferguson, LA, Georgia or Chicago. A community is united by the bonds and strength of its citizens, not by the President. Of course, what’s happening is his fault because he failed to teach these victims how to be respectful and obedient when they are told by the police to put their hands up. I guess one would agree, if you’re vain enough to believe every slanted commentary aired by Fox News. The word of God says, “we perish for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) The word further declares, “if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven” (2 Chronicles 7:14) How do we, who are called to turn the world upside down do so when we can’t even talk openly and honestly (without hurling insults and attacks) about racial injustice and hypocrisy of a flawed legal system of separate and unequal justice without going on the offense. NO, not every police is bad, but YES, there are some rotten apples full of worms that are causing an epic virus of discontent and unrest among the citizens they have sworn to serve and protect. Can we talk? One cannot heal the land until he have diagnosed the disease and established a prescriptive cure.

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